Deaf Crocodile

Los Angeles-based restoration label Deaf Crocodile was founded by film restoration expert Craig Rogers and distributor / exhibitor Dennis Bartok. "I was a teenager in the early 1980s and the original Night Flight was one of the coolest things on TV at the time," says Dennis Bartok, "The teenage me would be incredibly impressed!!"

Visitors From The Arkana Galaxy

A truly gonzo Croatian sci-fi / fantasy / comedy about a struggling writer named Robert who dreams up a story of gold-skinned alien androids named Andra, Targo and Ulu from a distant planet. Incredibly, his fictional alien creations become reality, causing chaos in his relationship with his girlfriend Biba and threatening his small seaside village. The alluring lead...Read More

The Pied Piper

Director Jiří Barta’s stop-motion animated masterpiece, based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin, is set in a dark and twisted medieval village of narrow streets and weird Gothic arches, half-CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI and half-Jan van Eyck. The money-obsessed citizens, carved out of wood blocks and speaking in an onomatopoeic babble, are like George Grosz caricatures, liter...Read More

Cat City

Unflappable and unstoppable mouse secret agent Nick Grabovsky (László Sinkó) with his deadpan voice, baggy pants and a big "G" on his shirt, goes up against the criminal cat gang run by the sinister, metal-pawed Mr. Teufel (Miklós Benedek), in Hungarian director Béla Ternovszky's surreal, animated sci-fi treasure. Set in the year 80 AMM ("After Mickey Mouse") on Pla...Read More

Prague Nights

In the vein of horror anthologies like Bava's BLACK SABBATH, the long-unseen PRAGUE NIGHTS is a gorgeous and supernatural vision of ancient and modern Prague: caught between Mod Sixties fashions and nightmarish Medieval catacombs, and filled with Qabbalistic magic, occult rituals, clockwork automatons and satanic visitors. In the first tale, director Jiří Brdečka...Read More


Part Kafka, part Agatha Christie and part Monty Python, director Karen Shakhnazarov's surreal satire of Communism follows an Everyman engineer named Varakin (Leonid Filatov) who arrives in a remote city where nothing quite makes sense, but everyone acts as if it does.  In Zerograd, we’re treated to a bizarre and wonderful sideshow of non sequiturs out of a Wes An...Read More

The Unknown Man Of Shandigor

Swiss director Jean-Louis Roy’s long-lost mid-1960s Cold War super-spy thriller is a marvelous and surreal hall of mirrors, part-DR. Strangelove, part-Alphaville, with sly nods to British TV shows like “The Avengers.” The film stars a Who’s Who of great Sixties character actors starting with the unforgettable Daniel Emilfork as crazed scientist Herbert Von Krantz, w...Read More

Benny's Bathtub

Populated by singing (and barely dressed) Mermaids, a funky hepcat Octopus and whiskey-drinking Skeleton Pirates, the underwater kingdom is the grooviest scene this side of Yellow Submarine, with helpings of Dr. Seuss, Sid & Marty Krofft and Harry Nilsson's The Point thrown in. (Danish kids' entertainment in the early 1970s was truly outtasite!) In addition to the c...Read More

Solomon King

A new restoration from cult label partner Deaf Crocodile of the long-lost, independently financed Blaxploitation film Solomon King is streaming now! In the vein of Shaft and Dolomite, Solomon King stars Sal Watts (who also directs, wrote and produced) as an ex-CIA nightclub owner seeking violent revenge for the murder of his girlfriend by hitmen working for an oil-o...Read More

The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians

A unique and almost indescribable mix of Gothic fiction, steampunk gadgetry (designed by Czech animation wizard Jan Švankmajer), slapstick comedy and romantic opera, director Oldřich Lipský's wonderfully bonkers delight has elements of THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, Terry Gilliam, Mel Brooks and "The Benny Hill Show." Based on an 1892 Jules Verne novel The Carpathian...Read More