Night Flight: Heavy Metal Heroes & Hit Parader's Heavy Metal Meltdowns

Night Flight episodes focused on the best of '80s the metal world.

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "Video Vault"

This installment Heavy Metal Heroes features mind-melting video classics from the likes of April Wine, Alcatrazz, Girlschool & W.A.S.P. Videos of the finest vintage from David Bowie, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie & The Police are served chilled direct from Night Flight vaults.

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" 6/21/85

This episode of Heavy Metal Heroes profiles Dokken, Keel, Raven and Def Leppard.

Night Flight - Heavy Metal Heroes 4/6/85

"Coming up tonight, we have some of the heaviest metal ever!" - Twisted Mr. Bill. Welcome to tonight's edition of Hit Parader Magazine's Heavy Metal Heroes from April 1985 featuring music from Ratt and Iron Maiden, a revealing interview with Gene Simmons (sans makeup) and all the latest news on all your favorite headbangers.

Hit Parader's Heavy Metal Meltdown (7.15.89)

Tonight we bring you a July 1989 episode of Hit Parader Magazine's Heavy Metal Meltdown! Visit a Sunset Strip tattoo parlor with L.A. Guns, get up close and personal with Badlands' lead vocalist Ray Gillen, go on the road with Winger and step inside the Elektra Records office for a little Metal Business Advice. Get ready for the meltdown!

Hit Parader's Heavy Metal Meltdown (7.8.89)

Heavy Metal Meltdown Welcome to Hit Parader Magazine's Heavy Metal Meltdown, the hottest show on TV. This week we take you up close and personal with Kip Winger of Winger, then we'll journey into the home of Faster Pussycat's Taime Downe. We'll also bring you a once in a lifetime performance from Kingdom Come, metal advice from Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi and a lo...Read More

Hit Parader's Heavy Metal Meltdown (6.8.89)

Pure 1989 Metal has returned. <cue amped up ‘80s metal announcer> Welcome to Hit Parader Magazine's "Heavy Metal Meltdown," tonight we go into a private rehearsal with Jake E Lee's band Badlands in Los Angeles, outrageous tour stories from BulletBoys, and if that's not enough, stay tuned for tonight's main story, a visit to legendary KISS frontman, Gene Simmons.

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "New Film and Video"

Two back-to-back classics in one from the Night Flight vault. First up- Night Flight teamed up with Hit Parader magazine in the mid-80s for the series "Heavy Metal Heroes". This installment features legends like W.A.S.P., Triumph and Accept along with cult-favorite also-rans Vandenberg, Raven and Van-Zant. Next on deck is a spotlight on Eighties movie soundtrack tie...Read More

Night Flight - Metal Pretty Boys

Welcome aboard Night Flight's 20 years of Rock 'n Roll style! Tonight we take a look at the Metal Pretty Boys with videos and Pat Prescott commentary covering Poison, Motley Crue, Britny Fox, Winger, Bon Jovi and the band that started it all: Kiss.