Fatal Exam

- 114:00

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A group of college students have been given a very unusual assignment: spend the night inside of a supposedly haunted house, as part of their studies into the supernatural and occult. Although the rag tag team of collegiates would much rather party and get stoned than look for ghosts, it's not long before unexplained events begin to occur. Initially suspecting that some of their classmates might be playing a practical joke, their fears are proven very real when someone - or something - dressed in robes and carrying a scythe starts bumping them off one by one. A truly local slice of ultra low budget supernatural-slasher made by a first time cast and crew based in St. Louis, Missouri, Jack Snyder's FATAL EXAM plays its haunted house tropes for its first half, before shifting gears into slice n' dice mayhem for its second half. Barely released in any format, Vinegar Syndrome is happy to bring this low-fi curiosity back to life, newly restored in 2K from its 16mm original camera negative.