Van Morrison - A Glorious Decade (1964-1974)

- 109:35

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If there's one artist from the rock age who has followed the path of most resistance in his quest to make the art he alone wishes to make, that artist is Van Morrison. And having now spent the best part of 50 years in a business he would rather he wasn't part of, Van The Man continues to release music of a quite astonishing quality and perform shows with an intensity rarely seen on a stage hosting a contemporary music event. This 2 disc set includes a two hour documentary film looking at the first decade of Morrison's career, from the years when he fronted R'n'B titans Them out of Belfast, through his early efforts at solo success and on across albums like Astral Weeks, Moondance and Tupelo Honey which made him a household name, recognised worldwide as a creative musical genius. This programme looks again at these records, and the man who made them, and in doing so provides the most enlightening, revealing and entertaining Van Morrison documentary yet to emerge. The second disc contains almost an hour of audio interviews with Van during which he talks about the development of his career, his biggest musical influences and his philosophy of life.