Motorcycle Rodeo, "Night Flight Goes to the Movies" & Full Force

- 51:02

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Tonight we head to Ventura, California 1987 for Night Flight’s special segment on a Motorcycle Rodeo. Like a Heavy Metal Parking Lot for the great American Biker community, this feature takes an intimate look at the customs of the leather clad, bearded, booted men of the Highway. Featuring such events as the Slow Race, Motorcycle Tug Of War, Keg Derby, and the couples competition Weenie Bite, (which features a mustard slathered Hot-Dog that you’ll just have to watch for yourself to truly understand) tonight’s episode gets you all need to know about “the modern day cowboys of the American Highway!” Stick around after the Easyriders motorcycle mayhem for a vintage episode of "Night Flight Goes to the Movies," where we featured clips from Hollywood movies released in 1988: "License to Drive," "Dudes" (featuring a young Jon Cryer!), "Arthur 2: On the Rocks," "Wall Street," and "Siesta." "And now the Summer of Love returns" Pat Prescott tells viewers next, "with this week's home video pick, 'Monterey Pop,' the concert that captured the dawning of counterculture rock, and one of the greatest gatherings of pop heroes of all time." Highlights from the Monterey Pop Festival include the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Who. After that, Night Flight talks to Full Force, Brookyln's family of fresh funk artists, and viewers get an up close 'n' personal look at Full Force's collaboration with the great James Brown ("I'm Real"). How's that for a tank-full of rollickin' good Night Flight fun?