The Five Days

- 121:05

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After Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Dario Argento stepped away from giallo to create what remains the only non-horror/thriller - and least-seen film - of his career: Set during 1848's five-day siege of Milan by the Austrian army, a cynical thief (pop star Adriano Celentano) teams with a naïve young baker to survive the brutality and absurdity of the Italian Revolution. Marilù Tolo, Glauco Onorato and Salvatore Baccaro co-star in this dark action-comedy that reflected turbulent '70s Italy and Argento's own politics, from a story co-written by Enzo Ungari (THE LAST EMPEROR) and Luigi Cozzi (PAGANINI HORROR) with a rousing score by Giorgio Gaslini (DEEP RED), now scanned in 4K from the original negative.