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Night Flight - Xeno and Oaklander Video Profile

Xeno & Oaklander is an American electronic group from Brooklyn regarded as a key act in the coldwave and minimal electronic revival of the 21st century. The duo combine crisp analog synths with poetic lyrics to weave dark synth-pop soundscapes that are ultimately greater than the sum of their parts.

Night Flight - Bill Callahan Video Profile

Bill Callahan's new album YTI⅃AƎЯ arrives via Drag City on October 14th, '22. Night Flight's official video profile now includes the visual for lead single Coyotes, a so-called "lyric video" with a dark twist. After years of releasing acclaimed lofi folk-rock albums under the name Smog, Bill Callahan has been recording and releasing music under his own name since 20...Read More

Night Flight - Ty Segall Video Profile

Prolific artist Ty Segall rose to prominence with his own brand of psych-influenced garage rock in the late 2000s. His near nonstop output over the last decade spans multiple bands, collaborations and solo records, weaving a variety of sonic influences into each of his projects.

Night Flight - Tempers Video Profile

Tempers is a New York based synth-pop duo whose rigorous electronic production is paired with instinctual, unleashed vocals. The pair released their debut album Services on the cult German imprint Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and quickly became staples in both European and American synth-pop scenes.

Night Flight - Shannon Lay Video Profile

Folk artist signed to Sub Pop records. Featuring 2019's "Nowhere" and more.

Night Flight - Borusiade Video Profile

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city’s emerging alternative clubbing scene.

Night Flight - Six Organs of Admittance Video Profile

Drawing inspiration from the fingerplucking, East-meets-West guitar solos of the 60s and 70s psychedelic folk scene, Six Organs of Admittance was the primary project of NorCal guitarist Ben Chansy. Combining new folk and drone music with Eastern bells and chimes, Six Organs of Admittance began releasing music on Drag City in 2006.

Night Flight - Masaki Batoh Video Profile

Masaki Batoh, founding member of Japanese experimental rock band Ghost, struck out on his own after closing the door on Ghost’s 30 year tenure in the psychedelic and progressive scenes. His more recent projects include his psychedelic 5-piece the Silence and his more spiritual solo output, such as Nowhere, and Smile Jesus Loves You!, released on Drag City.

Night Flight - Patrick Cowley Video Profile

Patrick Cowley was an innovative American disco producer and composer originating from Buffalo, NY. Best known for his production on Sylvester’s explosive hit “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” as well as his own chart topping dance tracks.

Night Flight - Axis Sova Video Profile

Axis: Sova began as the experimental psych-rock solo project of Chicago artist Brett Sova, who wrote and recorded much of the bands early output before settling on a full lineup. Since 2018 the band has consisted of Sova with Tim Kaiser on guitar and Jeremy Freeze on bass.

Night Flight - Altres Video Profile

Altres are an electronic band from Dundee, Scotland originally formed in 1983. With influences ranging from Faust to Philip Glass, Altres’s unique brand of instrumental, improvised electronic music was all recorded live, with no overdubs.

Night Flight - From Nursery to Misery Video Profile

From Nursery to Misery were three teenagers who grew up together on the same street in Basildon Essex. Formed in 1987, the band was comprised of vocalists (and identical twins) Gina and Tina Fear, along with keyboard player and producer Lee Stevens.

Night Flight - Belaboris Video Profile

In early 1980s Finland, Belaboris were in their own peculiar, undefinable no-woman’s-land between the Finnish Futu and Gothic scenes.

Night Flight - Palace Video Profile

Nebulous and with an ever-changing roster of collaborators, Palace, was an anti-folk folk rock project. As the musical debut of influential Louisville singer/songwriter Will Oldham, the “group’s” inconsistent name scheme reflects the constant ebb and flow of collaborators in Oldham’s life.

Night Flight - X Ray Pop Video Profile

X RAY POP are the French synth-pop duo that began as part of the no wave art group Bocal 5 in 1981. Referring to their sound as “minimum naive new wave” their songs feature rich textures on concise but relentless arrangements with playful lyrics and a general tongue-in-cheek of humor that’s as catchy as it is eccentric.

Night Flight - Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy Video Profile

What world, REALLY are Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy from? A place of all-music, knowing no borders, no morals other than natural tribal lines to be violated in the name of love and light, for all together.

Night Flight - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Video Profile

“Anti-hero, artist, and Pandrogenist.” Genesis P-Orridge was an icon of experimentation.

Night Flight - Craig Leon Video Profile

Producer on The Ramones and Suicide’s debut albums during the downtown NY zeitgeist of the late 1970.

Night Flight - Philippe Krootchey Video Profile

Born in 1954 in Versailles, France, Philippe Krootchey was a musician, DJ, radio and television host at the forefront of the gay liberation movement in France.

Night Flight - Chad Van Gaalen Video Profile

Imaginative visual art and music from Calgary, Alberta Sub Pop artist Chad Van Gaalen. Featuring "Monster" and more.

Night Flight - Cave Video Profile

Chicago-based psychedelic Krautrock group Cave began seriously recording music together in 2008. Cave is known for their hypnotic and droning instrumentals which have invited comparisons to bands like Can and Funkadelic.

Night Flight - Choir Boy Video Profile

A potent blend of nostalgia-laced romantic pop from Choir Boy on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Silver Jews Video Profile

Silver Jews was an American rock band formed in Hoboken by David Berman and Pavement members Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich. Inspired by the conceptual art at the Whitney Museum where Berman worked as a security guard, they would record their earliest tracks on the answering machines of friends.

Night Flight - Them Are Us Too Video Profile

Tragic beauty from Dais-signed duo from the Bay Area.

Night Flight - Red Axes Video Profile

Red Axes are the Tel Aviv-based electronic duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi whose sound is heavily influenced by the music of post-punk and new wave bands from the 80s.

Night Flight - High-Functioning Flesh

Los Angeles, CA-based Electro-punk act on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Blues Control Video Profile

Queens-based experimental rock duo Blues Control, composed of Russ Waterhouse on guitars and electronics and keyboardist Lea Cho, established themselves in NY with exciting live shows and a series of self released cassettes and vinyl.

Night Flight - J Mascis Video Profile

Dinosaur Jr. frontman's project for Sub Pop records. Featuring music from 2018's "Elastic Days" and more.

Night Flight - SRSQ Video Profile

SRSQ (pronounced seer-skew), is a synesthesia of sound and feeling taking cues from the delicate miasma of Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and Dead Can Dance.

Night Flight - Greg Fox Video Profile

The ‘intuitive gesture’ of action painting in drum form from Greg Fox.

Night Flight - Xymox Video Profile

Xymox, later known as Clan of Xymox, was founded in the Netherlands, in 1983 by Ronny Moorings (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers) and Anka Wolbert (Vocals, Bass). In 2014, Dark Entries reissued the band's pre-4AD EP, Subsequent Pleasures, a unique fusion of lush psychedelia and dark, angular atmospherics.

Night Flight - Moon Duo Video Profile

San Francisco psych rock band Moon Duo, composed of Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada began playing and recording together in 2009, making their Sacred Bones debut with the EP Killing Time that year. The pair have continued touring, recording, exploring “all things Magick and supernatural” while incorporating new sounds and elements to their music, the 2019 album Star...Read More

Night Flight - Borghesia Video Profile

Borghesia is an electronic music group from Slovenia formed in 1982. Borghesia is one of the most successful bands from former Yugoslavia known for turning sexual freedom into an important political issue by creating the New Slovenian Art scene.

Night Flight - Cold Showers Video Profile

A Shoegaze pedigree with smoky compulsions of post-punk and no-wave influences.

Night Flight - VR Sex Video Profile

Audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes. Aka, VR Sex.

Night Flight - Alasdair Roberts Video Profile

Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish folk musician based in Glasgow who has released a number of albums under his name as well as the stage moniker, Appendix Out. Roberts is also noted for his frequent collaborations with other musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Night Flight - K. Leimer Video Profile

Seattle based avant garde and experimental musician K. Leimer.

Night Flight - Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol were a band formed in 1979 in the Brixton area in response to the darkwave and post-punk bands that were gaining popularity in England at the time.

Night Flight - Harassor Video Profile

Harassor are a Los Angeles based metal band influenced by Southern California’s rich history of distinguished metal acts. Fronted by Pete Majors, the group evokes the consummate hallmarks of black, death and doom metal without surrendering to any established order.

Night Flight - Clipping Video Profile

Sub-Pop signed horror-core act clipping. Featuring music from 2019's concept album "There Existed an Addiction to Blood" and more.

Night Flight - Pissed Jeans Video Profile

Pennsylvania post-hardcore band Pissed Jeans on Sub Pop Records. Featuring Lydia Lunch produced "The Bar Is Low" and more.

Night Flight - Marissa Nadler Video Profile

American singer/songwriter and artist Marissa Nadler’s creates a fusion of folk, gothic americana and ethereal dream pop that calls back to traditional country and folk music with aspects of indie rock, black metal and experimental music. In her over 15 year career she has released dozens of records including 6 full-lengths with Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - HIDE Video Profile

Chicago-baed electronic / dark industrial duo HIDE on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Spice Video Profile

Spice shares the authoritative drive of Jawbreaker, J Church, and Fugazi, but set in their own world of unrest.

Night Flight - Drew McDowall Video Profile

Drew McDowall's work mines the hallucinatory spaces that exist between reality and celestial otherness.

Night Flight - Lust For Youth Video Profile

Lust For Youth is a synth pop duo currently composed of Swedish and Danish producers Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer. As a solo act Norrvide’s Lust For Youth was largely dark and lonely minimalist synth that verged on harsh noise, but with the expansion of the lineup the group’s releases on Sacred Bones are more associated with the catchy songs about heartbreak,...Read More

Night Flight - Jackie Lynn Video Profile

Jackie Lynn, the fictional, long-haul trucking, drug dealing stage persona of Circuit des Yeux’sHaley Fohr, developed as a way to compartmentalize Fohr’s introspective, avant-folk sound from the more playful fusion of country and synth pop on releases like Jackie Lynn and Jacqueline.

Night Flight - Drab Majesty Video Profile

"An experiment in the identity of creativity…" Tune in for an exclusive visit to Night Flight from Drab Majesty's Deb Demure: a unique delight and another timeless entry to Night Flight cultural canon.

Night Flight - Drekka Video Profile

Haunting folk noise and cinematic textures from experimental producer Michael Anderson.

Night Flight - Stephen Mallinder

Co-founder and frontman of industrial pioneers Cabaret Voltaire.

Night Flight - Suzanne Doucet Video Profile

Suzanne Doucet got her start as a successful pop-star in Germany before moving to the US and embarking on her new-age career, releasing over 40 records in the states.

Night Flight - Death of Lovers Video Profile

Philly post-punk outfit Death of Lovers on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Laetitia Sadier Video Profile

French artist Laetitia Sadier, best known as a founder and lead vocalist of indie pop groups Stereolab and Monade , began releasing music as a solo artist with 2010’s The Trip, a tragic dream pop odyssey that drew upon experiences of grief. She followed this effort up with the intimate, yet politically charged albums Silencio in 2012 and Something Shines in 2014.

Night Flight - Low Video Profile

Slowcore pioneers Low on Sub Pop Records. Featuring music from 2018's "Double Negative" and more.

Night Flight - Neil Hamburger Video Profile

Greg Turkington’s fictional persona Neil Hamburger, a misanthropic, anti-comedian was introduced to the world in 1992 on the album Great Phone Calls Featuring Neil Hamburger, a self-deprecating assault on the expectations that had developed in stand-up.

Night Flight - The Cakekitchen

Art rock outfit of multi-instrumentalist Graeme Jefferies.

Night Flight - ADULT. Video Profile

Dark analog dance songs for the post-modern era.

Night Flight - Molchat Doma Video Profile

Molchat Doma (translated as “Houses Are Silent”), was founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, with a dark yet danceable sound that stands at the intersection of post-punk, new-wave and synth-pop. Their second LP Etazhi (meaning “Floors”) became a global phenomenon, leading Sacred Bones to sign the band in early 2020.

Night Flight - Father John Misty Video Profile

Sub Pop's Father John Misty, the alter-ego of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Josh Tillman. Featuring the 25-minute album trailer for 2017's "Pure Comedy."

Night Flight - Meg Baird Video Profile

Folk artist Meg Baird comes from a long family tradition of Appalachian folk roots, her great-great uncle was folk-singer and regional historian Isaac Garfield Greer. Her solo work features soft, airy vocals that float above otherworldly folk arrangements and her band Espers draws upon the baroque pop/chamber folk sound of the late 1960s, creating an intoxicating ps...Read More

Night Flight - Dope Body Video Profile

Dope Body are a Baltimore area post-punk noise rock group. Their Drag City debut, Natural History, a reference to the venue that first hosted the group for a one-off, meshed the band’s myriad sonic influences into an intense 35 minute experience. After briefly breaking up in 2016, the band reformed in 2019, culminating in two full length releases in 2020.

Night Flight - Death Bells Video Profile

Brooding romanticism expressed through unforgettable hooks and expansive sounds from Dais Record's Death Bells.

Night Flight - Riki Video Profile

Dark-synth pop act Riki from Dais Records.

Night Flight - Visible Cloaks Video Profile

Generative tools and software-based sonics from duo Visible Cloaks.

Night Flight - No Age Video Profile

LA-based noise pop duo No Age brought the ethos of early punk and hardcore music into the 21st-century with their stripped down DIY style that taped together their spare drum and guitar riffs with passionate vocals and a few playful samples. Their origins playing energetic live shows at all-ages venues around Los Angeles would lay the groundwork for the band’s futur...Read More

Sunergy - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani

Sunergy brings together synthesists Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani for the thirteenth installment of FRKWYS, RVNG Intl.’s intergenerational collaboration series. For this edition, a panorama of the Pacific Coast provides the place and head space for a musical appreciation and consideration of a life-giving form vast and volatile with change.

Night Flight - Sic Alps Video Profile

Sic Alps was a San Francisco-based lofi garage rock band started by Matt Hartman and Mike Donnovan, who met on tour with their previous bands in the 90s. The group drew as equally from noise pop as they did from art rock luminaries the Velvet Underground.

Night Flight - Pod Blotz Video Profile

Suzy Poling's latest record uses sounds and samples collected from the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Oakland, CA.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to RVNG Intl.

Formed in 2013, RVNG Intl. has consistently released compelling sounds in the form of extravagant reissues, daring new signings and rising avant-garde stars.

Night Flight - Oliver Coates Video Profile

Cellist Oliver Coates's "ambient braindance" compositions.

Night Flight - Weyes Blood Video Profile

Natalie Mering's orchestral folk project, signed to Sub Pop records. Songs from 2019's Titanic Rising.

Night Flight - Blondes Video Profile

"Syrupy, space-case dance music” from electronic duo Blondes.

Night Flight - Lena Platonos Video Profile

Born on the island of Crete and raised in Athens, Platonos was one of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 1980s, and remains active today.

Night Flight - Follakzoid Video Profile

Chilean psych band Föllakzoid, known for their hypnotic rhythms and Andean folk and krautrock influences, was formed by childhood friends Diego Lorca, Domingo García-Huidobro, and Juan Pablo Rodríguez in 2008 as a trance experience, jamming on a single song for two hours in their first practice session. This free-form approach to playing and performing influenced th...Read More

Night Flight - Purling Hiss Video Profile

Initially getting its start as a noisy and abrasive solo project in the basement of Philadelphia guitarist Mike Polizze, before expanding into a power trio, Purling Hiss made their name in the sceen playing alongside acts like the War on Drugs.

Night Flight - Lucrecia Dalt Video Profile

Former geotechnical engineer Lucrecia Dalt's experimental compositions.

Night Flight - Constant Smiles Video Profile

Constant Smiles, the collective led by Ben Jones, began in 2009 on his home of Martha’s Vineyard, inspired by the music scene centered around the island’s now defunct community record store, Aboveground Records. Their new record on Sacred Bones, Paragons, arrives in November of 2021.

Night Flight - Sleater-Kinney Video Profile

The Sub Pop music of Riot Grrrl veterans Sleater-Kinney. Featuring "Jumpers" and more.

Night Flight - Tashi Wada Video Profile

Composer Tashi Wada's “ancient and futuristic" compositions with his father.

Night Flight - Xylouris White Video Profile

Xylouris White is the folk duo of Greek lute player George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White. Their 2014 album, Goats, features a fluid mix of regional folk traditions with psych and rock inspirations. They would expand on this with subsequent releases, including their punk influenced Drag City debut The Sisypheans

Night Flight - Dylan Moon Video Profile

Sixties psych, Shoegaze, and ’90s indie come together in the music of folk-pop artist Dylan Moon.

Night Flight - Bezier Video Profile

Bézier is the moniker of all-live-analog electronic wizard Robert Yang from San Francisco. Yang’s studio set up includes a variety of vintage Roland and Korg synthesizers as well as the Italo Disco favorite LinnDrum.

Night Flight - Hilary Woods Video Profile

Dublin musician and former JJ72 bassist Hilary Woods returned to music after over a decade of hiatus in 2014 with melodic and airy keyboard-based songs inspired by the cinematic works of auteurs like Wong Kar-Wai and Chris Marker. Expanding on these ideas and incorporating more atmospheric electronic sounds, her full-length solo debut Colt arrived on Sacred Bones in...Read More

Night Flight - The Men Video Profile

Brooklyn-based noise-punk band, The Men was formed in 2008 by Nick Chiericozzi, and Mark Perro, later adding drummer Rich Samis and bassist Kevin Faulkner to the lineup. Drawing on a myriad of influences including new wave, country, psych, and surf, The Men released their ambitious 2014 album, Tomorrow’s Hits before returning to their roots with the confrontational ...Read More

Ariel Kalma - An Evolutionary Music

An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979) compiles unreleased recordings from the archives of multiversal artist Ariel Kalma. Concerned as much with musicality as spiritual facility, Kalma’s work vibrates aside fellow travelers along the great rainbow in curved air of the 1970s avant-garde. Directed by Matthew McGuigan

Night Flight - Blanck Mass Video Profile

Blanck Mass uses fast paced beats, clipped vocal samples and mesmerising synths to create music that is emotionally and sonically intense. Dumb Flesh, his first album with Sacred Bones, saw Power’s incorporate more danceable beats around the chopped-up vocals and drones which were built upon in subsequent releases like 2017’s political World Eater and 2019’s melodic...Read More

Night Flight - Caleb Landry Jones Video Profile

Born to a family of fiddlers in Texas, film actor Caleb Landry Jones was instead drawn to the psychedelia of Syd Barrett’s solo work. Throughout his acting career he remained steadfast in his commitment to recording music, amassing hundreds of demos out of his family barn. Director, musician and Sacred Bones collaborator Jim Jarmusch heard these demos and suggested ...Read More

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier - Breadwoman & Other Tales

Breadwoman & Other Tales are the collected recordings of a language arising. It is the sound and document of Anna Homler divining speech, lyrical fragments, and melody for music composed, mixed, and engineered by Steve Moshier.

Night Flight - Bully Video Profile

Sub Pop-signed Bully from "Take Off" to Indie Labels. Featuring "Guess There," and more.

Night Flight - Jeremiah Sand Video Profile

Jeremiah Sand was the charismatic leader of the Children of the New Dawn, a cult that descended upon a California recording studio in the 1970s to create Sand’s ultimate, psychedelic masterpiece. Not much is known of what transpired at the recording studio where these sessions took place, except that one night, Sand awoke the studio owner in the middle of the night ...Read More

Night Flight - Tor Lundvall Video Profile

Soft-focus sounds from painter and an ambient composer Tor Lundvall on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Orville Peck Video Profile

Enigmatic cowboy crooner Orville Peck. Featuring songs from his 2019 Sub Pop debut "Pony."

Night Flight - Kate NV Video Profile

Minimal electronic abstraction and '80s Japanese-inspired pop from Kate NV.

Night Flight - Black Marble Video Profile

Black Marble, Chris Stewart’s 80s influenced synth-pop group, began releasing music in 2012 with the EP The Weight Against the Door and later the gloomy full length A Different Arrangement. This moody atmosphere, created by an arsenal of analog synths, would later give way to lighter and warmer sounds on Stewart’s successive releases, including 2019’s Bigger Than Li...Read More

Night Flight - John Carpenter Video Profile

John Carpenter, the American director, producer and screenwriter has made a name for himself as a master of horror and science fiction with film scores just as memorable, and haunting as the violence they accompany. Directing and composing over a dozen features, Carpenter, along with his son Cody and his godson Daniel Davies, teamed up with Sacred Bones to release h...Read More

Night Flight - Jenny Hval Video Profile

Norwegian singer/songwriter, producer and novelist, Jenny Hval, made her solo debut in 2006 as Rockettothesky with the dreamy, folk-pop album To Sing You Apple Trees. Hval began releasing music with Sacred Bones under her own name with 2015’s experimental, art pop/spoken word album Apocalypse, Girl, influenced by Norwegian jazz singers of the 1960s and her upbringin...Read More

Mark Renner - Few Places

Few Traces surveys a near decade of Mark Renner’s scarcely released and unreleased material from 1982 to 1990, embracing and evoking the timelessness of his artistic statement: a wordless translation of the individual’s musical experience, met with the poetic expression of being here. Mark Renner first encountered punk while a teenager in Upperco, a country town ...Read More

Night Flight - Wand Video Profile

Wand is a metal-influenced psych rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2013 by Cory Hanson, the group’s early releases feature hints of sludge and heavy metal, later giving way to more melodic synths. A lineup expansion in 2016 brought an improvised, jam-style to the band’s songwriting which coincided with a transition towards a more expansive, class...Read More

Night Flight - Helado Negro Video Profile

The sonic world Helado Negro builds an aura vivid enough to be seen.

Night Flight - Var (fka War) Video Profile

Vår, formerly known as War, was a lofi post-punk act from Copenhagen. The group drew influences from darkwave and goth groups of the early 80s with blown-out, lo-fi recording techniques associated with the early 2010s. Vår’s Sacred Bones, No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers, arrived in 2013 and the group disbanded the following year.

Night Flight - Slug Guts Video Profile

Brisbane garage rock band Slug Guts exploded onto the australian punk scene with the first album Down on the Meat, recorded and released only months after they started playing together in 2009. The band returned in 2011 on Sacred Bones with the full-length Howlin’ Gang, self-described as “menacingly desperate, ugly, and malnourished” this ethos would carry the band ...Read More

Night Flight - Executive Slacks Video Profile

Executive Slacks was spawned in Philadelphia by three restless art students in the early 1980s. Starting out with performance art in subways, they soon took their angst-ridden act to galleries and nightclubs. Dripping in nihilism, Executive Slacks' unique brew of primitive electronics, harsh guitars and aggressive vocals inspired many bands like Ministry, Front 242 ...Read More

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dark Entries

Resuscitating The '80s Underground. Inspired by the DIY nature of the 80s underground, Dark Entries founder Josh Cheon launched the label in 2009 to release out of print and unreleased underground music as well as contemporary bands, with a mission to preserve sound quality and respecting the aesthetics of its artists. With over 100 releases under our belt from Seve...Read More

Night Flight - Ka Baird Video Profile

“intertwined etymologies of spirit and breath” from RVNG Intl.'s Ka Baird.

Night Flight - Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble

The current band of the Stereolab frontwoman, Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble incorporates some of Sadier’s longest and closest collaborators, Emmanuel Mario, Nina Savary and Xavi Munoz.

Night Flight - The Holydrug Couple Video Profile

The Holydrug Couple, the duo of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra, began playing together in 2008 and emerged from the Santiago psychedelic rock scene in 2011 with their LP Awe, attracting the attention and support of Sacred Bones. The group’s pop influences and vocally driven songwriting continued to blossom on their 2013 beachy, dreamlike release Nocutary. After tou...Read More

Night Flight - Psychic Ills Video Profile

Experimental psych rock band Psychic Ills, formed in 2003 by the late Tres Warren with guitarist Tom Gluibizzi and later bassist Elizabeth Hart and drummer Brian Tamborello, evolved over their 15 plus year career from creating trance-like noise rock to their more recent, subtle releases that rely on more traditional psychedelic songwriting. Highly respected by their...Read More

Night Flight - OMNI Video Profile

Atlanta, Georgia post-punk trio Omni. Featuring 2019's "Skeleton Key" and more.

Night Flight - Body Of Light Video Profile

Warped tape loops, aging VHS home-movie samples, and processed vocals tinged with harmonic specters from Body of Light on Dais Records.

Night Flight - Geneva Jacuzzi Lamaze Video Special

Geneva Jacuzzi is well known for her uncompromisingly obtuse synth-driven pop and one-of-a-kind performance art that is comprised of one time only spectacles and installations. Her works have been presented in famous art institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, The Broad Museum, Vooruit, Kampnagel, and numerous other venues across the globe. Her vi...Read More

Night Flight - Peter Ivers Video Collage

RVNG Intl’s 2019 release "Becoming Peter Ivers" collects 25 songs transferred from a survey of over 500 reels and cassettes along with an incredible amount of unseen photos and ephemera.

Night Flight - Purple Mountains Video Profile

Purple Mountains, the last project of late Silver Jews singer David Berman, released after a decade of absence from the music industry and a month prior to his tragic passing, was a clever, occasionally somber tribute to the country-rock traditions that had guided much of Berman’s career.

Night Flight - Pharmakon Video Profile

Margaret Chardiet’s industrial noise project Pharmakon blends slow rhythmic beats with guttural synth blasts and wailing vocals that are as disquieting as they are hypnotizing. Her live shows have been described as confrontational, interrogating the division between performer and audience, an emotional trance-like experience she has attempted to recreate on her more...Read More

Night Flight - Sign Libra Video Profile

Latvian composer and artist Sign Libra's Sea of Islands and Sea Of Nectar.

Night Flight - Timmy's Organism Video Profile

The garage rock trio of Timmy Vulgar, Blake Hill and Jeff Fournier better known as Timmy’s Organism started as an experimental solo project for the group’s frontman that quickly twisted and morphed into a full-fledged punk band. Their first full-length, Rise of the Green Gorilla, arrived on Sacred Bones in 2010 followed by the 2012 album Raw Sewage Roq.

Night Flight - METZ Video Profile

Toronto-bred, 3-piece noise punk band METZ. Featuring "Pure Auto" and more.

Cory Hanson - Limited Hangout Episode 2

Wand’s Cory Hanson rides into the high desert on a glossy melody through lustrous mists of instrumentation: acoustic, wah-electric and steel guitars, acoustic and electric drums. Pale Horse Rider explores myths and truths of a country on the way down, viewed through a deep-focus lens trained on the city from the deserts on the east; a terminus of unoccupied resident...Read More

Night Flight - Alan Vega Video Profile

Alan Vega, visual artist and frontman of punk pioneer duo Suicide, passed away in 2016 after a 50 year career in art and music. In addition to his musical output, Vega’s sculpture work gave him a notorious reputation in the New York art world, later opening a 24-hour gallery space that would go on to serve as an early venue for bands like the New York Dolls, Televis...Read More

Night Flight - Elisa Ambrogio Video Profile

Magik Markers member Elisa Ambrogio released her pop-influenced solo debut The Immoralist on Drag City in 2014. The album paired her soft and distant vocals with pop arrangements, all imparted with the rough textures of her noise rock roots.

David van Tieghem x Ten - Fits and Starts

For the tenth volume of RVNG's FRKWYS series, composer, percussionist and sound designer David Van Tieghem alongside ten younger artists from across the avant spectrum become a bulletin of Fits & Starts. Directed by Jordan Kinle

Night Flight - Mudhoney Video Profile

Seattle-based grunge foursome Mudhoney. Featuring 1991's "Good Enough" and more.

Night Flight - TAD Video Profile

Sub Pop band from the grunge era. Featuring "Stumblin' Man," and more

Night Flight - Flat Worms Video Profile

Cheerful West Coast punk rock trio Flat Worms are known for combining garage punk sensibilities and energy with indie rocker wit. Will Ivy recruited bassist Tim Hellman, formerly of Thee Oh Sees, and Babies drummer Justin Sullivan for their debut 7 inch “Red Hot Sand” before following it up a year later with a positively received self titled full-length.

Night Flight - Bonnie Prince Billy Video Profile

After releasing a variety of offerings with friends under the nebulous Palace moniker and his own name, Will Oldham began his prolific streak of recording and performing his brand of Americana under the pseudonym Bonnie “Prince” Billy in the late 90s. His songs feature haunting lyrics over instrumentals that draw from numerous American musical traditions.

Night Flight - Destruction Unit Video Profile

Formed by singer and guitarist Ryan Rousseau, Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout in 2000, Destruction Unit are a psychedelic punk band based out of Phoenix known for their tumultuous sound featuring distorted, fuzzy-guitars, loud vocals and aggressive drums.

Cory Hanson - Limited Hangout Episode 1

Wand’s Cory Hanson rides into the high desert on a glossy melody through lustrous mists of instrumentation: acoustic, wah-electric and steel guitars, acoustic and electric drums. bass and piano. Pale Horse Rider explores myths and truths of a country on the way down, viewed through a deep-focus lens trained on the city from the deserts on the east; a terminus of uno...Read More

Night Flight - Photay Video Profile

Evan Shornstein, known as Photay, has a talent for melody, but rhythm is at the heart of everything he does. He’s been playing the drums since elementary school, and the name Photay actually stems from an eye- opening trip to Guinea with his drum teachers. As a producer, he combines digital and analog, blurring the lines between “real” and electronic instrumentation.

Sunshine Soup

Sunshine Soup, directed by multitalented designers / artists Misha Hollenbach and Johann Rashid, is a non-linear film keyed to the outer-boundary music created by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma Hollenbach and Rashid captured extensive footage surrounding the recording of We Know Each Other Somehow. Using handheld HD and 8 mm cameras, they later processed t...Read More

Cory Hanson - Limited Hangout Episode 3

Wand’s Cory Hanson rides into the high desert on a glossy melody through lustrous mists of instrumentation: acoustic, wah-electric and steel guitars, acoustic and electric drums. Pale Horse Rider explores myths and truths of a country on the way down, viewed through a deep-focus lens trained on the city from the deserts on the east; a terminus of unoccupied resident...Read More

John Ingham - Spirit of 76 (Anthology Editions)

When punk first broke in the UK in 1976, music journalist John Ingham was on hand to document the rupture and the rowdiness. Fascinated by the music, fashion, and intrinsic iconoclasm of a little-known outfit called the Sex Pistols, Ingham conducted the band’s first interview, partied with its members, and even bailed Sid Vicious out of jail. Ingham also documented ...Read More

Night Flight - Wymond Miles Video Profile

Sonically dense and inspired by art rockers like Scott Walker and Robert Wyatt, The Fresh & Only’s guitarist Wymond Miles’ solo output is decidedly somber and draped in layers of reverb. In 2012 Miles’ released his first pieces of material including his debut album Under The Pale Moon, returning the following year with the similarly psychedelic, Cut Yourself Free. A...Read More

Night Flight - Cult Of Youth Video Profile

Sean Ragon’s dark, post-punk neofolk band Cult of Youth, began as a solo project with the release 2008’s A Stick to Bind, a Seed to Grow. Recruiting a supporting band, Ragon expanded the group’s sound on its 2011 self-titled Sacred Bones debut. This would be followed by 2012’s chamber-pop like Love Will Prevail, then 2014s Final Days.

Night Flight - Jessica Pratt Video Profile

After a collection of demos and early studio recordings earned her a dedicated audience, songwriter Jessica Pratt moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles and recorded her first intentional album in her bedroom. That album, On Your Own Love Again (released by Night Flight indie label partner Drag City in 2015), would bring her around the world many times, leading man...Read More

Night Flight - Karen Black Video Profile

Actor, screenwriter and artist Karen Black cemented a place for herself in the New Hollywood movement of the 60s and 70s with starring turns in films like Easy Rider (1969) and Five Easy Pieces (1970). During an acting career that spans 5 decades and over 200 credits, Black began writing and recording music with notable producers Bones Howe and Elliot Mazer. Decades...Read More

Night Flight - Drugdealer Video Profile

LA psych scene veteran Michael Collins, formerly of Run DMT and Salvia Plath, surfaced as Drugdealer in 2016 with the warm and melodic The End of Comedy. Dialing back the psychedelia that had defined the first half of his career, Drugdealer reflected a shift towards 70s soft rock and Baroque pop influences that would continue to emerge on his next album, Raw Honey, ...Read More

Night Flight - Marching Church Video Profile

Danish rock band Marching Church began as a side project of solo musical experiments for Elias Bender Rønnenfelt of Iceage. After the success of the band’s debut album on Sacred Bones, This World is Not Enough Rønnenfelt brought in Iceage bandmate Johan Weith and trumpeter Jakob Emil Lamdahl.

Night Flight - Zola Jesus Video Profile

Zola Jesus is the decade-long solo project of Nika Roza Danilova, featuring dark, haunting lyrics and mesmerizing and ever changing electronic production. Danilova’s earliest output was characterized by noisy, lofi percussion and synths paired with her airy, ascendant vocal. She would quickly begin moving away from this sound, instead opting to create her own interp...Read More

Night Flight - Jack Name Video Profile

In a time rife with alienation, Magic Touch, the latest album by the ubiquitous and mysterious Jack Name to be released on Mexican Summer, offers the comfort of contact. With a body of work that ranges from the catchy to the cacophonous, Name has earned the reputation of a musician who’s difficult to define and has been a fixture in the Los Angeles underground for o...Read More

Night Flight - Pop. 1280 Video Profile

Industrial punk band Pop. 1280, named after a pulpy Jim Thompson story about a corrupt, deceptive and murderous Texas lawman, was founded by Chris Bug and Ivan Lip as a method of exploring their darker, somewhat sinister musical ideas. Their first song, “Bedbugs” would lay the groundwork for their next release, an EP called The Grid, which they followed up with the ...Read More

Michael Angelo (Anthology Editions)

Michael Angelo Nigro is a Kansas City multi-instrumentalist who recorded his first album in 1977, the self-titled Michael Angelo. Recorded during his off hours at his job as a session man at Liberty Recording, the original release was only 500 copies. In 2015, Anthology Recordings remastered and re-released the album and produced a short documentary about the artist...Read More

Night Flight - Arp Video Profile

Arp is Brooklyn-based electronic producer and composer Alexis Georgopolous’ ambient solo project, first unveiled in 2006. While Georgopolous’ early work as Arp is largely defined by minimalist soundscapes made on synthesizers, each consecutive release remains untethered from the former, with later works exploring Glam, art pop and field recordings. The fifth Arp alb...Read More

Night Flight - Connan Mockasin Video Profile

Kiwi oddball Connan Hosford, better known as Connan Mockasin, made a name for himself in the New Zealand psych scene in the early 2000s playing in a group called Connan & the Mockasins, known for their trippy, bluesy and whimsical indie pop. His most recent album, Jassbusters, arrived in 2018 on Mexican Summer accompanied by his absurdist film Bostyn ‘n Dobsyn.

Night Flight - Thought Gang Video Profile

Longtime collaborators David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti started recording under the name Thought Gang in 1991. 25 years later, the spiritual jazz and spoken word recordings have resurfaced as a self-titled album on Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - Indigo Sparke Video Profile

Australian Singer/Songwriter Indigo Sparke was born into a musical family and knew from a young age she wanted to perform. After teaching herself guitar, Indigo began establishing herself in the Sydney-music scene with quiet but commanding folk music, releasing her debut EP Night Bloom in 2016. Over the next few years Sparke would continue to build her profile in th...Read More

Night Flight - TR/ST Video Profile

Founded in 2010 by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, the group uses ethereal synth pop tones mixed over surging industrial beats. With the release of their first album TRST in 2012, the duo went their separate ways and Alfons continued to record and tour under the name. As a solo project Alfons began incorporating more elements of acid house and techno into his next...Read More

Night Flight - Oneohtrix Point Never Video Profile

Dan Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never’s releases for Mexican Summer are sample-based meditations that are as lyrical as they are ecological, featuring re-purposed “ghost vocals” which serve as narration for Lopatin’s signature amorphous, ambient passages. His 2010 album Returnal’s placid, synthetic surroundings are accelerated through darker, more unpredictable terr...Read More

Night Flight - Hayden Pedigo Video Profile

The son of a truck stop preacher, raised and home-schooled in a “super religious family” (his own words), the acoustic guitarist and soundscape composer from Amarillo, Texas, first record for Mexican Summer arrived in 2021.

Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music

This is Unusual Sounds: A deep dive into the mysterious world of library music; the extraordinary stock recordings that soundtracked the heyday of B movies, low-budget television, and scrappy genre filmmaking curated by David Hollander and released by independent label Mexican Summer.

Ilian - Love Me Crazy (Anthology Editions)

“The best songs in the world come from a feeling” says the artist known as Ilian, whose life and career is documented in this short film created by Mexican Summer's Anthology records for the their reissue of artist's long lost 70’s album, Love Me Crazy.

Night Flight - CMON Video Profile

CMON, which stands for Confusing Mix of Nations, is a pop duo born out of the ashes of Brooklyn indie rock group Regal Degal. Shifting the focus towards more danceable tracks, the duo carried the atmospherics from their previous project into CMON, only now incorporating more elements of disco and pop into their recordings.

Night Flight - Allah-Las Video Profile

The Los Angeles-based quartet Allah-Las came together in 2008 while its members were working at Amoeba records. Allah-Las eventually found their way to Mexican Summer for the release of Calico Review in 2016, cultivating an array of global influences. These disparate and collected sounds would come together on the band’s fourth full-length, Lahs, an ode to the band'...Read More

Robert Lester Folsom (Anthology Editions)

Georgia-based Robert Lester Folsom released his first studio album, Music and Dreams, in 1978. Although it did receive some local attention on its initial release, the record had limited pressings and Folsom was unable to complete a follow-up album during that time. Here’s the Anthology Records documentary about the artist, created to accompany the label’s reissues projecs.

Trad Gras och Stenar (Anthology Editions)

In 2016, Mexican Summer's sister label Anthology reissued two essential live albums from Träd, Gräs och Stenar (Tr-ad Grass Ah-k Sta-Nar), a 70s underground Swedish psych rock export, whose records have been hidden gems for collectors worldwide. To commemorate the reissues, Anthology Recordings produced a short, two-part documentary revealing rare interviews with su...Read More

Night Flight - Cate Le Bon (Video Profile)

“There’s a strange romanticism to going a little bit crazy and playing the piano to yourself and singing into the night." Singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon began her career collaborating with fellow Welsh musicians Gruff Rhys and Richard James before releasing her first EP, the Welsh language Looking in the Eyes of a Borrowed Horse in 2008. In 2019 Cate Le Bon signed wi...Read More

Night Flight - L'Rain Video Profile

Brooklyn-born and based experimentalist and multi-instrumentalist Taja Cheek, aka L’Rain’s, 2021 album Fatigue demands introspection from ready ears with an array of keyboards, synths, and hauntingly delicate vocals while blending the sounds of gospel, jazz, and neo-soul to create a genre entirely her own. Cheek has dipped her toes in every corner of the arts, throu...Read More

Night Flight - Uniform Video Profile

Noise-rock group Uniform pull from a range of discordant influences including industrial, thrash metal and power electronics. Their debut album, Perfect World, released in 2015 pushed this minimalist setup to its limit, followed later that year by the EP Ghosthouse which appeared on Sacred Bones. On their sophomore effort, Wake In Fright, the group focused on sampli...Read More

Night Flight - Luca Yupanqui Video Profile

Luca Yupanqui began recording music when she was literally in the womb. The child of musicians Elizabeth Hart and Iván Diaz Mathé, the pair began recording their unborn child with biosonic MIDI technology Diaz Mathé compared to a polygraph. After her parents spent 2020 mixing the album “respecting the sounds as they were produced”, Luca made her Sacred Bone’s debut ...Read More

Night Flight - Spellling Video Profile

As Spellling, Oakland-based artist Tia Cabral creates experimental synth pop that is born from the haunting images and ethereal messages from her dreams. Blending hypnotic folk with darkwave and elements of soul, Cabral’s first self-released record, Pantheon of Me, arrived in 2017 and quickly raised her profile beyond the Bay Area. Her third album for Sacred Bones, ...Read More

Night Flight - Jess Williamson Video Profile

The Texas-born, L.A.-based singer and songwriter Jess Williamson makes deeply felt songs that orbit around her powerful voice. In her most recent album for Mexican Summer, 2020's Sorceress, that voice is surrounded by a deep-hued kaleidoscope of dusty ‘70s cinema, ‘90s country music, and breezy West Coast psychedelia. Here's the video for "Wild Rain," directed by Wi...Read More

Night Flight - Iceage Video Profile

Danish punk stalwarts Iceage formed as a group in 2008, fronted by Ellias Bender Rønnefelt with guitarist Johan Suurballe Wieth, Jakob Tvilling Pless on bass and drummer Dan Kjær Nielsen. Known for their abrasive but ever developing sound, their most recent record Seek Shelter arrived in May of 2021, their fifth full-length and first for Mexican summer. Recorded ove...Read More

Ether Antenna

Inspired by Buddhist tales and set to the tune of Pauline Anna Strom’s astral electronic soundscapes; Ether Antenna is a short film following the journey of some 10 robot characters through Nepal. Fusing spirituality with robotics this cybernetic tale exploits humanity’s fascination with technology and religion. Designed and built on residency at RAN (the Robotic...Read More

Night Flight - Tonstartssbandht Video Profile

Settle into Tonstartssbandht’s music and let it rock heavy from all sides. The music melds with the personal, tangible nature of the city climate, telling a stunning tale. Discovered on the road and distilled at home, the music conveys experience and subtlety, scars exposed to carry the chronicle. The music, the music, the fucking music.

Night Flight - Amen Dunes Video Profile

Damon McMahon started his solo musical project Amen Dunes in 2006, recording atmospheric, lo-fi psych-folk alone in the Catskills before moving to Beijing and further honing this dark sound and recording occasionally. These would become his debut Sacred Bones EP Murder Dull Mind.

Night Flight - Exploded View Video Profile

Exploded View’s surreal mix of post-punk and krautrock reflects the makeup of the band and it’s member’s solo projects. Founded by British-German singer-songwriter Annika Henderson and Mexico City-based musicians Martin Thulin and Hugo Quezada the group made it’s haunting self-titled debut on Sacred Bones in 2016, followed by the more focused sophomore release Obey in 2018.

Night Flight - The Soft Moon Video Profile

Luis Vasquez's industrial, post-punk solo project, the Soft Moon, marries the haunting sounds of Bauhaus and Joy Division with a stripped-down approach to production and recording. Channeling his Afro-Cuban heritage and upbringing in the Mojave Desert, Vasquez’ first full-length, a self-titled LP arrived shortly after his debut singles “Breathe the Fire” and “Parall...Read More

Night Flight - Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Video Profile

In 2020 Kentucky-based singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle, known for her brand of dark and expressive post-rock, teamed up with Louisiana metal band Thou for one of the most interesting collaborative projects of the year. May Our Chambers Be Full, released on Sacred Bones, channelling Rundle’s brooding lyrics and Thou’s atmospheric sludge into a record that showcase...Read More

Night Flight - Dungen Video Profile

Swedish psych rock band Dungen was founded by composer and vocalist Gustav Ejstes in 2001. Their most recent studio album Häxan, is the first all-instrumental work the group released and was inspired by and exists as a score for The Adventures of Prince Achmed, believed to be the oldest surviving animated feature film.

Night Flight - Institute Video Profile

Institute, the Austin based punk outfit founded by Moses Brown and Arak Avakian of Glue, Adam Cahoon of Wiccans, exploded onto the Texas punk scene in 2013 with lyrics of personal struggles and a dark and streamlined sound that they would continue to hone over the years. Their debut full-length, Catharsis, arrived on Sacred Bones in 2015 and featured cleaner product...Read More

Night Flight - DJ Muggs the Black Goat Video Profile

Founding member of Cyrpress Hill, DJ Muggs, a producer synonymous with hazy, horror-tinged hip hop of the 1990s, has made a name for himself over the years with his prolific and varied output across genres including dancehall, alt rock and trip-hop. Born Lawrence Muggerud in Queens before moving to LA as a teenager, Muggs began DJing in the 1980s, producing seminal ...Read More

Night Flight - Crystal Stilts Video Profile

Formed in 2003, Brooklyn based indie band Crystal Stilts has cultivated a myriad of influences over the last decade and half playing and recording together. In 2011 they made their Sacred Bones debut with the EP Radiant Door, following it up with the soul and folk influenced album Nature Noir in 2013.

Night Flight - Weyes Blood Video Profile 2

The first thing you notice about Weyes Blood’s third record for Mexican Summer, Front Row Seat to Earth, is its closeness. The music is immediate and warm with an intimate feeling. Active in underground music since 2006, Natalie Mering [MER-RING], the being behind Weyes Blood, sings sublimely. There is a faded California beauty to Merin’s music and a gentle honesty ...Read More

Night Flight - Dean Spunt / John Wiese Video Profile

Drag City releases veteran noisemakers Dean Spunt and John Wiese's (No Age) debut EP, The Echoing Shell. The label aptly describes the experimental noise release as a "conception in contemporary musique concrète," and you can stream two surrealist, cut-up technique music videos now in their new Night Flight Video Profile.

Night Flight - Sessa Video Profile

São Paulo-born multi-instrumentalist Sergio Sayeg, aka Sessa, releases his sophomore album and Mexican Summer debut Estrela Acesa. The enchanting album evokes a "deep reverence for the rich musical heritage of Brazil," according to label Mexican Summer and the artist's exclusive Night Flight Video Profile is streaming now with two whimsical videos featuring a combin...Read More

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Drag City 1

“Take Off” to Chicago-based independent label Drag City featuring music videos from Bill Callahan, Ty and Denée Segall, Circuit des Yeux and Smog.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 1

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label Sacred Bones, featuring music videos from Black Marble, Marissa Nadler, Boris, and Spellling.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dark Entries

“Take Off” to San Francisco-based independent record label Dark Entries featuring music videos from Ski Patrol, X-Ray Pop, From Nursery to Misery, and more.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Anthology Recordings

“Take Off” to Anthology Recordings, the reissue imprint of Brooklyn-based independent label Mexican Summer featuring music from Karen Black, Keith Mansfield, and more.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Drag City 2

“Take Off” to Chicago-based independent label Drag City featuring music videos from Bill Callahan, Ty and Denée Segall, Circuit des Yeux and Smog.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 2

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label Sacred Bones featuring music videos from John Carpenter, Black Marble, Molchat Doma, and Zola Jesus.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Drag City 4

“Take Off” to Chicago-based independent label Drag City featuring music videos from Eiko Ishibashi, Rangda, Ty Segall and Bill MacKay.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to RVNG Intl. 1

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label RVNG Intl. featuring music videos from Holly Herndon, Greg Fox, Helado Negro, and Kate NV.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 4

“Take Off” to independent label Dais Records featuring music videos from Riki, Private World, SRSQ, and SPICE.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Drag City 3

“Take Off” to Chicago-based independent label Drag City featuring music videos from Joanna Newsom, Palace, Silver Jews and White Fence.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 3

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label Sacred Bones featuring music videos from Moon Duo, John Carpenter, Alan Vega, and Amen Dunes.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 4

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label Sacred Bones featuring music videos from Caleb Landry Jones, John Carpenter, Anika, and DJ Muggs the Black Goat.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 2

“Take Off” to independent label Dais Records featuring music videos from ADULT., Choir Boy, Body of Light and Getting The Fear.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 1

“Take Off” to independent label Dais Records featuring music videos from Space Africa, Choir Boy, Xeno & Oakland and Death Bells.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 3

“Take Off” to independent label Dais Records featuring music videos from Death Bells, SPICE, Choir Boy, and Death of Lovers.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sub Pop 3

“Take Off” to Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop featuring music videos from Orville Peck, Shannon Lay, Father John Misty and Lael Neale.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 5

“Take Off” to independent label Dais Records featuring music videos from Cold Showers, Pierce with Arrow, ADULT., and Xeno & Oaklander.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to RVNG Intl. 2

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label RVNG Intl. featuring music videos from Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Sign Lbira, Kate NV, and Ka Baird.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sub Pop 2

“Take Off” to Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop featuring music videos from Weyes Blood, Metz, Wolf Parade and Bully.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sub Pop 5

“Take Off” to Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop featuring music videos from Shabazz Palaces, Sunny Day Real Estate, Weyes Blood and TV Priest.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Mexican Summer

“Take Off” to Brooklyn-based independent label Mexican Summer featuring music videos from Cate Le Bon, L'Rain, Hayden Pedigo, and Iceage.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sub Pop 1

“Take Off” to Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop featuring music videos from Chai, Mudhoney, clipping., and Ya Tseen.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sub Pop 4

“Take Off” to Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop featuring music videos from Father John Misty, Tad, The Jesus and Mary Chain and more.

Nothing Here Now But The Recordings

A conversation with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge discussing he/r friendship with William S. Burroughs and the original creation of the album "Nothing Here Now but the Recordings." Dais Records reissues of William S. Burrough's experimental works are available now.

Night Flight - Mega Bog Video Profile

Mega Bog is an experimental pop ensemble led by Erin Elizabeth Birgy. For the past ten years, Birgy and her evolving community of collaborators have been crafting poetic, musical odes to the pain and glory of human existence. Mega Bog’s seventh album, End of Everything arrives on Mexican Summer in 2023 and has bolder hooks and more dancefloor energy than she’d ever ...Read More

Night Flight - Drab Majesty Video Profile II

Drab Majesty, the project of Deb DeMure, blends New Wave and early 4AD sound into a “hypnotic and futuristic originality.”

Night Flight - SRSQ Video Profile II

SRSQ is the moniker of Oakland singer and musician Kennedy Ashlyn, who has steadily honed her songcraft to create a “music of tumult and triumph.” Her 2022 LP “Ever Crashing” is an “aching, reverent” dream-pop creation.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 8

Today we’re looking at DAIS Records, whose roster of emerging and influential artists include AURAGRAPH, Cold Gawd, and Body of Light.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 7

Welcome to Night Flight’s DAIS Records Video Profile, highlighting the New York and Los Angeles based label featuring artists such as Cold Showers, Merzbow and Space Afrika.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dais 6

Today we’re covering DAIS Records, who focuses on artists “new and old,” including SPICE and Stephen Mallinder.

Night Flight - Tor Lundvall Video Profile II

Over time, through his vast collection of pure and cinematic ambient hymns, Tor Lundvall has steadily established himself as one of ambient music’s most familiar faces.

Night Flight - High Vis Video Profile

High Vis, led by enigmatic front person Graham Sayle, play “aggressive, gripping, and artful punk” that is sonically beyond the parameters of any single genre or scene. On their second album Blending, they bring a more introspective focus to their political lyrics.

Night Flight - Death Bells Video Profile II

Death Bells is the longtime musical collaboration of Will Canning and Remy Veselis, two Australians who moved to Los Angeles in 2018. Their music blurs the lines between post-punk and grunge, and their latest EP “Take My Spirit Now” explores “love, paranoia and destiny.”

Night Flight - Cory Hanson Video Profile

Singer Cory Hanson returns with 2023’s Western Cum, which combines conventional country with an eclectic mix of prog, balladry and nu-hardcore.

Night Flight - Bonnie "Prince" Billy Video Profile II

Legendary singer-songwriter Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s new album Keeping Secrets will Destroy You is for keeping people together, and for listening together.

Night Flight - Ty Segall Video Profile II

Ty Segall has made filthy, distorted rock n roll for much of his prolific career. His 2024 album Three Bells takes us into “a land nearly beyond song,” pushing his songwriting and sound further than ever before.

Night Flight - Boris Video Profile

Legendary Japanese heavy rock group Boris “continue their musical creation and destruction” with 2022’s W, their first release with Sacred Bones.

Night Flight - Caleb Landry Jones Video Profile II

Texas-born musician and actor Caleb Landry Jones makes psychedelic music that “reaches into the cosmic realm of imagination.”

Night Flight - Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurley Video Profile

Dean Hurley is a sound and music supervisor who has worked with Daivd Lynch and Zola Jesus. Gloria de Oliveira is a multidisciplinary visual artist and musician who has composed for the theater and for London Fashion week. Their collaboration Oceans of Time combines impressionistic synths, shimmering guitars, and ethereal sonics in a beautiful dream-pop synthesis.

Night Flight - The Soft Moon Video Profile II

The Soft Moon is the project by American singer-songwriter Luis Vasquez. 2022’s Exister is a powerful, vulnerably therapeutic post-punk masterpiece.

Night Flight - Zola Jesus Video Profile II

Zola Jesus is the alter ego of Nika Roza Danilova, known for her expressive and powerful voice and dark, atmospheric music. Her latest album Arkhon unleashes her “submerged, stalled pain.”

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 1

Today we’re covering eclectic Brooklyn-based record label Sacred Bones, featuring videos from Constant Smiles, Follakzoid and Hillary Woods.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 9

Welcome to the video profile for Brooklyn-based independent record label Sacred Bones, whose roster of artists includes John Carpenter, Hillary Woods and Constant Smiles.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 8

Today we’re looking at independent record label Sacred Bones, including music videos from Lust for Youth, Lathe of Heaven and Khanate.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 7

Tonight’s video profile shines a light on Brooklyn’s Sacred Bones Records, and artists such as SQÜRL and Xmal Deutschland.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 6

Today we’re highlighting Sacred Bones Records, including music videos by SQÜRL, Mort Garson and Maria BC.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Sacred Bones 5

Today’s video profile covers Brooklyn-based record label Sacred bones, featuring Mort Garson, Sextile and Maria BC.