Night Flight - "Take Off" To LA Rock and Sports Rock

- 50:56

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For tonight's Night Flight Originals, we start with a “Take Off” to LA Rock. Since the ‘60s, LA’s been a mecca for the music industry. Night Flight brings us up to date (1987) with LA’s bustling music scene that finds us watching and listening to videos from The Untouchables in their award-winning video for “Free Yourself,” Oingo Boingo, Concrete Blonde, Suicidal Tendencies, and Thelonius Monster. For part two tonight we take a look at a strange phenomenon of the 80s, Sport Rock! “Today’s fitness craze even spreads to rock,” Pat Prescott declares, as she introduces the first videos, including the Los Angeles Rams’ theme song, questionably named “Let’s Ram It,” and The Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Both worth the price of admission alone. Next up, the wrestling mania of the '80s peaked with this Allstar line up known simply as The Wrestlers. “Land of A Thousand Dances,” the euphoric, almost mystical work from seminal 1985 album “The Wrestling Album,” will go down in history as an icon of the vibrant period we now refer to as the Rock ’n’ Wrestling connection. This is Night Flight, pure and true. We thank you for watching!