Night Flight: Comedy Cuts & Other Funny Episodes

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts 4

Rapid-fire stand-up from unsung comics like Steve O, Adrienne Tolsch, Stevie Ray Fromstein, Frankie Pace and future Conan O'Brien talk show producer Mike Sweeney, taped on-location at the world famous Comic Strip in NYC.

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts 3

Featuring Chris Rock, Lorne Elliott, Rosie O'Donnell and more...

Night Flight - Rockin' Ronnie

Conceived by the creators of the successful USA cable program "NIGHT FLIGHT," this light-hearted, off-the-wall exposé includes the unlikely supporting cast of Queen Elizabeth, Richard Nixon, Colonel Kaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Jayne Mansfield, Margaret Thatcher, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and many more. America's Leading Man, Ronald Reagan, is the subject of this hilarious...Read More

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts: Assaulted Nuts and Movie Previews

This 1987 episode of Night Flight features classic Comedy Cut segments and England's favorite comedy team: Assaulted Nuts. Then Night Flight goes to the movies with features on Angel Heart, The Good Wife, Tin Men and John Hughe's Some Kind Of Wonderful.

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts 6 and New Sounds

"Welcome to Comedy Cuts, the most original comedy show on TV today starring Nancy Parker, Dennis Blair, Adrianne Tolsch, Night Flight brings you new sounds with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Human League, Level 42, Art of Noise and so much more.

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts 5 and Sci-fi Blockbusters

Another episode of Night Flight's Friday Evening Comedy Cuts, with an added bonus of summer blockbuster previews of the Science Fiction variety. Watch Pat Prescott discuss the hot films of the time including Aliens, Maximum Overdrive and more...

Night Flight - Dr. Demento's Comedy Classics

“Wind up your Television, Dementites and Dementoids, it’s time for Dr. Dementos’ Comedy Classics on Night Flight!” On this original 1985 episode, you’ll be seeing and hearing some favorites from the Dr. Demento radio show in a promo episode for his upcoming six-record Rhino Record’s release ““The Greatest Novelty Records of All Time.” Featuring selects like Demento ...Read More

Night Flight - Comedy Cuts (Colin Quinn and Sci-fi Monsters)

This episode kicks off with a Colin Quinn bit (Night Flight exclusive), a Louis Armstrong/Kung Fu-mashup, Rudy Vallée’s “The Musical Doctor” (with a guest appearance from Chaka Khan?!), a Fellini parody by Renée Taylor and Night Flight original video essay “Sci-fi Monsters.” Stick around for Mouseferatu!

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Comedy (1985)

Tonight on Night Flight, we feature masters of rock and roll comedy genr, including Weird Al, Dog Police, The Muppets, Mr. T., Doug and The Slugz and a whole new set of commandments from the bible of Mr. T! There are a bunch of hidden treasures in this hour long episode from 1985 that also includes the British TV show “Spitting Image.”