Night Flight: “As Aired” Episodes with Commercials

Classic Night Flight episodes with the commercials intact.

Night Flight - Full Episode (6-30-84)

Night Flight’s full episode from June 30th, 1984 kicks off hot and heavy with a bold “Take Off” to Sex. “Music videos use phallic and vaginal symbols,” Pat Prescott tells us as she introduces videos from INXS, Berlin, Mary Jane Girls and of course, Prince. Then we get into a Heavy Metal Half Hour with Ratt, Divinyls and Def Leppard. Dig into more music videos from R...Read More

Night Flight - Full Episode (9-8-84)

Night Flight’s full episode from September 1984 starts off with a Lou Reed’s wild dancing in his video for “I Love You Suzanne,” and doesn’t stop until way past your bedtime. Night Flight’s Video Picks give you selections from Art of Noise, Billy Idol, Sheila E. and Elvis Costello. Cut away to some classic commercials, and we’re back with AC/DC, Hendrix and Judas Pr...Read More

Night Flight - Full Episode (9-28-82)

This almost 2 hour special episode of Night Flight includes a documentary on filming Pink Floyd's The Wall, "They went to the stars" an excursion through 1950s space adventures ("They Went to the Stars"), videos from The Residents, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Bob Marley and so so much more...

Night Flight - Full Episode (7-27-84)

Welcome to an uncut 3-hour episode of Night Flight! You are now entering “As Aired” territory. Now streaming on Night Flight Plus, we’ve got a full 3-hour original episode from 1984 streaming in all its glory. That's right, start to finish you'll see an excellent representation of all the classic segments (including the commercials!). Look out for the essentia...Read More

Night Flight Full Episode (July 15, 1983)

Where else on television could you find 1950s cult video segments like 'Space Cadet' followed by a pure Lynchian unknown filmmakers showcase into Kaiju Midnight Movie trailers? Blue Oyster Cult interviews back to back with Depeche Mode videos or Black Sabbath’s iconic Beat Club performance following The Belle Stars? Where on television could you be challenged, excit...Read More

Night Flight - Full Episode (8-17-84)

We begin this 3 hour As-Aired episode with an excellent selection of videos from Eurythmics, Jermaine Jackson, Prince, and Prince produced The Time. Night Flight's Rising Stars covers songs from classic acts Psychedelic Furs, Slade, and Night Flight's Discovery Segment features Milk 'N' Cookies' Ian North and Eva Everything. Hour 2 brings an incredible selection of ...Read More

Night Flight - Full Episode (7-14-84)

Starting off with Michael Jackson's iconic Pepsi commercial, this full 3 hour special of Night Flight from 1984 truly has it all with a top ten video pick featuring Dead or Alive, The Cars and George Kranz and an excellent Radio 1990 clip with a Van Halen profile and interview. We finish with a cult classics section of UBU, Space Cadet, Santana and Stephen Stills' Manassas

Night Flight Full Episode (8-24-84)

Welcome back to Night Flight! Tonight’ we give you over 3 hours of original “As Aired” programming. That’s right, our "As Aired" selections from 1983-4 return with all of the classic Night Flight segments including Video Profiles, Interviews, Film Galleries, Cartoon Classics, and more. This episode features profiles on Rolling Stones, The Psychedelic Furs, surreal 8...Read More

Night Flight - Mother's Day Special (As Aired)

Tonight we salute the overworked and underpaid women who made it all possible, our Mothers! We bring you two hours of original Night Flight in the form of a 1991 Mother’s Day Weekend Special. This episode joins our “As Aired,” section, which means the commercials are Intact. (And WOW are there a lot of late night call in commercials!). Anyone who watched Night F...Read More