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Rod Serling's "A Town Has Turned to Dust" -- which originally aired on June 19, 1958 on the CBS drama program "Playhouse 90" — is an important black & white dramatic TV play, directed by John F...Read More
A band of adventurers on the search for a reported fortune in buried treasure, investigate many islands to the south of the Philippines and discover an unknown civilization that may be descenda...Read More
Legendary director Jess Franco takes on the Tarzan legend with pure exploitation glee. A big game hunter leads members of a family deep into the jungle in search of lost treasure, and for a gir...Read More
Jess Franco serves up an often sans-clothing slice of sadistic jungle adventure. An explorer and his wife discover a golden temple deep in the African Blue Mountains. But it's protected by a tr...Read More
The terrible and trecherous Pendragon plans to gain the throne of Cornwall by getting the king to abdicate and to marry his lovely daughter. To help him he has his dreadful witches in his castl...Read More
The growing ambition of Julius Caesar is a source of major concern to his close friend Brutus. Cassius persuades him to participate in his plot to assassinate Caesar but they have both sorely u...Read More
After the Treasure Island adventure, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, where he hears that rival pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor's daughter...and ...Read More
Set in the dunes near the North Sea, a small circus company is suffering from a serious lack of audience for their shows. The most to be worried of is the two love triangle among the troupe lea...Read More
Richard Kiel stars, writes and executive produces this family film from 1991. It's 1893. Eli, a huge giant, lives high atop Thunder Mountain overlooking the small town of Weaverton. Local to...Read More
The Icarus Line Must Die is a dramatic narrative feature set against the backdrop of the current LA music scene. The film tracks Joe Cardamone, front man of The Icarus Line, as he navigates his...Read More
Filmed in 1948 as Senza Pieta, the film is an example of Italian Neo-Realism. As World War II ends, some African-American soldiers refused to abandon northern Italy to return to the United Stat...Read More