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The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street. The story behind the rise and fall of New York’s 42nd Street. The cinemas, the films, the people, the crime and the rebirth of the block as...Read More
Machine gun wielding mimes, robots, blood thirsty sharks, free-loving debauchery and poignant anti-war monologues by raving mad hippies, all this and more is present in writer-director-prophet ...Read More
Banned in 31 countries, “Cannibal Ferox” assaults your senses as a group of Americans lost in the jungles of Amazonia experience brutal retribution at the hands of savage cannibals. Shot on ...Read More
Banned and heavily censored throughout the world, here is a film that surpasses its reputation as a shotgun blast to the senses. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST presents the ‘found footage’ of four document...Read More
Acclaimed Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci, director of ZOMBIE and THE BEYOND, stars in this blood-soaked epic as a director being driven insane by his own movies. Fulci is thrust into an ult...Read More
THEY RODE THE HIGHWAY TO HELL! Reaper leads his gang of bikers on a treasure hunt through the desert with hot pursuit by an undercover cop.
From Grindhouse Releasing: A documentary on the short-lived craze of Italian cannibal films in the ’70s and ’80s, (to which we are no strangers!) featuring interviews with Umberto Lenzi, Rugger...Read More
The final work of filmmaker and performer, the late Duke Mitchell, spins the wild tale of a paroled gangster with a grand, unholy money-making scheme. “Of all the films I have been involved wit...Read More
After consuming rabies-infected meat pies, an LSD-crazed hippie cult goes on a vicious murdering rampage! Heavily censored since its original release, the infamous landmark of cinematic brutali...Read More
From the creator of documentaries 42nd Street Memories and Eaten Alive, Images of Apartheid uncovers the likes of Joe Bullet (1973), Fishy Stones (1979) and Umbango (1986), blaxploitation produ...Read More
After a New York City Mafia boss’s son decides to move the family hustle to Hollywood, the deaths pile up as he takes on new enemies in the streets. “Mind-bending…with [Duke Mitchell’s] cult fo...Read More
Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the first official U.S. release of the sickest and most violent of all the early ’80s slasher movies. A psychopathic killer stalks a Boston campus, brut...Read More
From legendary Italian horror master Lucio Fulci comes the ultimate classic of supernatural terror. A remote and cursed hotel, built over one of the seven gateways, becomes a yawning malevolent...Read More