Laz Rojas - Flakes 2

- 22:00

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Scenes from my comedy screenplay "Flakes", taken from my One-Man Showcase -- a 1993 production written, performed, directed, produced, and edited by me and in which I portray over 100 characters in 52 scenes. FLAKES06 A fading film director laments the collapse of his latest movie deal with his starlet wife. Starring me as Barbara Evans and Grant Evans. FLAKES07 Hiding out from her husband, a mousy newlywed helps a kooky performance artist prepare for a party for her even kookier friends. Starring me as Curtis, Monica Davis, Stephanie Petersen, Siobhan, and Spike. FLAKES08 On the eve of her daughter's arranged wedding to the son of a business partner, a mother makes one last attempt to earn her daughter's respect. Starring me as Murray Goldstein, Nina Goldstein, and Valerie Goldstein. FLAKES09 An aging Hollywood starlet and her director lover discuss her betrayal of her washed-up husband. Starring me as Barbara Evans and Tyler Frazier. FLAKES10 Two Beverly Hills couples deal with the aftermath of a freak snowstorm that has ruined the arranged wedding of their offspring. Starring me as Murray Goldstein, Nina Goldstein, Allyson Persky, David Persky, Irene Persky, and Irving Persky.