Night Flight Slumber Party 102 - The Accidental Goth Episode ft. Rachel True

- 47:52

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Actress/Author RACHEL TRUE joins the Slumber Party for our quasi-"goth" themed episode! Here we discuss her films THE CRAFT, and Gregg Araki's NOWHERE; her semi-autobiographical Tarot guide, 'True Heart Intuitive Tarot,' touch on the dangers of mail-order speed, exacting violent revenge, Ouija hijinx, + afterward pranking her 'The Craft' co-star, Fairuza Balk. Also in this ep; Slumber Party experts SUSAN & DENISE teach us "How to Conjure a Bloody Mary"; style tips from the late 80's goth film, 'MIRROR, MIRROR'; Infamous American Idol reject/mall-goth cabaret performer turned current half of musical death drone act, Pinkish Black, DARON BECK joins us, and later we learn "How to Draw Goths" from artist + deathrock dance legend, BEN WALKER-STOREY.