Space Thing

- 69:53

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It’s Buck Rogers for adults as Col. James Granilla, an alien in human disguise, visits the flying saucer of Captain Mother and her all-girl crew in the year 2069. But because Granilla is a “Planetarian” and all the lovely space nymph are “Terranians,” he seeks to learn all about their intimate ways. Though Captain Mother, a sadistic whip-wielding lesbian, frowns on her gals making it with men, everyone wants to make it with Granilla. When they land on an asteroid, Granilla and the girls share some gold old interplanetary passion. Finding himself in the enviable position of ship stud but homesick for his alien wife, Granilla decides to end all the romance with a micro atomic bomb… Full of sexy gals and unspecial effects, SPACE-THING is a hilarious sci-fi skin flick from producer David F. Friedman. It’s like Plan 9 in the nude!