Night Flight - Max Creeps Video Special

- 25:11

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Max Creeps, the pioneering punk duo featuring the iconic P.C. Bullshit and Max Blastic, mark the release of their debut second album Nein with a simultaneous release of their first “Max Creeps Night Flight Special.” The special follows the band from their now legendary 1973 introduction at David Bowie’s Hammersmith Odeon gig through their recent break-up and onto the release of Nein. The special is also hosted by the one and only Pat Prescott, and features unseen clips, music videos and more from the enigmatic project. When recalling Night Flight memories, the band said, “We LOVED Night Flight when we were in the BFC (Betty Ford Clinic),” explains Max Blastic. “It was really tough for us to find anything we liked there, the bar was basically NONEXISTENT, dinner was peas and carrots… but once a week we could tune in to Night Flight to keep in touch with some actual rock ’n’ roll. We’re very pleased that they have put us on their station. Really brings us back to those days at the BFC. Man – you think things SUCK now… well they DO, but they sure SUCKED back then too. More NIGHT FLIGHT and LESS of EVERYTHING ELSE. Max Creeps have also curated a marathon of cult films, retro TV and punk docs from the Night Flight Plus library that will be streaming all weekend long, 24/7 on NFTV! Titles include Penelope Spheeris' “Suburbia,” live performances from Iggy & The Stooges and Bad Brains, and everybody's favorite clayboy: Gumby!