Night Flight Slumber Party 103 - Nerds, Punks & Sassy Brats ft. John Ross Bowie

- 53:16

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Hosts Nick Prueher (co-founder of Found Footage Festival) & KJ (Night Flight) dare actor John Ross Bowie to prank-text random celebs in his farcical (yet humiliating) search for anal wart advice, after first discussing the evolution of nerds in pop culture. Later, he tells us about his own new character actor podcast, "HOUSEHOLD FACES w/ John Ross Bowie". Also in this ep, LA filmmaker DAVID MARKEY, who tells us about his 1983 punk cult classic 8mm film, DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS, and schools us on the legendary '80s LA punk rock hangout/culinary masterpiece, OKI DOGS. Stay tuned for a word from our Slumber Party sponsors, SUSAN & DENISE!