Short Films

Night Flight's 1980s Shorts

Selected short films from the Night Flight original library featuring filmmakers from around the world working in a variety of mediums.

Travelling Distribution

Since 2007, Travelling is a pioneer in short film distribution, both in Quebec and internationally. With a catalog of more than 200 hand-picked titles including Brotherhood (Oscar® Nomination), No Crying At The Dinner Table and Mutants, in addition to collecting hundreds of selections and awards annually at the world’s most prestigious festivals, Travelling has made a name for itself in the industry as a key player. Travelling is a br...Read More


sixpackfilm was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization. The task undertaken by sixpackfilm is to secure an audience for Austrian film and video art, both inside Austria and abroad.

Oscilloscope Shorts

Oscilloscope Laboratories is an independent film company, distributor, recording studio and production facility. It was founded by Adam Yauch.

Shorts by Kelly Gallagher

Kelly has been producing original and colorful handcrafted films and animations for over a decade that explore overlooked histories and movements of resistance.

Shorts by Jeff Krulik

Washington DC-based director/producer Jeff Krulik, known to Night Flight fans as the creator of Heavy Metal Parking Lot, has screened at the Museum of Modern Art, Lincoln Center, the American Film Institute and on PBS.

Shorts by Calvin Lee Reeder

Calvin Lee Reeder is a writer, director, and occasional actor known for his inventive and unconventional work. His films have won awards at Sundance, SXSW, AFI, Fantastic Fest, and others.

Shorts by Danny Plotnick

Danny Plotnick roared into the underground film world in the 1980s. Fueled by his love of alternative culture, his films were infused with the DIY spirit of the times.