British Invasion & Sixties Pop

Keith Richards - Under Review

He's the baddest of them all, the man with at least nine lives and the most Rock N' Roll performer since the dawn of time - and we love him for all of it. This DVD features a 2 hour documentary film which details the life and career of the one man who made it all seem possible. It includes rare and classic musical performances re-assessed by a panel of esteemed expe...Read More

Rolling Stones - Under Review 1975-1983: The Ronnie Wood Years Part 1

After much tribulation, at the end of 1974 Ronnie Wood arrived to breath new life into the Rolling Stones. This documentary film covers the Stones' career and music between 1975 and 1983 and includes exclusive interviews, contributions from the finest experts and writers, and rare and classic footage, all soundtracked by the music that, despite it all , remained 'on...Read More

The Who - Under Review: 1964-1968

The Who - Under Review 1964-1968 features rare live and studio performances of the band interspersed with the independent review and criticism of a panel of esteemed experts. These include; The Who's early producer Shel Talmy, journalist and author Paolo Hewitt, Keith Moon biographer Alan Clayson, ex Melody Maker journalist and early champion of The Who Chris Welch...Read More

Syd Barrett - Under Review

Syd Barrett - Under Review features rare live and studio performances from this hugely influential and legendary musician, interspersed with the independent review and criticism from a panel of esteemed experts. These include; Melody Maker contributor during the 1960s and early champion of Syd Barrett, Chris Welch ; Barrett biographer and all round expert, David Pa...Read More

Pink Floyd: Meddle - A Classic Album Under Review

In-depth review of Pink Floyd's 1971 album Meddle, featuring live and studio performance footage, previously unseen photos and comment and criticism from those in the know.

The Beatles - Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records

In 1968, under a haze of publicity, The Beatles opened their collective door to all manner of musicians, writers, artists, film-makers, inventors, designers, freaks and more than a fair share of opportunist sharks. But, despite a hefty investment, little of substance was forthcoming from these assorted misfits outside of the music that emerged from one division of t...Read More

Paul McCartney - Going Underground: McCartney, The Beatles And The UK Counter-Culture

In the mid-1960s the often rigid and colourless British way of life was irrevocably transformed by the emergence of a cultural underground movement. Led by a loose collective of young radicals, they introduced new social, sexual and aesthetic perspectives. Operating out of the heart of London, their various activities, from 'The International Times' - a bi-weekly jo...Read More

The Beatles - Beatles Hamburg & The Hamburg Sound

This program records the most important celebration ever of the early days of the Beatles in this city and the musical environment that helped to form them. Presented by Liverpool D.J. Spencer Leigh, it visits the places in Hamburg that are particularly associated with the Beatles' time there as well as interviewing veterans from that scene.

The Beatles - Liverpool Magical History Tour

Join BBC DJ Spencer Leigh on a tour of Liverpool which visits a multitude of Beatle related sites including the childhood homes of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, Strawberry Fields, the Cavern Club, and Penny Lane. Over 60 locations are visited and interviews take place with over 20 personalities with close associations to the Beatles.

Small Faces - Under Review

The Small Faces Under Review features rare live and studio performances by this hugely influential band, interspersed with the independent review and criticism of a panel of esteemed experts. These include; Steve Marriot biographer, Paolo Hewitt; Melody Maker features editor Chris Welch; Small Faces biographer, John Hellier; 1960s NME editor Keith Altham and many, m...Read More

Rolling Stones - Under Review: 1962 - 1966

The Rolling Stones - Under Review 1962-1966 is a 90 minute film reviewing the music and career of one of rock music's true giants during their formative years. The Stones are unquestionably one of the most influential bands the world has ever known; this film acknowledges and reinforces this fact while revealing insight anecdote and opinion not previously considere...Read More

The Who, The Mods and The Quadrophenia Connection

This film explains the complicated and misunderstood connections between the Mod movement - which had guaranteed The Who's early success - and the Pete Townsend composed musical depiction of that movement, Quadrophenia. Using recently unearthed archive footage from the early movement, rarely seen performance and interview footage of The Who, plus expert contribution...Read More

The Roaring 20s: Mick Jagger's Glory Years

Not always credited with such, Mick Jagger has been equally as pivotal to the Rolling Stones as his songwriting partner and bandmate for almost 50 years. Indeed the differences in style, character and philosophy between Mick and Keith, make for probably the greatest union - albeit often far from harmonious - in the history of popular music. This documentary film con...Read More

Glastonbury Fayre

First ever DVD release of this cult music film / rockumentary that established Glastonbury as the UK's main festival! Shot by acclaimed director, Nicolas Roeg, Glastonbury Fayre is an enthralling music film of the first Glastonbury festival to have the pyramid stage. Free to all and with a line-up that included Melanie, Terry Reid, Family, Fairport Convention, Traff...Read More

Rolling Stones - 1969-1974: The Mick Taylor Years

The story behind The Stones' finest era. Often regarded as the period in which The Rolling Stones recorded the finest music of their career, the years during which Mick Taylor was the fifth Stone remain the band's golden age. Notably, on albums Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main Street the Stones' sound changed as they developed new ideas and were inform...Read More

Brian Wilson - Songwriter 1962-1969

Brian Wilson Songwriter 1962 - 1969 is a documentary film in which the rich tapestry of music written and produced by this brilliant 20th century composer is investigated and reviewed. With the main feature running at over three hours in length across two discs, the songs Brian wrote for and recorded with The Beach Boys during the 1960s are here re-assessed.

John Lennon's New York: Concise

Guided by Trina Yannicos, whose life is spent conducting fans around the city of New York and the places with strong links to John Lennon, and accompanied by Susan Ryan, we make a grand tour of the Big Apple, honing in on the sights that will forever be associated with the Beatles and John Lennon.

Rolling Stone: Life And Death Of Brian Jones

Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones is the new documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Danny Garcia. Exploring the rise of Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones as well as the untimely death of Jones, Garcia paints an interesting and revealing picture of doomed pop star.

Every Night's A Saturday Night: The Bobby Keys Story

An autobiographical documentary film about Lubbock Texas legendary sax man Bobby Keys. Growing up on the road and in the studio, Keys was one of the music industries "go to" session players performing on hit records by The Rolling Stones, Delaney & Bonnie, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elton John, and Harry Nils...Read More

Brian Wilson - Songwriter: 1969-1982

Covering the maverick composer's life and work throughout the 1970s. While this latter part of his career is rarely championed with the same kind of enthusiasm that greets his 1960s productions, it remains an essential part of Brian's story and contains many, many moments of glory which compare favorably to those which litter the era generally considered his heyday.

Syd Barrett: Up Close and Personal

The rise and fall of original Pink Floyd front man Syd Barrett is charted in this documentary, which tells the whole story from the formation of Pink Floyd, through Barrett's creative genius, his shocking slide into psychiatric illness and finally to his tragic and untimely death. Includes interviews with many who knew and worked with him.

The Kinks - In Their Own Words

The film features frank interviews with former Kinks band members, including drummer Mick Avory, Kinks bassist John Dalton and keys player John 'The Baptist' Gosling, along with archive interviews of Dave Davies. We also hear the first hand accounts of insiders from the Kinks camp along with a team of leading journalists and musicians who help strip away the layers ...Read More

Friday On My Mind: The Easybeats Story

The wild story of the unforgettable global pop hit and the Easybeats who created the pandemonium. Two Dutchmen, a couple of English and a Scott met at Villawood Migrant Hostel in 1964. Within a year they topped the music charts in Australia. Two years later they were world-beaters, Australia's first international rock superstars. Fan hysteria (Easy Fever) was genera...Read More

Atomic Rooster: The Ultimate Anthology

In 1969, keyboardist Vincent Crane founded one of the great keyboard-driven bands: Atomic Rooster. Numerous re-shuffles within the group, including Carl Palmer, helped Atomic Rooster to gain immense popularity with the 1971 release of Tomorrow Night and The Devil's Answer. This performance compilation contains rare footage from 1972 with singer Chris Farlowe, who jo...Read More

George Harrison: In Performance

In Performance is a retrospective look at the career of George Harrison, through an in-depth review of his work with The Beatles, his ventures as a solo artist, and his work as a collaborator on various musical projects. Includes rare live performance footage and fascinating interviews.

The Who: The Moon Years

The is the independent critical guide to the music of The Who, in the crucial years when the legendary Keith Moon was in the band. This study chronicles the British band at its peak as Keith Moon provided the rhythm that drove the band to its biggest successes. Composed of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and John Entwistle, the Who added drummer Moon to create one o...Read More

David Bowie: Up Close and Personal

In this edition of Up Close & Personal, discover the man behind the music with some of rock's best-loved songs as its backdrop and in-depth interviews offering insights into the enigma that was David Bowie.