The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-up Zombies!!?

- 81:34

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In his 1964 'monster musical,' a carnival gypsy turns sleaze auteur Ray Dennis Steckler into a homicidal maniac. Jaw-dropping singing/dancing ensues. In what The New York Times hailed as "his magnum opus," infamous indie auteur Ray Dennis Steckler (WILD GUITAR, THE THRILL-KILLERS) created what was billed as 'The First Monster Musical.' More than half a century later, it still must be seen to be believed: Producer/director Steckler stars - using the name 'Cash Flagg' - as a man who falls for a carnival stripper but is turned into a zombie by her evil gypsy sister. Homicidal mayhem and jaw-dropping singing/dancing ensues. Filmed in 'Hallucinogenic Hypno-Vision' and 'Terrorama,' Steckler's legendary epic is now restored from a recently unearthed 16MM vault element for the ultimate in Incredibly Strange viewing.