Punk Docs & Concert Films

Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement

A monumental documentary about the rise of punk rock in the town that needed it most... Washington D.C. When punk rock erupted in Washington DC, it was a mighty convergence of powerful music, friendships, and clear minds. This film is the first to explore the incredible challenges that this subculture faced when it took root in the Nation’s Capital in the late 1970’...Read More

Nightclubbing: The Birth Of Punk Rock In NYC

Nightclubbing is the first ever documentary about the renowned New York City nightclub Max's Kansas City (1965-1981) which had an indelible impact on the world of music, fashion, art, culture and the creation of the New York City Punk Rock scene.

The Damned - Don't You Wish That We Were Dead

From "Lemmy" filmmaker Wes Orshoski comes the story of the long-ignored pioneers of punk: The Damned, the first U.K. punks on wax and the first to cross the Atlantic. "THE DAMNED: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead" includes appearances from Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jones (The Clash), Lemmy and members of Pink Floyd, Black Flag, Depeche Mode, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Buz...Read More

D.O.A.: A Right Of Passage

D.O.A.: A RIGHT OF PASSAGE is the ground-breaking classic "rockumentary" about the origin of punk rock. Centered around the Sex Pistols 1978 tour of the United States which ended with the group breaking up, the tour was the only one the Pistols played in the United States. Director Lech Kowalski (East of Paradise) followed the band with handheld cameras through the ...Read More

Salad Days: A Decade Of Punk In Washington, DC (1980-90)

"Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90)" examines the early DIY punk scene in the Nation's Capital. It was a decade when seminal bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Scream, Void, Faith, Rites of Spring, Marginal Man, Fugazi, and others released their own records and booked their own shows-without major record label constraints or...Read More

Minor Threat Live

Minor Threat played one of its last shows at Washington DC's 930 Club in June of 1983; they would only play once more in DC. Two years later, the tapes from the 930 show were edited together and Dischord Records released them as the Minor Threat Live VHS video in 1986. This compilation also features performance footage from Buff Hall in Camden New Jersey and a 1980 ...Read More

New York Doll

Arthur "Killer" Kane, of the glam-punk rock band the New York Dolls, disappeared from the music scene after the band's break-up and found new life as a Mormon. Thirty years later, musician Morrissey offers the Dolls a chance to reunite. For Arthur, the reunion is a decades-long dream that, as it turns out, comes not a moment too soon.

Fugazi - Instrument

Instrument is a collaboration between filmmaker Jem Cohen and the Washington D.C. band Fugazi, covering the 10 year period of 1987-1996. Far from a traditional documentary, this is a musical document; a portrait of musicians at work. The project mixes sync-sound, 16mm. Super-8 video and a wide range of archival formats, including concert footage, studio sessions pra...Read More

Who Killed Nancy?

October 12th, 1978 – New York Police discover the lifeless body of 20 year-old Nancy Spungen. Ex-prostitute, sometime stripper, heroin addict and infamous girlfriend of Sex Pistols’ 21-year-old bass guitarist Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Dressed in her underwear, Spungen bled to death from a stab wound. Vicious was pronounced guilty of her murder in a trial-by-me...Read More

Desolation Center

Desolation Center is the previously untold story of a series of early 80s guerrilla music and art performance happenings in Southern California that are recognized to have inspired Burning Man, Lollapalooza and Coachella, collective experiences that have become key elements of popular culture in the 21st century. The feature documentary splices interviews and rare p...Read More

The Icarus Line Must Die

The Icarus Line Must Die is a dramatic narrative feature set against the backdrop of the current LA music scene. The film tracks Joe Cardamone, front man of The Icarus Line, as he navigates his way through the ups and downs of the modern music landscape.

American Hardcore: The History of Punk Rock 1980-1986

Fueled by a ferocious soundtrack, director Paul Rachman's American Hardcore gives fans an all-access pass to the rise and fall of the U.S. punk scene, an explosive musical and cultural phenomenon that shaped everything from the grunge movement to the emo and pop/punk music currently riding the charts. Set against the conservative early '80s political landscape, Amer...Read More

1984 Home Movie: The Gun Club on the Road

1984 Home Move: Gun Club On The Road includes never-before-seen footage of the band backstage and onstage during their legendary 1984 tour. This classic line-up only stayed together for this one album, featuring original drummer Terry Graham, as well as guitar from Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and bassist Patricia Morrison (Sisters Of Mercy).

We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment

Ignited by punk’s invasion of the Great Plains, America’s gawkiest and greatest lost rock band battles conformity in Reagan-era Kansas. The Embarrassment played Chicago, D.C., and New York, drawing the attention of influential figures like Allen Ginsberg, John Cale, and Jonathan Demme — but their independence and refusal to sell out sparked tension within the group ...Read More

The Dicks From Texas

The Dicks started out as an Austin, Texas poster band in 1979 and once formed, took off like a hardcore rocket. The Dicks only released one 45 and two LP's and were the house band at legendary Raul's Club. Every hardcore punk act that came to Austin demanded the Dicks play with them from Fear to Black Flag to Dead Kennedys. This is their story told by die-hard lifel...Read More

Anti-Nowhere League - We Are The League

Anti-Nowhere League: We Are The League tells the full uncensored story of how a biker, a skinhead, a grammar school boy and a Persian exile came together, with no musical talent or ambitions and even less respect for anything or anyone, to burst into the UK charts with their debut single.

Black Flag - Live 1984

"Tonight I shall meditate upon that which I am." The fury of Black Flag is captured in full in their performance at Bierkellar in Leeds, UK on May 19, 1984. Henry Rollins leads the band through Black Coffee, Rat's Eyes, My War and more in this raw and iconic performance, now streaming in our Punk Documentaries and Concerts section.

The Queers Are Here

Welcome to the wild world of the Queers on their very first DVD! It features footage of all the live energy and behind-the-scenes craziness of the Queers on tour around the world circa '93 to '05. Also included are interviews, music videos, and an unreleased animated video. You'll witness all the different lineups with Hubie, Bface, Wimpy, Danny Vapid and a cast of others.

Bad Brains - Live at CBGB 1982

This breathtaking performance displays why Bad Brains became one of the most important bands in the history of American Hardcore. On Christmas Eve 1982, Bad Brains began their three-day stint at a Hardcore Festival hosted by legendary CBGB. This DVD represents the very best of these shows, culled from over 4 hours of footage. Their live performances were legendar...Read More

X: The Unheard Music

X: The Unheard Music takes long, detailed, and often funny look at the LA music scene of the late 70s and 80s and focuses on the group that critics had singled out as the leader of the underground pack. The Unheard Music is a documentary that combines live footage of the band and interviews with the four members (as well as their friends and families) with surreal m...Read More

GG Allin - All in the Family

The late American extreme punk rock musician, GG Allin, is best remembered for his notorious live performances, which often featured transgressive acts, including self-mutilation, eating his own feces, and attacking the audience. In 1993 he died of an heroin overdose. Aired on Showtime as "All In The Family", In director Sami Saif's (Family) upcoming film The Allins...Read More

Sid Vicious - Final 24: His Final Hours

Uncovers the series of events that led to Sid's death and reveals, for the first time, a shocking revelation that sheds new light on his last day. February, 1979: Punk icon and heroin addict Sid Vicious has just been released from Rikers prison in New York City. After a night of celebrating his freedom with friends and family, he wakes suddenly. Sid ingests a massiv...Read More

Stiv: No Compromise No Regrets

Almost 30 years after Stiv's mysterious death in Paris, the Dead Boys have become the stuff of (Punk) legends but unsurprisingly, the story remains largely untold. How did this native from Girard, Ohio end up living the life of Riley in Paris, France? Was Stiv really hit by a car (or a taxi...) on that fateful day? Who was the real Stiv Bators? These are a few of th...Read More

Punk: The Early Years

This fascinating film, shot in 1977-78, documents the early days of the Punk Rock phenomenon. From its beginnings on London's pub rock circuit to UK chart domination, Punk The Early Years has it all! Includes performances from Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, Generation X, The Slits, Siouxsie Sioux, Marc Bolan,The Adverts, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Billy Idol, Poly Styrene a...Read More

The Color of Noise

The Color of Noise is a full length documentary about the Artist Haze XXL (Tom Hazelmyer) and his notorious record label, Amphetamine Reptile Records. Throughout the 80's and 90's the label would achieve almost cult-like status for being adventurous and daring in the midst of a time where "safe" punk rock would rule the airwaves with a newly accepted style of music ...Read More

Punk Revolution NYC: The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls And The CBGBs Set

This documentary film traces the entire history of New York's punk movement; the VU years, the Warhol influence, the Dolls reign. Performance footage, rare archive, exclusive interviews and some of the most exciting music ever recorded, Features new interviews with Richard Hell, Suicide's Alan Vega, Blondie's Gary Valentine and many more.

From The Back Of The Room

This documentary chronicles the past 30 years of female involvement in DIY punk, and has interviews with over 30 women from across the country, ages 17 to 40. Featuring interviews with Bikini Kill, Kylesa, Bratmobile, Tribe 8 and more, this film tackles the past thirty years of female involvement in Do It Yourself music, and aims to give a more complete picture o...Read More

Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power Live: In The Hands Of The Fans

Through an online contest, 6 fans are selected to film Iggy & the Stooges' legendary reunion September 3, 2010 performing Raw Power to a stunned crowd. Following the performance, the fans meet and interview the band. Experience the fan's journey and joy as they witness a classic performance and meet their heroes face to face. Part concert film, part reality TV, In t...Read More

D.O.A. - To Hell and Back

Sudden Death Records and MVD proudly present punk legends D.O.A.'s new live DVD "To Hell N' Back." 90 minutes of amazing action from the Godfathers of Hardcore. Recorded at home and on tour in Canada between June 2011 and January 2013 with four cameras a night. The band charges through 30 D.O.A. classic punk anthems. Includes a free CD version of D.O.A.'s studio alb...Read More

New York Dolls - Lookin' Fine On Television

The legendary and infamous New York Dolls at their best! Amazing rare live clips and interviews filmed by Bob Gruen and Nadya Beck in the 70s. Footage from early shows in NYC all the way to the TV studios, clubs and swimming pools of Los Angeles. Black and white film was never so colorful! Includes ripping versions of "Personality Crisis," "Who Are the Mystery Girls...Read More

Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders was the legendary hard-living rock'n'roll guitarist who inspired glam-metal, punk and the music scene in general. 'Looking For Johnny' is a 90-minute film that documents Thunders' career from his beginnings to his tragic death in 1991. The film examines his career as a member of the New York Dolls, the punk scene with The Heartbreakers in New Yor...Read More

Descent Into The Maelstrom: The Radio Birdman Story

The true story of Radio Birdman, the pre-punk band that changed Australian music forever. This critically acclaimed documentary, shows the uncompromising attitude and high energy rock'n'roll ethos of the band that was the prototype for independent music in Australia. The film features interviews with all surviving members of the original band, along with rare archiv...Read More

Flipper - Live Target Video 1980-81

From the archives of SF's famous Target Video comes this monster release from the classic original early 80s line up of Flipper. Capturing extreme and scorching performances from 1980 and 1981, this DVD helps form a picture of the band that slowed down punk rock and made the kids suffer in the "louder faster" days of hardcore. An intense blend of noise, punk and dro...Read More

Dead Boys - Return Of The Living Dead Boys: Halloween Night 1986

On Halloween (of course!) 1986 the gods of punk rock rose from the dead. The original members of the Dead Boys reformed for a short jaunt to NYC at the Ritz and leveled the audience of old heads, burnouts, junkies, geeks and freaks. the Ritz. Stiv Bators, Cheetah Chrome, Jimmy Zero, Jeff Magnum and Johnny Blitz got it together for one more show in their old stomping...Read More

Blank Generation

Classic punk rock movie from 1980 starring Richard Hell, illustrating the end of the first wave of New York City punk rock better than other films. Nada (Carole Bouquet), a beautiful French journalist on assignment in New York, records the life and work of up and coming punk rock star, Billy (Richard Hell). Featuring members of the Voidoids and the Ramones. A time c...Read More

It's Gonna Blow!!! San Diego's Music Underground 1986-1996

A film about community, hype, and musical incest. The story of San Diego's legendary 90s music scene and its brief, ill-fated reign as the 'next Seattle'. A motley community of musicians with a do-it-yourself ethos and an aversion to mainstream culture develop their idiosyncratic sounds in the isolation of San Diego, but soon find themselves at the center of bidding...Read More

Joe Strummer - Tribute Concert: Cast A Long Shadow

2007 Los Angeles tribute and benefit concert for The Clash's Joe Strummer whose influence on music is immeasurable. A fantastic and poignant evening for all involved. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will benefit the Strummerville charity. Set up by family and friends in the wake of Joe Strummer's death in 2002.

Asheton, Ron - Tribute Concert With Iggy & The Stooges And Special Guests

Recorded live at the Michigan Theater, this heartfelt tribute/celebration of Stooge guitarist Ron Asheton's life and music featured Iggy and the Stooges, Henry Rollins, and guest guitarist Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman). Includes a string section on a few Stooges classics! All profits from the sale of the DVD go to the Ron Asheton Foundation which supports animal welfare and music.

Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc: Lost Tapes

This DVD features footage from the lost recording session of In God We Trust Inc. and includes between song banter, outtakes and rescued multi-track recordings. Also features live performances of songs from the 12 inch EP spanning 1979-1986. Songs include: Hyperactive Child, Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Kepone Factory, Dogbite, Religious Vomit, We've Got a Bigger Problem...Read More

Iggy Pop - Live San Fran 1981

While this DVD may look rough and raw to 21st Century eyes, it is also the best representation of Iggy live during an otherwise pitifully undocumented era of his career. Fronting a crack band featuring Blondie drummer Clem Burke and future David Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar, Pop is as unpredictable and dominant as ever (no small feat since he is sporting a mini sk...Read More

Dead Boys - Live! At CBGB 1977

This 1977 performance from New York's legendary CBGB's proves why The Dead Boys were the epitome of snotty punk rock. Characterized by Stiv Bator's audience provoking on-stage antics, along with the band's aggressive power chord punch, the Dead Boys have earned their title as one of the greatest and most influential punk bands in history. Track list: Sonic Reducer...Read More

New York Dolls - All Dolled Up

In the early 70's, rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya purchased a portable video recorder. In a period of three years they shot over 40 hours of New York Dolls footage. Now for the first time ever this footage is unveiled. This feature length documentary captures the band during early performances in New York at Kenny's Castaways and Max's Kansas City, t...Read More

CBGB - Punk From The Bowery

Decades after birthing punk in the 1970s, CBGB remains the archetypal club of the Rock and Roll underground. For the past twenty-eight years, CBGB has played host to up-and-coming bands from all sub-genres of Rock and continues to capture the hearts of those who appreciate the spirit of original music. This video features live performances by Agnostic Front, UK Su...Read More

U.K. Subs - Dance & Travel In The Punk Rock Age

When Charlie told me he was 70 now, and he'd had 50 years on the road already, I thought this sounds like a good story. I think the story really begins in 1983, which is with Charlie at the helm, stripped of the rest of the band. The amazing story of the long running punk band the UK Subs and their leader, Charlie Harper.

History Lesson Part 1: Punk Rock In Los Angeles In 1984

Dave Travis presents live footage featuring the Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Twisted Roots and Redd Kross interspersed with interviews. Each song by each group is presented from start to finish. Rare interviews with Mike Watt (Minutemen), Jeff and Steve McDonald (Redd Kross), Cris and Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets), Paul Roessler (Screamers, Twisted Roots, DC3) and Hellin...Read More

Positive Force: More Than A Witness; 30 Years Of Punk Politics In Action

Washington DC-based punk activist collective Positive Force emerged in 1985. This feature-length film by Robin Bell skillfully mixes rare archival footage (including electrifying live performances from Fugazi, Bikini Kill, Nation of Ulysses, Anti-Flag, and more) with new interviews with key PF activists like co-founder Mark Andersen and supporters such as Ian MacKay...Read More

Sad Vacation: The Last Days Of Sid And Nancy

Sad Vacation is an up close and personal account of the tumultuous and stormy relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and how it ended in Room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel. Directed by Danny Garcia (The Rise and Fall of The Clash, Looking for Johnny), this films pulls no punches and reveals the facts through personal friends, insiders and witnesses. Includes ...Read More

Wendy O. Williams & The Plasmatics: 10 Years Of Revolutionary Rock & Roll

Banned in London, busted in Milwaukee, the legendary Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics caused a seismic cultural shock still felt today. They pioneered the mohawk, the fusing of punk and metal and did shows including the blowing up of cars yet to be matched. Labeled 'the greatest punk band in the world' by Tom Snyder on his 1981 TV show, by 1982 their next album ...Read More

Punk's Not Dead

Punk's Not Dead is more than just a tribute documentary. It takes you on an era-by-era journey that puts punk rock's non-conformist reputation under the knife. Officially sanctioned by the bands in the film who donated personal photos, fliers and home videos, Punk's Not Dead follows the evolution of punk music from its anarchic roots, to its use as a corporate marke...Read More

Iggy & The Stooges Live Detroit 2003

Iggy & the Stooges: Live in Detroit 2003 features Iggy Pop and the original lineup of the Stooges (with bassist Mike Watt subbing for the late Dave Alexander) performing at their first Detroit homecoming in 29 years. It is a full concert of the best songs of the first two Stooges albums from 1969 & 1970. In Iggy Pop's own words, "Here they are, the original Stooges,...Read More

Rage: 20 Years of Punk Rock West Coast Style

Rage: 20 Years of Punk Rock presents the history of punk rock in the U.S. through the eyes of six of the first punk rockers. Their story has been characterized by a unique view of the world, and attempts to convey this view have not always been embraced by industry leaders. Footage of performances and interviews provide an in-depth examination of this genre, and eye...Read More

Circle Jerks - My Career As A Jerk

From the beginning, LA punk band the Circle Jerks were rooted in controversy. Formed by ex members of Black Flag and Red Cross (now Redd Kross) in late 1979, the band came to encapsulate the image, sound and energy of California Hardcore Punk. Filmmaker David Markey (1991: The Year Punk Broke, The Slog Movie) mixes in-depth interviews, rare live footage and historic...Read More

Dead Kennedys - Early Years Live

This 30 minute VHS features the seminal punk band Dead Kennedys, live from their early years at various venues, including the Mabuhay Gardens, the Sproul Plaza at Berkeley and at Target Studios between 1978 through 1981. Much of the material is from the classic & critically acclaimed debut LP "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables." In addition to 9 live songs, there i...Read More

Blowing Fuses Left & Right: The Legendary Detroit Rock Interviews

"If you've ever wondered what the Stooges' first show on Halloween 1967 was like, you'll find that answer and many others about the Detroit music scene of the late 1960s in a new DVD, Blowing Fuses Left & Right: The Legendary Detroit Rock Interviews." That's how Rolling Stone describes this documentary featuring the legendary 1988 Detroit interviews with members of ...Read More

Hey Is Dee Dee Home?

This program features Lech Kowalski's 2003 documentary feature about the life and times of Ramones bassist and all-star burn out, Dee Dee Ramone (1952-2002). Dee Dee's life is a fascinating character study of a punk rock legend who never grew up. Listen to Dee Dee's account with director Lech Kowalski, to discuss Johnny Thunders for the film 'Born to Lose.' Relive t...Read More

The Boot Factory

Documentarian Lech Kowalski, while visiting Krakow, met one of his film's fans, a Polish punk-rocker-turned-entrepreneur named Lukasz Siska. Instantly inspired, Kowalski followed Siska back to the Cockney Underground Boot Factory -- the aforementioned boot factory -- in order to look into the lives of people whose existences revolve around hard music, hard partying,...Read More

Flipside - Best Of Volume 1: Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Dickies, Weirdos

This 126 minute film features raw, vintage live performances by Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks, The Weirdos, and The Dickies. These performances, originally released on VHS as "Best Of Flipside Volume 1" and "Best Of Flipside Volume 6," capture all the aggressiveness and energy of the L.A. punk rock scene in the mid-eighties. The DVD also features bonus live trac...Read More

Clockwork Orange County: The Rise of West Coast Punk Rock!

Southern California. The late 70s. Spike-haired kids with tattoos and a love for loud music stuck out like sore thumbs. These Punk pioneers found their only sanctuary at Cuckoo's Nest, a club in Costa Mesa. "Clockwork Orange County" chronicles this scene, where seminal Punk acts such as The Ramones, T.S.O.L. and Black Flag launched, and a west coast chapter of a glo...Read More


SpokAnarchy! is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the manic highs and desperate lows in the emergence of the punk rock scene in culturally barren 1980s of Spokane, Washington. Bands include Vampire Lezbos, Sweet Madness, Terror Couple, Cattle Prod, TFL, Social Bondage and more.

Bad Religion - The Riot!

On December 29, 1990, punk rock veterans Bad Religion were set to open a concert in their native Los Angeles when fire marshals cancelled the over-capacity show, declaring it a safety hazard. The resulting riot among the crowd of over 1,000 grabbed national headlines. Along with fan-shot footage of the evening's mayhem, this special program also features the band's ...Read More

L.A.M.F.: Live At The Bowery Electric

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' classic 1977 'L.A.M.F.' album performed by members of Blondie, MC5 & Replacements. The sole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure is joined by Blondie's Clem Burke, The Replacements' Tommy Stinson and MC5's Wayne Kramer. Captured live at the Bowery in 2016. Includes guests including Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome. The DVD includes bonus ...Read More

Johnny Thunders - Madrid Memory

A long lost live concert performance from The Heartbreakers explosive 1984 reunion world tour that included fellow Dolls Sylvain Sylvain & Jerry Nolan plus Billy Rath! Filmed for TV broadcast at La Edad De Oro in Madrid, Spain, this concert captures powerful performances of songs from throughout Thunders's amazing career including "Personality Crisis," "Too Much Jun...Read More

Plasmatics - Live! Rod Swenson's Lost Tapes 1978-81

The rare Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics live footage in this DVD has, in the main, never been released before. During the early years Plasmatics creator Rod Swenson, who directed and shot all the Wendy O./Plasmatics conceptual videos (AKA known for his footage of the Ramones, Dead Boys, Blondie, and Motorhead among others) shot numerous Plasmatics shows the footage fr...Read More

Mustard Plug: Never Get out of the Van

The definitive history and documentation of one of the true pioneers of third wave ska-punk music. This 84 minute film traces the band from their humble roots in the basements, bars and punk clubs of Grand Rapids, Michigan and follows them on a 17 year journey across the world. Through interviews, behind the scenes footage, live clips, excerpts from music videos and...Read More

The Slog Movie

We Got Power Films presents David Markey's (creator of underground cult films 'Desperate Teenage Lovedolls,' 'Lovedolls Superstar,' & '1991: The Year Punk Broke') 1981-82 raw document of the LA/Orange County hardcore punk scene. Like a fanzine on film, The Slog Movie has an intimate backstage/on stage feel. Interviews, humorous interludes, and incredible live perfor...Read More

Johnny Thunders Live: In Cold Blood

A Night Flight Plus exclusive. Executive Produced by Night Flight Creator Stuart Shapiro, this raw Johnny Thunders concert film captures the controversial artist performing at New York's Irving Plaza on March 13th, 1982. 

Lovedolls Superstar

From LA filmmaker DAVID MARKEY, who brought us the 1983 punk cult classic 8mm film, DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS, comes its twisted sequel, LOVEDOLLS SUPERSTAR (1986). The epic continues when Patch Kelley (Janet Housden) becomes Patch Christ, the leader of an acid-damaged religious cult who rescues washed-up Lovedoll Kitty Karryall from a drunken, wasted life. Ft...Read More

The Ramones - Videobiography

The Ramones had it all; the attitude, the music, the raw sound, the stage act. Many years after they disbanded, their influence can still be heard on the new generation of music makers. This documentary combines powerful rare performance footage of The Ramones in action, poignant archive interviews with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone and new interviews with Tommy Ramone.

Hard Core Logo

"The punk-rock Spinal Tap!" - The New York Times. Hard Core Logo is a Canadian punk mockumentary about a legendary (but fictive) Canuck hardcore unit that reunites years after its acrimonious breakup to play a one-shot benefit. Despite personal differences, former band mates of the legendary 'defunct HARD CORE LOGO reunite for a benefit concert for their aging pu...Read More

Salad Days Outtakes: Interviews

These interview clip outtakes include Ian MacKaye's hilarious analogy on making MTV ready music videos, Henry Rollins description of his first, pre-Black Flag band S.O.A. and Dave Grohl's heroes.

Salad Days Outtakes: Fugazi Live 1990

In this clip, given exclusively to Salad Days, essential punk outfit Fugazi perform live in 1990 in Frederick, MD.

The Clash - London Calling

This documentary is a critical review of The Clash's London Calling, featuring rare live performances, alongside interviews with legendary filmmaker and DJ Don Letts (who toured with The Clash), and analysis from a leading team of rock journalists and critics.

Forevermoore: The Angelo Project

The documentary "ForeverMoore; The Angelo Project" follows the life of Angelo Moore of Fishbone featuring appearances by members of the band. Angelo Moore devotes his life to weaving a legacy; crafting art through spoken word, music, and fashion. As an African American forerunner in the early 80's LA punk rock scene, he inspired others to embrace nonconformity. Livi...Read More


SMITHEREENS is the story of Wren (Susan Berman), an 19 year old layabout from New Jersey who has come to Manhattan to promote herself to stardom in New York's waning punk music world. With nothing going for her except her audacity, Wren pursues fame by trying to attach herself to a rock band. Featuring Punk giant Richard Hell and evocative music from The Feelies' de...Read More

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten

As the lead singer of The Clash from 1977 onward, Joe Strummer changed people's lives forever. Years after his death, his influence reaches out around the world, more strongly now than ever before. In The Future Is Unwritten, from British film director Julien Temple, Joe Strummer is revealed not just as a legend or musician, but as a true communicator of our times. ...Read More

Rude Boy

Merging documentary and fiction, Jack Hazan and David Mingay’s Rude Boy follows roughneck Ray Gange as he drops his Soho sex-shop job to roadie for The Clash—the most fiery, revolutionary rock ’n’ roll band of the era, seen in this film at the dizzying peak of their powers. Set against a background of riots, anti-racist demos, and police hostility towards Black Brit...Read More