Sacred Bones

The American indie label founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York by Caleb Braaten. Throughout much of the label's history the focus was on dark, experimental sounds, signing Braaten’s friends dark punk bands and reissuing 80s post-punk from acts like 13th Chime and The Cultural Decay. The label’s current roster represents a wide-range of international artists creating music in a variety of genres and styles, with a focus on psych, folk, punk and experimental music.

Night Flight - Molchat Doma Video Profile

Molchat Doma (translated as “Houses Are Silent”), was founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, with a dark yet danceable sound that stands at the intersection of post-punk, new-wave and synth-pop. Their second LP Etazhi (meaning “Floors”) became a global phenomenon, leading Sacred Bones to sign the band in early 2020.

Night Flight - Uniform Video Profile

Noise-rock group Uniform pull from a range of discordant influences including industrial, thrash metal and power electronics. Their debut album, Perfect World, released in 2015 pushed this minimalist setup to its limit, followed later that year by the EP Ghosthouse which appeared on Sacred Bones. On their sophomore effort, Wake In Fright, the group focused on sampli...Read More

Night Flight - Alan Vega Video Profile

Alan Vega, visual artist and frontman of punk pioneer duo Suicide, passed away in 2016 after a 50 year career in art and music. In addition to his musical output, Vega’s sculpture work gave him a notorious reputation in the New York art world, later opening a 24-hour gallery space that would go on to serve as an early venue for bands like the New York Dolls, Televis...Read More

Night Flight - Zola Jesus Video Profile

Zola Jesus is the decade-long solo project of Nika Roza Danilova, featuring dark, haunting lyrics and mesmerizing and ever changing electronic production. Danilova’s earliest output was characterized by noisy, lofi percussion and synths paired with her airy, ascendant vocal. She would quickly begin moving away from this sound, instead opting to create her own interp...Read More

Night Flight - John Carpenter Video Profile

John Carpenter, the American director, producer and screenwriter has made a name for himself as a master of horror and science fiction with film scores just as memorable, and haunting as the violence they accompany. Directing and composing over a dozen features, Carpenter, along with his son Cody and his godson Daniel Davies, teamed up with Sacred Bones to release h...Read More

Night Flight - Moon Duo Video Profile

San Francisco psych rock band Moon Duo, composed of Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada began playing and recording together in 2009, making their Sacred Bones debut with the EP Killing Time that year. The pair have continued touring, recording, exploring “all things Magick and supernatural” while incorporating new sounds and elements to their music, the 2019 album Star...Read More

Night Flight - Caleb Landry Jones Video Profile

Born to a family of fiddlers in Texas, film actor Caleb Landry Jones was instead drawn to the psychedelia of Syd Barrett’s solo work. Throughout his acting career he remained steadfast in his commitment to recording music, amassing hundreds of demos out of his family barn. Director, musician and Sacred Bones collaborator Jim Jarmusch heard these demos and suggested ...Read More

Night Flight - Follakzoid Video Profile

Chilean psych band Föllakzoid, known for their hypnotic rhythms and Andean folk and krautrock influences, was formed by childhood friends Diego Lorca, Domingo García-Huidobro, and Juan Pablo Rodríguez in 2008 as a trance experience, jamming on a single song for two hours in their first practice session. This free-form approach to playing and performing influenced th...Read More

Night Flight - Spellling Video Profile

As Spellling, Oakland-based artist Tia Cabral creates experimental synth pop that is born from the haunting images and ethereal messages from her dreams. Blending hypnotic folk with darkwave and elements of soul, Cabral’s first self-released record, Pantheon of Me, arrived in 2017 and quickly raised her profile beyond the Bay Area. Her third album for Sacred Bones, ...Read More

Night Flight - TR/ST Video Profile

Founded in 2010 by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, the group uses ethereal synth pop tones mixed over surging industrial beats. With the release of their first album TRST in 2012, the duo went their separate ways and Alfons continued to record and tour under the name. As a solo project Alfons began incorporating more elements of acid house and techno into his next...Read More

Night Flight - Blanck Mass Video Profile

Blanck Mass uses fast paced beats, clipped vocal samples and mesmerising synths to create music that is emotionally and sonically intense. Dumb Flesh, his first album with Sacred Bones, saw Power’s incorporate more danceable beats around the chopped-up vocals and drones which were built upon in subsequent releases like 2017’s political World Eater and 2019’s melodic...Read More

Night Flight - Psychic Ills Video Profile

Experimental psych rock band Psychic Ills, formed in 2003 by the late Tres Warren with guitarist Tom Gluibizzi and later bassist Elizabeth Hart and drummer Brian Tamborello, evolved over their 15 plus year career from creating trance-like noise rock to their more recent, subtle releases that rely on more traditional psychedelic songwriting. Highly respected by their...Read More

Night Flight - Amen Dunes Video Profile

Damon McMahon started his solo musical project Amen Dunes in 2006, recording atmospheric, lo-fi psych-folk alone in the Catskills before moving to Beijing and further honing this dark sound and recording occasionally. These would become his debut Sacred Bones EP Murder Dull Mind.

Night Flight - Marissa Nadler Video Profile

American singer/songwriter and artist Marissa Nadler’s creates a fusion of folk, gothic americana and ethereal dream pop that calls back to traditional country and folk music with aspects of indie rock, black metal and experimental music. In her over 15 year career she has released dozens of records including 6 full-lengths with Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - Marching Church Video Profile

Danish rock band Marching Church began as a side project of solo musical experiments for Elias Bender Rønnenfelt of Iceage. After the success of the band’s debut album on Sacred Bones, This World is Not Enough Rønnenfelt brought in Iceage bandmate Johan Weith and trumpeter Jakob Emil Lamdahl.

Night Flight - Cult Of Youth Video Profile

Sean Ragon’s dark, post-punk neofolk band Cult of Youth, began as a solo project with the release 2008’s A Stick to Bind, a Seed to Grow. Recruiting a supporting band, Ragon expanded the group’s sound on its 2011 self-titled Sacred Bones debut. This would be followed by 2012’s chamber-pop like Love Will Prevail, then 2014s Final Days.

Night Flight - The Holydrug Couple Video Profile

The Holydrug Couple, the duo of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra, began playing together in 2008 and emerged from the Santiago psychedelic rock scene in 2011 with their LP Awe, attracting the attention and support of Sacred Bones. The group’s pop influences and vocally driven songwriting continued to blossom on their 2013 beachy, dreamlike release Nocutary. After tou...Read More

Night Flight - The Men Video Profile

Brooklyn-based noise-punk band, The Men was formed in 2008 by Nick Chiericozzi, and Mark Perro, later adding drummer Rich Samis and bassist Kevin Faulkner to the lineup. Drawing on a myriad of influences including new wave, country, psych, and surf, The Men released their ambitious 2014 album, Tomorrow’s Hits before returning to their roots with the confrontational ...Read More

Night Flight - Jenny Hval Video Profile

Norwegian singer/songwriter, producer and novelist, Jenny Hval, made her solo debut in 2006 as Rockettothesky with the dreamy, folk-pop album To Sing You Apple Trees. Hval began releasing music with Sacred Bones under her own name with 2015’s experimental, art pop/spoken word album Apocalypse, Girl, influenced by Norwegian jazz singers of the 1960s and her upbringin...Read More

Night Flight - Lust For Youth Video Profile

Lust For Youth is a synth pop duo currently composed of Swedish and Danish producers Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer. As a solo act Norrvide’s Lust For Youth was largely dark and lonely minimalist synth that verged on harsh noise, but with the expansion of the lineup the group’s releases on Sacred Bones are more associated with the catchy songs about heartbreak,...Read More

Night Flight - Constant Smiles Video Profile

Constant Smiles, the collective led by Ben Jones, began in 2009 on his home of Martha’s Vineyard, inspired by the music scene centered around the island’s now defunct community record store, Aboveground Records. Their new record on Sacred Bones, Paragons, arrives in November of 2021.

Night Flight - Pop. 1280 Video Profile

Industrial punk band Pop. 1280, named after a pulpy Jim Thompson story about a corrupt, deceptive and murderous Texas lawman, was founded by Chris Bug and Ivan Lip as a method of exploring their darker, somewhat sinister musical ideas. Their first song, “Bedbugs” would lay the groundwork for their next release, an EP called The Grid, which they followed up with the ...Read More

Night Flight - Hilary Woods Video Profile

Dublin musician and former JJ72 bassist Hilary Woods returned to music after over a decade of hiatus in 2014 with melodic and airy keyboard-based songs inspired by the cinematic works of auteurs like Wong Kar-Wai and Chris Marker. Expanding on these ideas and incorporating more atmospheric electronic sounds, her full-length solo debut Colt arrived on Sacred Bones in...Read More

Night Flight - Black Marble Video Profile

Black Marble, Chris Stewart’s 80s influenced synth-pop group, began releasing music in 2012 with the EP The Weight Against the Door and later the gloomy full length A Different Arrangement. This moody atmosphere, created by an arsenal of analog synths, would later give way to lighter and warmer sounds on Stewart’s successive releases, including 2019’s Bigger Than Li...Read More

Night Flight - Var (fka War) Video Profile

Vår, formerly known as War, was a lofi post-punk act from Copenhagen. The group drew influences from darkwave and goth groups of the early 80s with blown-out, lo-fi recording techniques associated with the early 2010s. Vår’s Sacred Bones, No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers, arrived in 2013 and the group disbanded the following year.

Night Flight - Indigo Sparke Video Profile

Australian Singer/Songwriter Indigo Sparke was born into a musical family and knew from a young age she wanted to perform. After teaching herself guitar, Indigo began establishing herself in the Sydney-music scene with quiet but commanding folk music, releasing her debut EP Night Bloom in 2016. Over the next few years Sparke would continue to build her profile in th...Read More

Night Flight - Wymond Miles Video Profile

Sonically dense and inspired by art rockers like Scott Walker and Robert Wyatt, The Fresh & Only’s guitarist Wymond Miles’ solo output is decidedly somber and draped in layers of reverb. In 2012 Miles’ released his first pieces of material including his debut album Under The Pale Moon, returning the following year with the similarly psychedelic, Cut Yourself Free. A...Read More

Night Flight - The Soft Moon Video Profile

Luis Vasquez's industrial, post-punk solo project, the Soft Moon, marries the haunting sounds of Bauhaus and Joy Division with a stripped-down approach to production and recording. Channeling his Afro-Cuban heritage and upbringing in the Mojave Desert, Vasquez’ first full-length, a self-titled LP arrived shortly after his debut singles “Breathe the Fire” and “Parall...Read More

Night Flight - Destruction Unit Video Profile

Formed by singer and guitarist Ryan Rousseau, Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout in 2000, Destruction Unit are a psychedelic punk band based out of Phoenix known for their tumultuous sound featuring distorted, fuzzy-guitars, loud vocals and aggressive drums.

Night Flight - Pharmakon Video Profile

Margaret Chardiet’s industrial noise project Pharmakon blends slow rhythmic beats with guttural synth blasts and wailing vocals that are as disquieting as they are hypnotizing. Her live shows have been described as confrontational, interrogating the division between performer and audience, an emotional trance-like experience she has attempted to recreate on her more...Read More

Night Flight - Jeremiah Sand Video Profile

Jeremiah Sand was the charismatic leader of the Children of the New Dawn, a cult that descended upon a California recording studio in the 1970s to create Sand’s ultimate, psychedelic masterpiece. Not much is known of what transpired at the recording studio where these sessions took place, except that one night, Sand awoke the studio owner in the middle of the night ...Read More

Night Flight - Timmy's Organism Video Profile

The garage rock trio of Timmy Vulgar, Blake Hill and Jeff Fournier better known as Timmy’s Organism started as an experimental solo project for the group’s frontman that quickly twisted and morphed into a full-fledged punk band. Their first full-length, Rise of the Green Gorilla, arrived on Sacred Bones in 2010 followed by the 2012 album Raw Sewage Roq.

Night Flight - Thought Gang Video Profile

Longtime collaborators David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti started recording under the name Thought Gang in 1991. 25 years later, the spiritual jazz and spoken word recordings have resurfaced as a self-titled album on Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - Luca Yupanqui Video Profile

Luca Yupanqui began recording music when she was literally in the womb. The child of musicians Elizabeth Hart and Iván Diaz Mathé, the pair began recording their unborn child with biosonic MIDI technology Diaz Mathé compared to a polygraph. After her parents spent 2020 mixing the album “respecting the sounds as they were produced”, Luca made her Sacred Bone’s debut ...Read More

Night Flight - Exploded View Video Profile

Exploded View’s surreal mix of post-punk and krautrock reflects the makeup of the band and it’s member’s solo projects. Founded by British-German singer-songwriter Annika Henderson and Mexico City-based musicians Martin Thulin and Hugo Quezada the group made it’s haunting self-titled debut on Sacred Bones in 2016, followed by the more focused sophomore release Obey in 2018.

Night Flight - Crystal Stilts Video Profile

Formed in 2003, Brooklyn based indie band Crystal Stilts has cultivated a myriad of influences over the last decade and half playing and recording together. In 2011 they made their Sacred Bones debut with the EP Radiant Door, following it up with the soul and folk influenced album Nature Noir in 2013.

Night Flight - DJ Muggs the Black Goat Video Profile

Founding member of Cyrpress Hill, DJ Muggs, a producer synonymous with hazy, horror-tinged hip hop of the 1990s, has made a name for himself over the years with his prolific and varied output across genres including dancehall, alt rock and trip-hop. Born Lawrence Muggerud in Queens before moving to LA as a teenager, Muggs began DJing in the 1980s, producing seminal ...Read More

Night Flight - Slug Guts Video Profile

Brisbane garage rock band Slug Guts exploded onto the australian punk scene with the first album Down on the Meat, recorded and released only months after they started playing together in 2009. The band returned in 2011 on Sacred Bones with the full-length Howlin’ Gang, self-described as “menacingly desperate, ugly, and malnourished” this ethos would carry the band ...Read More

Night Flight - Institute Video Profile

Institute, the Austin based punk outfit founded by Moses Brown and Arak Avakian of Glue, Adam Cahoon of Wiccans, exploded onto the Texas punk scene in 2013 with lyrics of personal struggles and a dark and streamlined sound that they would continue to hone over the years. Their debut full-length, Catharsis, arrived on Sacred Bones in 2015 and featured cleaner product...Read More

Night Flight - Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Video Profile

In 2020 Kentucky-based singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle, known for her brand of dark and expressive post-rock, teamed up with Louisiana metal band Thou for one of the most interesting collaborative projects of the year. May Our Chambers Be Full, released on Sacred Bones, channelling Rundle’s brooding lyrics and Thou’s atmospheric sludge into a record that showcase...Read More

Night Flight - Boris Video Profile

Legendary Japanese heavy rock group Boris “continue their musical creation and destruction” with 2022’s W, their first release with Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - Caleb Landry Jones Video Profile II

Texas-born musician and actor Caleb Landry Jones makes psychedelic music that “reaches into the cosmic realm of imagination.”

Night Flight - Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurley Video Profile

Dean Hurley is a sound and music supervisor who has worked with Daivd Lynch and Zola Jesus. Gloria de Oliveira is a multidisciplinary visual artist and musician who has composed for the theater and for London Fashion week. Their collaboration Oceans of Time combines impressionistic synths, shimmering guitars, and ethereal sonics in a beautiful dream-pop synthesis.

Night Flight - The Soft Moon Video Profile II

The Soft Moon is the project by American singer-songwriter Luis Vasquez. 2022’s Exister is a powerful, vulnerably therapeutic post-punk masterpiece.

Night Flight - Zola Jesus Video Profile II

Zola Jesus is the alter ego of Nika Roza Danilova, known for her expressive and powerful voice and dark, atmospheric music. Her latest album Arkhon unleashes her “submerged, stalled pain.”

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