Warriors Of The Year 2072

- 94:16

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Lucio Fulci entered the ‘80s Italian Sci-Fi arena armed with full-throttle visuals, hard chrome nihilism and mad blasts of il maestro’s signature grisly mayhem: In a future dominated by ultra-violent TV entertainment, the top-rated global sport Kill-Bike drafts two condemned gladiators – Jared Martin and Fred Williamson – for a ‘Battle Of The Damned’ in the Roman Coliseum. Howard Ross (New York Ripper), Al Cliver (Endgame) and Donald O’Brien (Dr. Butcher M.D.) co-star in this “wheelie-poppin’ good time” (Comeuppance Reviews) from a script co-written by Fulci, Dardano Sacchetti (The Beyond) & Elisa Briganti (Zombie) and featuring a pounding synth score by two-time Oscar® nominee Riz Ortolani, now scanned in 4K from an IP print for the first time in America.