LSD: Insight or Insanity

- 17:55

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Sal Mineo narrates the Psychedelic Truth about Acid in Classroom Scare-Film, LSD: Insight Or Insanity! Documentary about the potentially dangerous and unpredictable drug LSD. Various experts discuss how LSD is made and the hazards involved in using it while avid users explain why they enjoy taking it. The life of the typical teen in the late 1960s is presented, with rebellion and experimentation in clothes, hair, and extracurricular activities discussed, along with peer pressure and the effect it can have on teens. The dangers of drugs, and LSD in particular, are described, with doctors, scientists, and geneticists discussing the possible effects of LSD on the body, including chromosomal damage that can affect future generations. The impact on fetal development in animals given LSD is shown. Examples of other psychological and physiological effects are illustrated, such as the dangerous belief that one can fly, or that an open flame is a flower.