The Hilarious House of Frightenstein - Episode 15

- 47:55

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Something is amiss in the sleepy village of Frankenstone, for high above there are strange goings on in the Castle Frightenstein. The Count, along with his assistant, Igor, are busy at work to make his monster "Brucie" live and take his rightful place in the annals of "Distinguished Monsters." Welcome to the brilliantly wacky world of the Canadian Cult Classic TV show, "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein." The show follows the adventures of The Count, Igor, Grizelda "The Ghastly Gourmet", The Librarian, Bwana Clyde Batty, The Oracle, Dr. Pet Vet, The Professor, The Wolfman and the horror master host himself, Vincent Price The majority of these characters are actually performed by one man: comic genius Billy Van. Each one hour live action episode is a combination of variety humor, and educational segments, all flavored with the spice of mock horror, which had a lasting impact on the youth of the 70's.