The Films of El Santo

Santo And The Vengeance Of The Mummy

When our favorite Mexican Uber wrestler and superhero Santo and his cronies discover the long-lost tomb of a mummified Aztec warrior, they unleash an ancient curse that begins claiming their lives one by one. Can Santo put an end to this unleashed evil before it's too late?

Santo In The Treasure Of Dracula

Brave and ingenious Santo gets his girlfriend to be the first to travel backwards in time to her past life as a colonial babe turned vampire. Rescued before her demise at the hands of vampire hunter Professor Van Roth, she returns with the knowledge of the whereabouts of the infamous vampire, Count Dracula’s hidden treasure. Naturally, Santo and his friends decide t...Read More

Santo vs. The Riders Of Terror

Six patients have escaped from the leper’s sanatorium of St. Lazarus. Galloping on their horses, they come to a small town to wreak havoc among its residents, fearful of contagion. The Townspeople are poised to fight them, but it will require the presence of Santo, the Silver Masked to restore peace again.

Santo & Mantequilla in the Revenge of La Llorona

It’s up to masked wrestling superstar Santo and boxing legend [José] “Mantequilla” Nápoles to keep an ancient evil from murdering innocent children in this classic Mexican horror flick based on the Spanish-language legend of La Llorona.

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein

When it’s discovered that their friend Alicia is to be the next target of Dr. Frankenstein, who is kidnapping innocent women for brain transplant experiments in an attempt to bring back his deceased wife, wrestling superheroes Santo and Blue Demon are called into action to go head-to-head with the most interesting mad doctor in the world and his formidable zombie, Golem.

Santo In The Treasure Of Dracula (Sexy Vampire Version)

After inventing a time machine, Mexican wrestler, El Santo, uses it to go back in time to track down the location of Dracula's hidden treasure. This is with the noble intention of using the treasure to help fund a children's hospital. In his quest to obtain the treasure, he is forced to face down and battle Dracula and his bevy of beautiful, vampire vixens. The orig...Read More

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolf Man

Masked super-hero Mexican wrestler Santo teams up with his sidekick Blue Demon for tag team wrestling/monster fighting in this classic Lucha Libre film. After facing defeat at the hands of Cristaldi the magician, Dracula is back to seek revenge and rule the world. With the help of Wolfman and his legion of followers, victory seems imminent. Professor Cristaldi, a de...Read More

Santo vs. Frankenstein's Daughter

Dr. Freda Frankenstein (Gina Romand) and her assistant, Dr. Yanco (Roberto Canedo), try to find the formula for an elixir that enables them to achieve eternal youth. The only problem is that the missing ingredient is the blood of Santo, which is believed to possess extraordinary qualities. Because of this, the doctor will do everything possible to attract Santo to h...Read More