Prague Nights

- 99:14

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In the vein of horror anthologies like Bava's BLACK SABBATH, the long-unseen PRAGUE NIGHTS is a gorgeous and supernatural vision of ancient and modern Prague: caught between Mod Sixties fashions and nightmarish Medieval catacombs, and filled with Qabbalistic magic, occult rituals, clockwork automatons and satanic visitors. In the first tale, director Jiří Brdečka's stunning "The Last Golem," a young rabbi (Jan Klusák) struggles to fashion a massive, silent giant out of living clay - until he's distracted by a mute servant girl (Lucie Novotná). In the second episode, "Bread Slippers," an 18th-century countess (Teresa Tuszyńska) indulges her passion for sweet cakes, adulterous affairs, and secret kisses with pretty maids - until a mysterious visitor (Josef Somr) whisks her away to an abandoned mansion, where Fate has a different kind of dance in store for her. In the final story, "Poisoned Poisoner," a ravishing murderess in the Middle Ages dispatches lecherous merchants to the tune of upbeat 60s Czech Pop songs (scored by the renowned Zdeněk Liška).