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During the golden age of the roadshow, no exploiteer returned to the drug theme more often that DWAIN ESPER. After the infamous short Sinister Menace and the feature-length Narcotic (both 1933), Esper and his screenwriter wife, HILDAGARDE STADIE, unleashed Marihuana, the first of the famous trilogy of anti-pot films of the 1930's which included Reefer and Assassin of Youth. Esper delivered on his promise to show "weird orgies, wild parties, and unleashed passions." "High spirited" Burma Roberts (HARLEY WOOD) is not only cursed with a dippy name, but a mother who doesn't pay her any attention. Since Mom is too busy making sure Burma's sister, Elaine, has her hooks into wealthy Morgan Stewart, Burma starts hanging with a fast crown. At a roadhouse where the debauchery includes balloon popping), she and her friends meet Tony Santello, the local pusher: "Where they're that age, they're not suspicious and easily hooked!" Tony invites the gang to his beach house where they drink, dance and sample his "giggle weed."" The shot of Burma taking her first puff of pot is alone enough reason to make Marihuana a must-see. But it's followed by one of the famous scenes in roadshow history: as a cackling Burma makes love to her boyfriend Dick, the girls peel out of the dresses and streak down the beach to skinny-dip in the surf, complete with shocking-for-its-time nudity!