Erotic & Softcore Sex Romps

2069: A Sex Odyssey

Interplanetary Women Looking For What Only Earth Men Can Give... Five sexy females from the planet Venus are sent to Earth to bring back sperm samples to their planet, which is dying out because there are no men left on it. After the land they find that it's not all that difficult persuading Earthmen to help them in their quest.

Suffering Of Ninko

Ninko, a diligent young Buddhist monk, has a serious problem: women (and some men) find him sexually irresistible. After a troubling encounter with a naked masked woman, he sets out on a journey to purify himself of these sexual advances and haunting fantasies. One day, he arrives in a village decimated by a rapacious mountain Goddess, Yama-Onna, who seduces and kil...Read More

Mondo Keyhole

A demented and debauched 1960s "rougie" by cult director Jack Hill. A psycho relishes his attacks on women, but are they only fantasy, real though they may seem? A debauched classic of the 1960s "roughie" genre, complete with S&M fantasies that probably won't win any awards from "Ms Magazine." Jack Hill is the auteur of this production, so put down your demitasse co...Read More

Linda Lovelace's Loose Lips

Before Linda Lovelace's (Deep Throat) untimely death in 2002, the sex superstar sat for a no-holds barred interview with pop-culture historian Legs McNeil for his book, The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry. Fortunately McNeil hired a film crew to record the historic event as Linda recounted the making of "Deep Throat," the most ...Read More

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay

While traveling in Auvergne, two young women, Anna and Françoise, unwillingly venture into the realm of Morgane, the Fairy Queen. Now, to go on living throughout the centuries, Morgane must obtain the souls of the ladies who cross her kingdom. To those who accept her pact she gives eternal youth and beauty. As for the ones that object to it, she lets them rot in the...Read More

Jane And The Lost City

This adventure is taken from the popular British comic stripthat ran between 1932 until 1963. Jane and her companion Jungle Jack Buck travel with a team of British adventurers, including 'The Colonel', to Africa and the mythical Lost City. Their mission is to find the fortune in diamonds before they fall into the hands of the Nazis, led by Lola Pagnola.

In The Cold Of The Night

Dreams. They come from a place still unknown to science. It remains a mystery how their extraordinary power can excite you with visions of pleasure or overwhelm you with feelings of terror. But what if someone could control these dreams? What if some dark, sinister force could enter someone’s mind and command them at will? For Scott Bruin, that disturbing fantasy ma...Read More

That's Sexploitation!

From director Frank Henenlotter (Frankenhooker, Brain Damage) and co-producer Mike Vraney (the late founder of Something Weird Video) comes the epic documentary critics call "fascinating" (Video Watchdog), "titillating" (Time Out Los Angeles) and "jaw-dropping" (Seattle Weekly): Henenlotter and legendary exploitation monarch David F. Friedman - in his final film app...Read More

Hot Ice

Bundle up in the lodge for this Ed Wood-adjacent Ski-resort caper from 1977. From Bulgarian-American filmmaker Stephen C. Apostolof who specialized in low-budget exploitation and erotic films. He was one of the few directors to work regularly with the infamous Ed Wood, who is credited on Hot Ice as an Assistant Director.

Black Boots, Leather Whip

During one of the most insanely productive periods of his career, writer/director Jess Franco resurrected the character of seedy private eye Al Pereira -- portrayed here by key collaborator Antonio Mayans -- for this 1983 Golden Films Internacional hard-boiled erotic thriller: When down-on-his-luck Pereira is hired by a sultry client (blonde wigged Lina Romay under ...Read More


From Ashok Amritraj, the producer of Death Sentence, Double Impact and Machete comes the feature film debut of Pam Anderson in the steamy, sexy thriller! After two men are murdered while having sex with a prostitute, Sergeant Peg Peckham (Chelsea Field, The Last Boy Scout) is transferred from vice to homicide and assigned to investigate. Peg's determined to catch...Read More


A young country girl (voluptuous Deborah Caprioglio) comes to town and takes a job in a brothel in order to help her fiancée get the money to start his own business. In her new found work of pleasure, the innocent girl's life slowly turns into sleaze and degradation and she becomes a professional prostitute named Paprika, a nick-name given to her by the madam of the...Read More


Having explored hetero-sexual obsessions in the critically acclaimed “Camille 2000” and “The Lickerish Quartet”, erotic cult director Radley Metzger goes all the way in SCORE, a tale of a happily married swinging couple (Claire Wilbur and Gerald Grant), who make a bet that they can seduce a couple of newly weds (lynn Lowry “I Drink Your Blood” and Cal Culver) during...Read More

The Mermaids Of Tiburon

Psychotronic classic. Beautifully photographed fantasy about mermaids who assist (and distract) a young scientist in his quest for sunken treasure, complete w/ the infamous Timothy Carey (THE WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER) at his menacing best. This is director John Lamb's third + final cut, filmed in the pearl garden of Mexico's La Paz, and the kelp forest along the coas...Read More

Female Perversions

In her US film debut, Academy Award© winner Tilda Swinton stars as a bi-sexual lawyer on the edge of professional breakthrough, personal breakdown, and sexual awakening. An erotic psychological drama that dives into the whirlpool of gender and sexuality as it plays out in the world of power and the male gaze. Shocking when it was first released in 1995, it is now de...Read More


All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski’s SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element. Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy wit...Read More

Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein

Inspired by Universal’s 1940s monster mash-ups, writer/director Jess Franco instead delivered “a weird and wonderful masterpiece that transports you to a world like no other” (Scream Magazine). With minimal dialogue and maximum gothic atmosphere, Franco crafts a fever dream of erotic horror in which Count Dracula (Howard Vernon), Dr. Frankenstein (Dennis Price), his...Read More