Marcus Garvey - A Giant Of Black Politics

- 51:44

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Black Nationalist pioneer and First Hero of Jamaica, Marcus Garvey is discussed by contemporaries, historians, family and friends. The film traces his early successes in organizing West Indian contract labor, to the phenomenal rise of his Universal Negro Improvement Association, which took America by storm in the 20s. Garvey was a victim of his own success - he threatened the establishment enough for the FBI to infiltrate the organization. After his imprisonment he returned to Jamaica, then went to London, where he died aged 53. A giant of black politics and the key philosopher of black pride, his story is told by activist Mariamne Samad, UNIA members Roy Carson and Ruth Prescott and commentators Vivian Durham, Beverly Hamilton, Prof Rupert Lewis, Prof David Garrow and Sam Clayton. The documentary has a specially performed soundtrack by the legendary Mystic Revelation of Rastafari band.