Night Flight - Full Episode (7-27-84)

- 216:59

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Welcome to an uncut 3-hour episode of Night Flight! You are now entering “As Aired” territory. Now streaming on Night Flight Plus, we’ve got a full 3-hour original episode from 1984 streaming in all its glory. That's right, start to finish you'll see an excellent representation of all the classic segments (including the commercials!). Look out for the essentials: New Wave Theatre, Heavy Metal Heroes, Radio 1990 (featuring Eurythmics) and much more. We'll stop there before giving too much away. Where would the trademark Night Flight discovery be in that? Tonight, it's all yours. Enjoy. Note: the dominance of workout-themed anthems in the commercial free video segment can correlated to the on-going ’84 Summer Olympics. That being said, they are truly a sight to behold.