UNI - Predator's Ball (Official Video)

(2020) - 07:24


You wake up and an onyx colored envelope is just laying there on the bed by your face; the deadbolts have not been disturbed and the windows are all still latched. Flamingo leather boots and an imperial cape are strewn on the floor from the night before, upon which a hairless cat gives a bored stretch. Groggily, you reach for the envelope. Several articles are inside including a card of some kind of polished bone with an inlaid filagree of elegant gold-scripting. Le Roi des Lézards, Prient, Ba’al de Prédateurs, À la Rothschild et Dali, Tout Sera Servi. On the back is what must be the address: La Dernière Maison. — The ‘Last House’? — This is a joke, right?’ There is also what appears to be to be a menu: Soupe de poussière de lune Kubrick Soufflé de réserve fédérale Gigot d’Epstein Soufflé Mondes Morts Monnaie Confit And in English: All tastes are indulged, From Seraph To Beast, Just bring your appetite, For you are the feast. Odd. You pack it all back into the envelope and slip it under your neighbors door - the investment banker - sincerely wishing couriers would notice that your address is only 665. Directed by C. Kemp Muhl and starring/creative directed by Jack James Busa.