VHS Video Magazines

Slammin' Rap Video Magazine

Here are the acts you're going to be meeting in the premiere issue of "Rap's #1 Video Magazine.": Ice T takes us for a spin in his Ferrari, Queen Latifah lets us into her "Queendom" to drop science, and Chris Rock provides a comic's perspective on Rap movies. Alex Winter from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure hosts.

MetalHead Video Magazine

Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro's, MetalHead Video Magazine (1990-1992): Metalhead is one wild ride down the hardest rocking highway, with backstage posses, exclusive and furious live shows, raw interviews, Of the loud and lewd...Metalhead.

Country Music Video Magazine

"Call it Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Boogie or Bluegrass Swing, Progressive or Neo-traditional–call it anything, but KEEP IT COUNTRY!" Country Music Video Magazine (1990) is 60 minutes of country's finest.

More Video Magazines

Bored with clueless music magazines? Fed up with tame, predictable TV programming? Here’s more explosive VHS Video Magazine's from Night Flight Creator Stuart S. Shapiro that you can sink your teeth into.