In The Cold Of The Night

- 112:40

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Dreams. They come from a place still unknown to science. It remains a mystery how their extraordinary power can excite you with visions of pleasure or overwhelm you with feelings of terror. But what if someone could control these dreams? What if some dark, sinister force could enter someone’s mind and command them at will? For Scott Bruin, that disturbing fantasy may be a reality! An ultra-stylized, DePalma-esque, neo-noir erotic thriller from cult filmmaker Nico Mastorakis (Island of Death, Blind Date), IN THE COLD OF THE NIGHT stars Jeff Lester (Star Trek IV), Adrianne Sachs (Robocop), Brian Thompson (Cobra), David Soul (Starsky & Hutch), and Shannon Tweed (Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death), along with a guest appearance from Tippi Hedren (The Birds) and striking cinematography by Andreas Bellis (Thriller - A Cruel Picture).