Night Flight Slumber Party

Welcome to the Night Flight Slumber Party - A pajama-clad podcast hosted by Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival, along with Night Flight Media Producer, Kara Jean. Joined by an array of celebrity guests like Fred Armisen, Rachel True (The Craft, Nowhere), John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory, Speechless) and more.

Night Flight Slumber Party 101 - Fred Armisen & ADULT.

Nick & KJ discuss first concerts, Ian Rubbish, embarrassing moments & more w/ FRED ARMISEN. Later, "Slumber Party Experts," SUSAN & DENISE teach us how to find Narnia whilst playing "7 Minutes in Heaven." Then we check in w/ Detroit band ADULT. "Official" about creepy grammaws, tour diarrhea, and are later joined by a Surprise Guest! NOT TO BE MISSED! We'll also ...Read More

Night Flight Slumber Party 102 - The Accidental Goth Episode ft. Rachel True

Actress/Author RACHEL TRUE joins the Slumber Party for our quasi-"goth" themed episode! Here we discuss her films THE CRAFT, and Gregg Araki's NOWHERE; her semi-autobiographical Tarot guide, 'True Heart Intuitive Tarot,' touch on the dangers of mail-order speed, exacting violent revenge, Ouija hijinx, + afterward pranking her 'The Craft' co-star, Fairuza Balk. Al...Read More

Night Flight Slumber Party 103 - Nerds, Punks & Sassy Brats ft. John Ross Bowie

Hosts Nick Prueher (co-founder of Found Footage Festival) & KJ (Night Flight) dare actor John Ross Bowie to prank-text random celebs in his farcical (yet humiliating) search for anal wart advice, after first discussing the evolution of nerds in pop culture. Later, he tells us about his own new character actor podcast, "HOUSEHOLD FACES w/ John Ross Bowie". Also in...Read More

Night Flight Slumber Party 104 - The Corrupted Childhood Episode

In the 4th installment of the Night Flight Slumber Party, Nick & KJ are joined by Nickelodeon's 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' stars, MICHAEL C. MARONNA & DANNY TAMBERELLI, as well as Special Guest puppeteer/rap video director, ROY MILES (aka The Ghetto Geppetto), complete w/ surprise puppet cameos! Stay tuned for a special appearance from our "Slumber Party Exp...Read More

Night Flight Slumber Party 105 - Tricks, Pranks, and F*ckin' Don Knotts, Man

Ft. DANA GOULD & ROB ZABRECKY. Welcome to the 5th installment of the Night Flight Slumber Party! Joining hosts Nick & KJ tonight are comedian DANA GOULD (The Simpsons, Stan Against Evil, Hangin' With Dr. Z, Seinfeld) along with actor/musician/author and Magic Castle magician, ROB ZABRECKY (Otherside with Zabrecky). In this episode, Dana tells us about some of his f...Read More