Impact Video Magazine

- 76:18

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Bored with clueless music magazines? Fed up with tame, predictable TV programming? Here’s an explosive new video magazine that you can sink your teeth into. That’s right, just added to Night Flight Plus, the one-off, extremely rare cult video magazine created by Stuart S. Shapiro (creator of Night Flight) in 1989: Video Impact Magazine. Hosted by Alex Winter, star of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and produced and created by Shapiro, Impact flexes it’s 1st amendment muscle and digs deep into late ‘80s counter culture to unearth exclusive rock footage, shocking performers, razor sharp comedy and outrageous films. Don’t miss this time capsule gem, available exclusively on VHS and… Night Flight Plus! Featuring: Butthole Surfers - in a cannibalistic black comedy and demonic stage show (pictured above.) Public Enemy - A rare, in-depth interview with the controversial group. Jane’s Addiction - Exclusive concert performance of their LA homecoming concert. Robert Williams - heretical opinions and nightmarish art from one of the creators of Zap Comix. Survival Research Labs - colliding metal behemoths as machine performance art. and much more…