Tales to Keep You Awake

The ultimate legacy of writer/director Narciso ‘Chicho’ Ibáñez Serrador remains his groundbreaking 1966-1968 Televisión Española series HISTORIAS PARA NO DORMIR. Serrador wrote, directed and introduced every episode, adapting stories by Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Bloch and his own material under the pseudonym Luis Peñafiel, shocking Franco-era audiences with black humor, macabre themes and sharp social commentary while inspiring generations of Spain’s greatest genre filmmakers as well as a 2021 reboot.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 1 (The Birthday)

For his 50th birthday, a man plans to give himself the gift of freedom. But it's a gift with a hefty price tag: a meticulously plotted murder. Can you have your cake and kill it too?

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 2 (The Hand)

In this mind-bending sci-fi tale, a man with no memory must rely on his robotic, super-computer hand to unravel the secret of his identity. However, a sinister gang of time-traveling, medallion- wearing humanoid aliens have other plans.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 3 (The Cellar – Part 1)

Armed with a box of mushroom spores from the Bradley Crop Company, young Tommy plans to turn the cellar into a goldmine of edible fungi. There's just one problem: these are no ordinary mushrooms.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 4 (The Cellar – Part 2)

As eerie coincidences mount, Tommy's father begins to suspect his son's mushrooms possess a sinister power. Will he summon the courage to square off with the fungal foe in the cellar? Based on a tale that sprouted from the fertile imagination of Ray Bradbury.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 5 (The Cask)

During the frivolity and mirth of the annual harvest festival, vineyard owner Jean Samibed plots to pour a full measure of revenge alongside his best vintages in this adaptation of a story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 6 (The Offer)

Mr. Spalanzatto is a slick, cocky gangster, who has the kind of life ordinary people can only dream about. But he's about to learn that there are some things that can't be owned, even by the man who has everything.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 8 (The Pact)

To the dismay of the stuffy medical establishment, a brilliant yet controversial doctor sets out to prove that not even death is a match for the power of the mind. Based on Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of the macabre.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 9 (The Doll)

Supernatural shenanigans ensue when wealthy widower is convinced witchcraft is the reason for his daughter's increasingly bizarre behavior. Based on stories by Henry James (Turn of the Screw) and Robert Bloch (Psycho).

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 10 (The Rocket)

When a trip to outer space costs too much, a kindly grandfather proves that the childlike gift of wonder is strong enough to draw the moon and stars down to earth. Based on a short story by Ray Bradbury.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 11 (The Joke)

An obnoxious TV producer hatches an intricate plan to teach his wife and her lover an important lesson: sometimes death is a laughing matter.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 12 (The Cabin)

When a blizzard traps them in a remote mountain cabin, two women struggle against the ever- tightening grip of fear. Could it be that even the forces of nature are no match for paranoia?

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 13 (The Anniversary)

A local hero policeman retires from the force to enjoy a quiet life in the country. But a young visitor soon reminds him that the difference between hero and villain is entirely a matter of perspective, and a violent past often leads to a bloody present.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 14 (The Wait)

A plague has destroyed the human colony on Mars, leaving behind only Dr. Hathaway and his family. When a pair of long-overdue astronauts arrive to bring the Hathaways back to Earth, they find a family clinging to the routine of daily life with a determination that is downright inhuman. Based on a story from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 15 (The Alarm – Part 1)

The aliens are coming! The invasion will be televised! And like so many great stories, it all begins with a woman...

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 16 (The Alarm – Part 2)

Suspected of espionage and seemingly radioactive, a mysterious woman is detained by the police. The situation is anything but simple, however, as their investigation reveals multiple false identities and a bodily implant of ancient and unearthly origins.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 17 (The Smile)

In a dystopian future where creative expression is taboo and hatred is a virtue, one young man seeks to possess a fragment of forbidden beauty. Based on a story by Ray Bradbury.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 18 (The Asphalt)

Overlooked, ignored, and beaten down by bureaucracy, one man finds himself in a truly sticky situation. Will he be saved by a simple act of compassion or drown in the black tar pit of indifference?

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 19 (The Nightmare)

Superstitious villagers are convinced there's a vampire in their midst. Is the wealthy outsider who lives in the mansion simply an eccentric recluse or is he the Nosferatu next door? The answer might not be so simple.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 20 (The Paw)

When an army officer returns to his hometown, he brings his family a very strange souvenir: a monkey's paw. This gift quickly proves to be a blessing, a curse, and a source of unspeakable horror, all wrapped up in one small primate appendage. Based on W. W. Jacobs' classic story.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 21 (The Seer)

A sudden rash of suicides has decimated the staff of Dr. Flashwell's parapsychology lab. One by one, the department's resident psychics fall victim to themselves, prompting the doctor to probe even deeper into the unknown.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 22 (The Return)

A pair of cousins hatch a perfect plan to dispose of their rich uncle. After all, the world will never miss a miserly old man who dabbles in the occult. But the best laid plans of cunning criminals are no match for the power of true evil.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 23 (The Raven)

Although he is now celebrated as one of the premier voices in American literature, Edgar Allan Poe's life was short and tragic. Tormented by the demons of financial ruin and alcoholism, he nevertheless managed to pen works of great imagination. Will his name ever be forgotten? Nevermore.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 24 (The Promise)

Life isn't easy when you're the gravedigger's daughter. Long years laboring under a controlling father have taught Maria that much. But there are certain perks, especially when it comes to plotting the perfect revenge against those who have wronged you.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 25 (The House)

The ancestral home Juan Dasir has inherited comes with many amenities: vaulted ceilings, a large kitchen, and the vengeful ghost of a countess whose skull was split open with an axe. It's a unique fixer-upper, as long as you stay out of the family crypt.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 26 (The Transplant)

In the future, transplanting body parts has become a way of life. Now, a person is free to assemble the perfect body, from head to toe. But this progress comes with a hefty price tag, and when one man refuses to pay up, he'll learn that the perfect really is the enemy of the good.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 27 (The TV)

Enrique is a hardworking family man who finally allows himself the luxury of a new TV. But as the boob tube gradually takes over his life, Enrique's grip on reality begins to weaken. What will he sacrifice to feed his cathode ray addiction?

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 28 (Freddy)

Someone (or something) is murdering members of a traveling variety show. To stop the bloodshed, the police will consider all suspects great and small, because the cunning perpetrator is no dummy.

Tales To Keep You Awake - Episode 29 (The Case of Mr. Valdemar)

In this retelling of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale, a scientist pushes the ethical envelope by pitting the power of hypnosis against death itself. The result is a terrifying examination of the thin line between the living and the dead.