Barnes & Barnes - Pancake Dream Video Album

- 53:20

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Be afraid… Pancake Dream is here. Demented Punk Records presents the all-new, full-length album by cult icons Barnes & Barnes! The enigmatic duo behind the classic novelty hit ”Fish Heads” (the #1 most requested song of all-time on the ‘Dr. Demento Show’), bring you a new listening experience in ‘Outsider Music for Insiders’. Complete with a Night Flight Plus exclusive intro comes the streaming premiere of all 13 music videos—each made by Art & Artie Barnes personally—previously unavailable outside of the highly limited edition online exclusive “Pancake Dream” bonus DVD! Collectively is it a bizarre video concept album, or a mini art film…? You decide. “This definitely ain’t “Fish Heads”! Pancake Dream finds the brothers Barnes at their most hypnotic and avant-garde, creating lyrics and soundscapes that will forever plague my dreams and haunt my every waking moment. Yeah!” — “Weird Al” Yankovic “In 1978 Barnes & Barnes released “Fish Heads,” the most requested song in the 51-year history of the Dr. Demento Show. Now, Barnes & Barnes bring us “Pancake Dream,” born of a darker, more mature comic vision, and thrilling in its musical brilliance. — Dr. Demento