The Giant of Thunder Mountain

- 87:51

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Richard Kiel stars, writes and executive produces this family film from 1991. It's 1893. Eli, a huge giant, lives high atop Thunder Mountain overlooking the small town of Weaverton. Local town gossips spread ugly rumors that he killed his folks, when in fact they were murdered by a vicious 1,600 pound grizzly bear (Bart the Bear). The giant now finds himself doomed to live as an outcast alone in the forest. Amy, a little eight year old girl stumbles into Eli's life, senses his pain, and a deep friendship quickly develops between them. This almost proves disastrous when Hezekiah Crow, an unscrupulous carnival operator and his two mangy sons wreak havoc on the town and the giant is mistakenly blamed once again, for something he didn't do. Vigilante justice prevails and a band of townspeople ride out with guns and torches in hand, hell-bent on burning Eli's cabin and hunting him down like a wild animal. Fighting for his very life, Eli must now, with Amy's help capture the real culprits in order to finally gain the trust, and friendship of the townspeople. But first, the giant must conquer the ten foot beast that savagely mauled his parents to death. Will truth win out? Can this innocent friendship survive? This is the story of THE GIANT OF THUNDER MOUNTAIN. Starring Bart the Bear, a male Alaskan Kodiak bear best known for appearing in films, including White Fang and Legends of the Fall.