Night Flight - Directions in Jazz and Double Exposure

- 50:53

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For this short film series, we have “Double Exposure” a true hidden gem that aired on Night Flight in 1986. Starting with scenes of industrial Chicago, this short film takes you into a suburban household where a wayward artist-types stop in at home for family dinner. Later on in the evening the nervous suburban awkwardness explodes into pure energy (a la Pere Ubu) in a raucous club show at the end of the film that feels like a pretty authentic document of a Chicago Saturday night in the 80s. Not to be missed. Next up is Night Flight’s “Directions in Jazz.” We begin with Chuck Mangione who makes “sex and jazz willing partners” according to Pat Prescott, which is followed by one of our favorite archive discoveries yet! The #1 horn player in the world of Jazz, Miles Davis, uses the animation of Annabel Jankel (of Max Headroom fame) to illustrate his classic tune “Decoy.” This is an absolute stunner of a video, and it isn’t even on youtube. Moving on, we’ve got Stanley Jordan, who electrified the Jazz scene with his revolutionary neck guitar technique. Bass Player Stanley Clark gets involved with an experimental animation video for his avant-garde cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” and then we’re onto new age Eco-Jazz from Paul Winter Consort. Classic Night Flight indeed.