Stay Out of the Water


Lost river lake was a was a thriving resort - until they discovered... Piranha! Featuring a stellar group of talent in front of as well as behind the camera. With cult luminary Joe Dante directing and Pino Donaggio behind the score, the first-class cast of cult stars includes Kevin McCarthy (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), Barbara Steele (Black Sunday), Belinda Bal...Read More

Shock Waves

In the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered its scientists to create a top secret race of indestructible zombie storm troopers - un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities that killed with their bare hands. They were known as The Death Corps. No member of this horrific SS unit was ever captured by the Allied Forces - and, somewhere off the c...Read More

Deep Blood

This long-unseen chum bucket from producer/director/EuroSleaze master Joe D'Amato was shot on location in Florida surf and Rome swimming pools. D'Amato combines '80s teen movie cliches and mysticism with stupefying dialogue, over-the-top performances and shark footage in this timely new arrival from our friends at Severin! A cast of local unknowns – along with, i...Read More

Humanoids from the Deep

Something evil is happening in the sleepy fishing village of Noyo. Fishlike humanoid creatures, spawned by mutant DNA, begin rising from the ocean looking to mate with the local women. Scientist Susan Drake (Ann Turkel) along with local fisherman Jim Hill (Doug McClure, The Land That Time Forgot) seek to investigate the cause of this invasion of creatures from the o...Read More


From director Lewis Teague (Cujo) and screenwriter John Sayles (The Howling) comes an unstoppable thriller with bite. A family returning from Florida decides their pet baby alligator is too much to handle and flushes him down the toilet. Meanwhile, Slade Laboratories is conducting secret experiments with animals and disposing of them in the sewer. The alligator, fen...Read More

Cruel Jaws

He defied all laws of good taste and international copyright with Shocking Dark and Robowar. He reset the bar for batsh*t crazy ItaloHorror with Rats: Night of Terror and Hell of the Living Dead. And in 1995, legendary director Bruno Mattei – here as ‘William Snyder’ – stunned the civilized world with this ultimate sharksploitation saga that liberally borrows charac...Read More


An elite nuclear submarine, on a deadly mission to deliver an international terrorist to American authorities, travels through a mysterious ocean portal known as "The Devil's Eye." 27 ships have disappeared in this area, fueling the legend of a killer mutant octopus. The terrorist escapes to a passing cruise ship, but no one is safe as the octopus unleashes its fury.

Alligator 2: The Mutation

Deep in the sewers beneath the city of Regent Park, a baby alligator feeds on the experimental animals discarded by Future Chemicals Corporation. Nourished by the toxic growth hormones and other mutating chemicals, the gator grows immense in size ... and voracious in appetite. Now, it must kill to survive! It's a classic confrontation between man and beast. This seq...Read More

The Mermaids Of Tiburon

Psychotronic classic. Beautifully photographed fantasy about mermaids who assist (and distract) a young scientist in his quest for sunken treasure, complete w/ the infamous Timothy Carey (THE WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER) at his menacing best. This is director John Lamb's third + final cut, filmed in the pearl garden of Mexico's La Paz, and the kelp forest along the coas...Read More

Killer Crocodile

More than a decade after the Spielberg blockbuster, a dream team of shock maestros - including producer-turned-director Fabrizio De Angelis, screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti , gore guru Giannetto De Rossi and Oscar®-nominated composer Riz Ortolani - created one of the most ridiculously entertaining JAWS rip-offs in ItaloSleaze history: When a humongous crocodile begi...Read More

Killer Crocodile 2

In the 1990 low-budget sequel, the Caribbean swamps, which is to be made into a holiday resort, is terrorized again by a second monstrous crocodile which is killing off anyone unfortunate to be on the water.

Monster from the Ocean Floor

B-movie maverick Roger Corman started his own production career with this entertaining sci-fi shocker! While vacationing in a coastal Mexican village, artist Julie Blair learns of a local superstition involving a man-eating "sea devil". Little does she know, the locals have set her up as the monster's next sacrificial victimand it's only a matter of time before the ...Read More

Creature From the Haunted Sea

Here's another Roger Corman classic from the golden age of Drive-In schlock! In this spoof of horror and spy thrillers, American gangster Renzo Capetto (Anthony Carbone) decides to kill members of his bungling crew and blame their deaths on a legendary sea creature. What he doesn't know is that the creature is actually out there!


A swarthy, good looking American named Caine (Burt Reynlds ) arrives in a small dusty hole-in-the-ground town in the Sudan after having escaped government soldiers who nearly seized him with a truckload of illegal arms. Later Cain looking for an escape from the police meets up with Anna (Silvia Pinal) and Dr. Mallare (Barry Sullivan), an ichthyologist looking for ra...Read More

Shark Hunter

The megalodon shark. A prehistoric killing machine 60 feet long, flashing 200 pounds of teeth and weighing over 20 tons. It's the deadliest predator the world has ever seen. The scientists say it's been extinct for more than 10,000 years. The scientists are wrong. In the darkness of the deep, an underwater research station has been viciously destroyed. Now a to...Read More