Bad Girls

- 97:41

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In Christopher Bickel's BAD GIRLS, three delinquent, murderous strippers wreak bitch-havoc on a rampaging adventure, killing anyone dumb enough to stand in their way. With the eyeball-throbbing pace of an out of control acid trip, BAD GIRLS feels like a Gregg Araki fever dream while also paying heavy-handed homage to exploitation royalty like Paul Morrissey, Russ Meyer, and Jack Hill (to name a few). The plot within is a simple chain that quickly tangles itself up in a series of bizarre pitstops and neon, cartoonish violence that add thick rainbow layers of surrealism to its charms. In fact, BAD GIRLS is so brattily humorous and compellingly shot, you can't help but let it take you hostage, like a tab of blotter on your tongue. Just, like, shut up and enjoy the trip, man. — KJ, Night Flight