The Black Godfather

- 96:04

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J.J. (Rod Perry-TV’s “S.W.A.T.”) is a hustler with a conscience. A small-time numbers runner who dabbles in prostitution, J.J. wants nothing to do with the drug trade, which he holds responsible for the continuing slavery of the Black man. After a violent confrontation with mobster Tony Burton (Don Chastain) leaves a friend dead, J.J. becomes the ally of local numbers king Nate Williams (Jimmy Witherspoon), who teaches him how to dismantle Burton’s drug operation brick by brick. But Burton’s got a secret weapon: Det. Joe Sterling (Duncan McLeod- Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), a crooked cop who’s got dirt on all the syndicates, is now Burton’s lap dog. J.J. is in for the fight of his life…and for his life.