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African-American scientist Dr. Kenneth Kincade moves his family into an affluent neighborhood, only to be greeted with threats and vandalism by their new white neighbors. Enter John Abar, leade...Read More
Dr. Winifred Walker (Ivory Stone) and Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Stein (B-movie icon John Hart-The Fastest Guitar Alive, TV’s “The Lone Ranger”) believe they can restore dismembered Vietnam vet Edd...Read More
It's blaxploitation baby -- West of the Pecos! Boss (Fred Williamson), has "decided to hunt white folks for a change," by becoming a bounty hunter to click the hammer on fugitive outlaws. He an...Read More
Considered by many to be director Kinji Fukasaku's greatest single-film achievement in the yakuza genre, Cops vs Thugs was made at the height of popularity of Toei Studios' jitsuroku boom: real...Read More
When Clifton breaks up a drug deal and steals $15 million, helping to firm up his standing as a major player in the region’s organized crime, deputy Pershing vows to bring him to justice. Afte...Read More
Rudy Ray Moore is Tucker Williams, the rapping owner and main attraction of the Blueberry Hill Disco. An ex-cop with a penchant for head-whacking martial arts, Tucker is called back into actio...Read More
The legendary classic…the pillar of the ‘blaxploitation’ genre….Rudy Ray Moore is DOLEMITE! Sent to prison on a frame-up by some crooked cops and his arch rival, the notorious Willy Green, D...Read More
Thomas Fox (Fred Williamson) thought he was onto the best job of his life when he was hired to find a girl who goes missing in Europe. For $1000 a day plus expenses he could put up with the occ...Read More
A group of young adults decides to rob a bank, only to discover that the bank is just a front for a korean mob money laundering operation.
The mob kidnaps a young boy from his mother, Rebecca. The child is the son of a former gang member who stole six million dollars from this crime syndicate. The warning is deadly: “We get our mo...Read More
In this atmospheric blaxploitation classic, a young Christian mother turns away from her faith to a more ancient religion… and summons a tribal priest from the dead to avenge her teenage daught...Read More
Petey Wheatstraw (Rudy Ray Moore) was born during a tropical storm, and from the moment he took his first breath he could walk, talk and kick ass. He grows up to become a famous comedian- so f...Read More
J.J. (Rod Perry-TV’s “S.W.A.T.”) is a hustler with a conscience. A small-time numbers runner who dabbles in prostitution, J.J. wants nothing to do with the drug trade, which he holds responsib...Read More
An anonymous tip causes a reporter to be eyewitness to a judge’s murder. Now the killer has set his sights on the reporter, whose only help is a beautiful female photographer.
In this sequel to the cult smash Dolemite, we find our hero on the run from a redneck sheriff who has caught Dolemite messin’ with his woman. He and his posse (including a young Ernie Hudson) d...Read More
The Smallest Movie Star in Cinema History! The bizarre history of Filipino B-films, as told through filmmaker Andrew Leavold's personal quest to find the truth behind its dwarf James Bond super...Read More
ON THE ROAD... THERE ARE NO RULES. Life is violent and expendable at Hobo Junction, Tennessee. Only the strong or the street-smart survive. Here, Casey (Margaret Langrick) the con-artist meets ...Read More
New York City factory worker Eddie Marino (Robert Forster, Oscar nominee for JACKIE BROWN) is a solid citizen and regular guy, until the day a sadistic street gang brutally assaults his wife an...Read More
A hearing-impaired prosecutor (Marlee Matlin) is the suspect in a series of murders. The investigation becomes hampered when one of the detectives (Jeff Fahey) becomes intimately involved with the suspect.