The Scott & Gary Show: The Beatnik Flies (February 1987)

- 61:19

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Members of the tangerine marshmallow underground ring true like a Carnaby Street dream. In this episode Gary and Scott face off in the battle of the Jerry Colonna ("who?”) impersonators. Scott opened the show with an impassioned plea for First Amendment tolerance. See, they had been distributing our show to public access systems in NYC, Boston, Austin, Minnesota and San Francisco. They thought Seattle would be a great addition. However, Seattle did not feel likewise. It seems a Ms. H at Seattle Public Access deemed us unsuitable due to “numerous references to sex and drinking of alcohol on camera by High School students." They thought it hilarious that this open-minded tastemaker took the show so seriously. Well, they never had high school students on the show. See, as a way of paying homage to teen dance shows of the past, Scott would ask the bands what High School they went to, usually getting very funny answers. They had also sprinkled sparkle confetti on the floor to create a neat effect. Jeff said not to do that again; the stuff was showing up for months in adjacent offices, conference rooms, etc. It got management wondering what went on during weekends.