Night Flight Classics

Liquid Sky

The essential document of New York’s 1980s New Wave scene and the archetypal "Midnight Movie" from director Slava Tsukerman returns home to Night Flight. In what is one of the most delectably stylish Science Fiction films ever produced: A small, heroin seeking UFO lands on a Manhattan roof, observes a bizarre, drug addicted fashion model and sucks endorphin from her...Read More

Night Flight - Interview with Slava Tsukerman

Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro talks to the writer, producer and director of Liquid Sky, Slava Tsukerman. Originally aired at the Roxy Theatre in NYC for Night Flight's screening on June 12th, 2024. Available for Night Flight Plus members.

Rude Boy

Merging documentary and fiction, Jack Hazan and David Mingay’s Rude Boy follows roughneck Ray Gange as he drops his Soho sex-shop job to roadie for The Clash—the most fiery, revolutionary rock ’n’ roll band of the era, seen in this film at the dizzying peak of their powers. Set against a background of riots, anti-racist demos, and police hostility towards Black Brit...Read More

Prince - Sign O' The Times

Punctuated with specially-filmed, dramatic vignettes, Prince and his band bring his Grammy nominated album `Sign 'o' the Times' to life in one of the greatest concert films ever made, capturing Prince at the peak of his musical powers.

The Decline of Western Civilization

The first entry in the Decline series sheds a light on Los Angeles’ punk scene of the late 1970s. Featuring interviews and performances by some of the most seminal acts of the era like Black Flag and The Germ, Spheeris’ intimate conversations set the stage for a series that would feature all the highs and lows, as well as few breakfasts, of the bleeding edge of of L...Read More

Blood for Dracula

Following closely on the heels of 'Flesh for Frankenstein,' Paul Morrissey reimagined the timeless Transylvanian legend with a campy twist, again under the "Andy Warhol presents" banner. Starring Udo Kier as "one of cinema’s Top 5 best Draculas” (Flavorwire) and set in 1930s Italy, Blood for Dracula features the count on the prowl for the blood of virgins to sustain...Read More


SMITHEREENS is the story of Wren (Susan Berman), an 19 year old layabout from New Jersey who has come to Manhattan to promote herself to stardom in New York's waning punk music world. With nothing going for her except her audacity, Wren pursues fame by trying to attach herself to a rock band. Featuring Punk giant Richard Hell and evocative music from The Feelies' de...Read More

Arise! The SubGenius Movie

The Church of the SubGenius recruitment movie, "Arise!," was written and edited to work as a documentary feature film, or as twenty separate stand-alone two-to-ten-minute excerpts. Night Flight ever-so-wisely used those modular excerpts as recurring episodes of "Love That "Bob"." (Notice the important if awkward quote marks on the sacred name "Bob"! That’s part of t...Read More

Best of New Wave Theatre

A special program containing the ultimate highlights from the critically acclaimed nationally broadcast music/comedy cable program that literally revolutionized rock & roll television during its three year run. New Wave Theatre established its music guru host the late Peter Ivers as one of cable's top stars in America and as the voice and vision of the LA music rena...Read More

Jac Mac & Rad Boy, Go!

One of the more popular animated short films that aired during Night Flight’s '80s heyday was Wes Archer’s cult fave Jac Mac & Rad Boy, Go!, a wonderfully frenetic cartoon about two party-bound teens who inadvertently destroy a city on their way to hell, which Archer admits he may have also been inspired by his own wayward youth in Houston, Texas. Note: Wes went on ...Read More

Quasi at the Quackadero

This cult cartoon follows two ducks, Quasi and Anita, and a pet robot at an amusement park in the future where time travel is exploited. Hugely popular in the 1970s, it was named to the National Film Registry in 2009.

Flesh For Frankenstein

Deranged scientist, Baron von Frankenstein, with the help of his bizarre assistant, Otto, is determined to create a new master race, of which he will be the leader. To achieve his objective, he constructs two perfect ‘zombies’ from an assemblage of body parts, intending them to mate. Meanwhile, complications ensue as Nicholas, a farm hand, begins an affair with the ...Read More

Night Flight - 1984 Anniversary Special

"In the past 3 years, Night Flight has kept pace with Music Video revolution in its own unique style." - Pat Prescott. Night Flight's 1984 Anniversary Special is a fine collection of all that the original series had to offer. "Take Off" to Video Art? Check. Dog Police? Double Check. Epic episode-long Ghostbusters giveaway with the grand prize winner getting 1984 Isu...Read More

J-Men Forever

A Night Flight classic returns! J-Men is the story of "The Secret World War," a war of cultures as Rock & Roll smashes Shmaltzy music. This outrageous comedy was created by Firesign Theatre's Philip Proctor and Peter Bergman in the style of Woody Allen's "What's Up Tiger Lilly'" From a goldmine of Republic Cliffhanger Serials, J Men was overdubbed with new voices an...Read More

The Kentucky Fried Movie

The original take-off cult classic from the highly successful team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker (Airplane, The Naked Gun), this “uproariously funny [film]” (TV Guide) launched a thousand laughs and serves as a precursor to the raunch-fests of the ‘80s and the blockbuster success of the Farrelly Brothers films. Directed by the legendary John Landis ...Read More

A Boy and His Dog

World War IV has ravaged Earth, and its survivors must battle for food, shelter and companionship in a post-atomic wasteland. This classic sci-fi tale follows the exploits of a young man, Vic (Don Johnson), and his telepathic dog, Blood, as they struggle through the barren wilderness. In the midst of their meager existence, foraging for scraps of food and battling r...Read More

Night Flight - Fourth Anniversary Show

New from the vaults: Night Flight's Fourth Anniversary show, featuring a Special Top Ten video countdown from NF’s panel of music experts. Focusing more on the artistry of the filmmaking than the song’s themselves, Night Flight honors videos from The Cars, Art of Noise, Jean-Luc Ponty, Herbie Hancock and more. Little bit of trivia: Night Flight was the first televi...Read More

Night Flight Performance Series - The Residents

The anonymous and prolific quartet, the Residents, have remained a fixture in the avant-garde music and art scene for decades, releasing over 60 full-length records. Rejecting individual identities, the group disguises itself for public appearances in giant eyeball masks and tuxedos, avoiding interacting with media and issuing all statements through the “Cryptic Cor...Read More

D.O.A.: A Right Of Passage

D.O.A.: A RIGHT OF PASSAGE is the ground-breaking classic "rockumentary" about the origin of punk rock. Centered around the Sex Pistols 1978 tour of the United States which ended with the group breaking up, the tour was the only one the Pistols played in the United States. Director Lech Kowalski (East of Paradise) followed the band with handheld cameras through the ...Read More

Devo - The Men Who Make The Music

The Men Who Make the Music combines concert footage from DEVO's 1978 tour with music videos and testimonials featuring a vague story about DEVO's rocky relationship with "Big Entertainment."

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness is a 1936 American propaganda film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana—from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and descent into madness due to marijuana addiction. The film was directed by Louis Gasnier and featured a cast of ...Read More

Aisles of Doom

An evil demon runs a toy store.

Night Flight - Cult-O-Rama

“Ultimately, cult movies transcend all categories, and give their audiences something they’ve never seen, but always wanted to," says Night Flight's Pat Prescott towards the end of our 1988 "Cult-O-Rama" episode. "Cult movies appeal with a sense of special community. No matter how warped your vision, you're not alone." This special original episode of Night Flight s...Read More

Blank Generation

Classic punk rock movie from 1980 starring Richard Hell, illustrating the end of the first wave of New York City punk rock better than other films. Nada (Carole Bouquet), a beautiful French journalist on assignment in New York, records the life and work of up and coming punk rock star, Billy (Richard Hell). Featuring members of the Voidoids and the Ramones. A time c...Read More

Harry Nilsson - The Point

Directed by Academy Award-winner Fred Wolf, "The Point" tells the story of Oblio, a round-headed boy living in the land of "Point," where everything and everybody has one. Oblio, along with his trusty dog, Arrow, is banished to the Pointless Forest. The tale is narrated by Ringo Starr and includes songs written and sung by Grammy Award-winner Harry Nilsson.

Squeal of Death

A wimpy young boy becomes obsessed with gangster films.

Skate Witches

A gang of female Skate Boarders and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skate boarders in town. 1986. Starring: Jenny Parker, Karen Kibler, Dana Forrester.

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Vince Lombardi High School has quite a reputation: it's the wildest, most rockin' high school around! That is, until a thug of a principal, Miss Togar, comes along and tries to make the school a totalitarian state. With the help of the Ramones, the students of Vince Lombardi battle Miss Togar's iron-fisted rule and take their battle to a truly explosive conclusion!

Putney Swope

A hallmark of 1960s radicalism and one of the first major underground films, Robert Downey Sr.'s seminal Putney Swope remains a classic of social satire. After the CEO croaks during a boardroom meeting at a Madison Avenue ad agency, members trying to sabotage each other's chance of winning the top spot each vote for the token black guy, thereby electing Putney Swope...Read More

Hardware Wars

Fluke Starbucker (Scott Mathews) must learn to master the power of 'The Farce' with help from Artie Deco, 4-Q-2 (Frank Robertson), Princess Anne-Droid (Cindy Furgatch), Ham Salad (Bob Knickerbocker), and the rest of the Red Eye Knights. In 1978 writer / director Ernie Fosselius (former member of 'The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo') created the very first 'St...Read More

Malice in Wonderland

The infamous reimagining of Alice in Wonderland by surrealist animator Vince Collins. Restored by Mark Toscano at the Academy® Film Archive. NOTE: This video contains flashing images. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

John Heyn and Jeff Krulik filmed Judas Priest fans in a concert arena parking lot in suburban Maryland. Thirty years later, Heavy Metal Parking Lot is hailed as one the greatest rock documentaries ever. It’s a definitive cultural touchstone for the 1980s metal scene: spandex, big hair, denim, mullets, muscle cars, and beer. Heavy Metal Parking Lot launched a ...Read More

I Was A Zombie For The FBI

In 1985, SPIN Magazine asked Bob Dylan "What movies do you wish you'd been in?" One of his answers was "I Was a Zombie For the F.B.I," which had aired for the first time on cable TV on "Night Flight" earlier that same year (it was originally offered up with "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" for a cult double-feature). "I Was A Zombie For the F.B.I." is low-budget, ...Read More

Tater Tomater (1990)

Phil Morrison directed "Tater Tomater" for his NYU Film School Senior Project. It started out as a short skit written by Angus MacLachlan, who like Morrison was a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts in 1979-1980. It then appeared in several comedic revues, and whenever it was performed, Beth Bostic -- who played "Doris," the not-quite-all-there cafeter...Read More


Tesco Vee of the Meatmen's forgotten cult travelogue arrives on Night Flight Plus tonight! This lost 1988 MTV pilot finds Vee discovering Baltimore's sweaty charms, starting with a debriefing with dangerous young John Waters in his office, and swerving through a lascivious pre-Internet underbelly of strip clubs, wig stores, beer bars, thrift stores, massage parlors,...Read More

Style Wars

When director Tony Silver and co-producer Henry Chalfant delivered the broadcast version of their prize-winning film to PBS in 1983, the world received its first full immersion in the phenomenon that had taken over New York City. The urban landscape was physically transformed by graffiti artists who invented a new visual language to express both their individuality,...Read More

Face Like a Frog

Frogs in a haunted house and other assorted craziness! With the feeling of a Max Fleischer cartoon and an irresistible score and song by Danny Elfman.


Starring Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace and Richard "DirtyHarry" Hall, ROCKERS is a story of oppressed Jamaican musicians getting even with the "mafia types" in the business. Featuring Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, Third World, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Gregory Isaacs, Kiddus I, Junior Murvin. ROCKERS includes acting roles and appearances by Jacob Miller, Gregory Isaacs,...Read More

The Threee Geniuses: The Re-Death Of Psychedelia

Rightfully dubbed "The most intentionally psychedelic show on cable TV" (LA Weekly), The Threee Geniuses: The Re-Death of Psychedlia is the ultimate televised freak-out. Thought a major loophole of the cable company's public-access policy, The Threee Geniuses were allowed to take over the studio and go completely ape-shit on the equipment. With absolutely no prepara...Read More