Night Flight: Video Profiles I

Classic Night Flight episodes covering a single artist.

Night Flight's Duran Duran Video Profile

Title says it all, inquire within for Night Flight's Duran Duran feature.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Country Jam and Duran Duran Video Profile

"Take Off" to Country Jam features Nashville faves such as Ricky Skaggs, Dwight Yoakam, KD Lang, Hank Williams Jr and others. Following that is Night Flight's Video Profile of the most glamorous pop stars to come from Birmingham, England- none other than Duran Duran.

Night Flight - Devo Profile and New Metal

Welcome back its time to climb into the video vault for Devo, and follow the bands career through their experimental clips. Night Flight looks at the hottest metal in 1986 with new Twisted Sister, Black 'n Blue, Autograph, Kiss and more metal masters.

Night Flight - Bananarama Video Profile

In 1979, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey were students at the London College of Fashion and Keren Woodward worked at the BBC. The flatmates decided to get together and with the help of their downstairs neighbors former Sex Pistols Paul Cook and Steve Jones and their friends Fun Boy Three, they formed a band and called it Banarama. "Banarama’s trademark is a happy go l...Read More

Night Flight - Brian De Palma Profile

Watch the director discuss "tired" comparisons to Hitchcock, the importance of beauty in horror, and the potential pitfalls of directing music videos all while seeing pivotal scenes from Carrie, Phantom Of The Paradise, Body Double and more...

Night Flight - "Take Off" to New Metal and Def Leppard Video Profile

Night Flight's 1988 New Metal Special spans the globe - covering bands from Japan, Germany and at home in the USA. Acts included in this essential Night Flight Take Off are Megadeth, Zodiac Mindwarp, Ezo, Warlock and more... Not to be missed!

Night Flight - Falco Video Profile

"First there was Emperor Franz Joseph, then came Muscle Man Arnold Schwarzenegger, now another superstar from Austria…” Welcome to Night Flight! Tonight’s original episode is the 1986 Video Profile of Falco. Featuring the massive hits of the mid '80s, older cuts like “Der Kommissar” (later covered by After The Fire) and candid interviews with the Austrian superstar,...Read More

Night Flight - Billy Idol Video Profile

Night Flight profiles rock’s 'rude boy' Billy Idol in this classic segment from 1985. “I don’t want to see the no flabby, boring old Billy Idol trying to be what he was when he was 21… I’m young, I need to move about.” he tells Night Flight in an excellent, candid interview, in which he talks about the role of New York City on his art, how he views his critics, and...Read More

Night Flight - Black Sabbath Video Profile

Welcome to Night Flight's 1986 exclusive video profile of Black Sabbath. "They were the most successful and controversial metal band of the mid ‘70s. Hated by critics, adored by their fans, Black Sabbath mixed a taste for the occult with bone crushing volume,” Pat Prescott proclaims. This special episode features Night Flight’s iconic interviews with both Ozzy and T...Read More

Night Flight - Divine Profile

"Hi, I'm Divine. And tonight we're going to be taking a looking at my career, from the early years in Pink Flamingos, to my performances and right up to my current hollywood film." He was one of america's most glamorous, campiest, and outrageous movie queens and Night Flight's interview is one of the most treasured parts of our library. Watch Divine discuss the lega...Read More

Night Flight - Eagles Video Profile

Night Flight’s 1985 Video Profile of The Eagles begins with Pat Prescott introducing an epic performances of “Hotel California,” the ultra-hit that was the beginning of the end for the band. What follows is likely the most comprehensive and thorough review of the former member's solo careers before the band’s reunion in 1994. Patt Prescott takes us through Glenn Fre...Read More

Night Flight - John Carpenter Original Video Profile

Night Flight's video profile of John Carpenter arrives! The master of horror sits down with Night Flight for this special 1988 director profile and talks his influences, the role of music in his filmmaking and much more. Featuring clips from his films to help tell the story of the auteur's unique vision, this special episode is peak Night Flight and not to be missed!

Night Flight - Bon Jovi Video Profile

Night Flight's 1989 Video Profile of "The Man and The Band" Bon Jovi, who made "Metal-lite safe for teenage consumption" according to Pat Prescott, arrives tonight on Night Flight Plus. The late-era Night Flight special episode covers all the essential Jovi Cuts, including the original videos from the New Jersey native for "Runaway," "In And Out Of Love," and more.

Night Flight - Blue Oyster Cult Video Profile

Blue Oyster Cult stops by the Night Flight studio in this fantastic early NF special from 1983. Band members Allen Lanier and Joe Bouchard (we know, we know, their names are spelled wrong!) sit down for a lengthy and informative conversation about the band with tracks including the somewhat controversial and oft-banned “Joan Crawford” and “Veteran of the Psychic War...Read More

Night Flight - Bryan Ferry Video Profile

Tonight’s Video Profile of Bryan Ferry is tonight’s special arrival on Night Flight Plus! This episode is one of Night Flight’s finest, featuring a candid interview with Lisa Robinson at the Night Flight studios and a myriad of classic videos. With a perfectly curated mix of Roxy Music art pop and the decadently romantic solo work, this episode provides a compellin...Read More

Night Flight - David Bowie Profile

Night Flight highlights one of the most important music icons of the 20th century with this 1987 feature on which includes "Ashes to Ashes," "Let's Dance", "Day-in Day-out" and more.

Night Flight - Aretha Franklin Video Profile

Welcome back to Night Flight. Tonight we celebrate the incredible life and career of Aretha Franklin with our 1987 Video Profile of the legendary artist. "She was the daughter of a preacher and by the late 60's the undisputed Queen of Soul" - Pat Prescott. With over a dozen million-selling albums, Aretha forever fused the passion of Gospel, the sensuality of R&B, a...Read More

George Romero Interview

In this candid 20-minute long interview we’re exclusively sharing with you over on Night Flight Plus, Romero talks about his influences and gives a detailed account of origins of Night of the Living Dead. This segment was created by Stuart Samuels, the original writer of Night Flight, for his excellent film Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream and offe...Read More

Night Flight - Cyndi Lauper Video Profile

"This sassy rocker's radioactive red hair, junk shop chic, up-beat personality and pitch perfect vocals make her one of the hottest performers of the '80s," Pat Prescott tells us. Tune in tonight for our 1985 profile of Cyndi Lauper, featuring music videos and history in true Night Flight style.

Night Flight - Bill Fishman Profile

Night Flight profiles quintessential rock video director Bill Fishman, on the debut of his film Tapeheads (1988) with John Cusack and Tim Robbins. This tour de force of his work explores videos by Suicidal Tendencies, The Ramones, and more.

Night Flight - Dire Straits Video Profile

Welcome back to Night Flight, in 1977 four London based musicians scraped together $180 to make a demo tape of their songs which prompted a friend to call their band "Dire Straits." Ten years later, with more than ten million albums sold Dire Straits stood at the forefront of the mid-80s music scene. Here's Night Flight's Video Profile.

Night Flight Goes To The Movies and Video Profile: The Cars

Night Flight Goes to the Movies for John Waters' classic "Hairspray" and a couple of less fondly remembered also-rans released in March '88. Next is a high-octane look at The Cars legacy in music video with interviews between songs.

Night Flight - INXS Video Profile

Tonight we’ve got a comprehensive survey of the music and visuals of Australian band INXS. (“The band from down under who've come out on top!” - Pat Prescott.) In 1983, Farriss brothers and co. came out of Sydney to become part of America’s “Aussie Invasion.” This episode tracks the band’s rise to the top with excellent visuals (like Director Richard Lowenstein's cl...Read More

Night Flight - Depeche Mode Video Profile

Tonight, we return to 1994 for a Night Flight syndication episode covering the rise of iconic synth band Depeche Mode. "Of all the synthesizer bands that rose in the 1980s, one band has enjoyed repeated success in both their music and popularity while still retaining their unique sound and style." Syndication Host Tom Juarez tells us. This is another wonderful en...Read More

Night Flight - "Fallopia" by Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson's performance art video piece in character as "Fallopia," the latest in a line of sexy Prince protégés — which she describes as "a classroom lesson in "How to Become a New Wave Video Slut"-- was produced exclusively for Night Flight in the 1980s, and you can now watch it in its entirety in this episode from 1986. "My rise to the top was pretty much s...Read More

Night Flight - Kiss Special (1983)

An unfamiliar voice welcomes us to the proceedings in this Night Flight Original episode: “Tonight, we introduce you to the men behind the masks with an exclusive interview as well as concert films from their Inner Sanctum and Japanese tours.” By now, you must know this voice is NOT regular host Pat Prescott and the band he IS talking about is Kiss. Put it all this ...Read More

Night Flight - Annie Lennox Video Profile

In tonight’s original episode of Night Flight, Annie Lennox shape-shifts through the video work of Eurythmics and own her own. The gender-bending music videos featured tonight find Lennox portraying an 18th century dilettante, 1960s-era flip wig singer, and in "Little Bird," a Cabaret performer playing her most challenging role yet: a confederacy of all her previous...Read More

David Bowie (1996 Interview)

From Marc Scarpa: Back in 1996 I had the honor to interview David Bowie just after his 50th birthday party @ MSG for c|net when I was working as the NY Bureau chief. We talked for about two hours about a variety of subjects including artists he liked and technology he was using at the time. In short, it was a day I will not forget. Thank you David for being such a g...Read More

Night Flight - John Cougar Mellencamp Video Profile

Good evening Night Flight Fans. Tonight, get ready to experience a profile of John Cougar Mellencamp, a "nobody from Seymour, Indiana, who fought his way to the top of the rock heap and stayed there..." syndication host Tom Juarez tells us. The Rock Balladeer Of America's Heartland was one of the first and most endearing of all video stars and tonight we share a bio...Read More

Landis Harry Larry Video Special

In 2020, many musicians suddenly found themselves cut off from their studios, their clubs, and their bands. That is when Landis Expandis went deep into his secret basement laboratory where he created two clones of himself. He named one Harry and the other one Larry. They became what is known today as the Synth/punk/funk trio, Landis Harry Larry and continue to make ...Read More

Night Flight - Heaven 17 Video Profile

“I don't need the Daytime, all I want is Nighttime.” Take off to the creation of Heaven 17’s music video for “Let Me Go” in this Night Flight special that goes on set (a closed-off train station in the middle of the night) and behind the scenes with the band. This early Night Flight Video Profile (1983) shows off an impressive suite of big budget music videos from e...Read More