The Scott & Gary Show: The Rhomboids (March 1986)

- 57:55

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Scott & Gary's first episode taped in Maryland, their first one-hour show, and no one knew quite what to expect. They had established a relationship with kindred spirit Jeff Krulik who ran the Public Access Studio, who kindly invited them to tape some episodes. They knew just a few folks in the area, but their show had been airing there and was getting good feedback. The feedback must have spread because they had a fantastic turnout! It was a pure 1960s psychedelic fuzz punk happening. With inspiration from such role models as The Seeds and The Chocolate Watchband, The Rhomboids delivered the goods nicely wrapped with paisley sport jackets and candelabras. The Slickee Boys mythical Kim Kane presented Scott & Gary with the keys to the city! Throw in some of the finest looking go-go chicks around and an infomercial for singing sensations, The Yeah Brothers, and they were an instant hit in the land of crab cakes.