Something Weird

Something Weird Video was founded by the late great Mike Vraney (1957-2014), a life-long movie fan and pop cultural pioneer. In the early 1990s, Vraney had the idea to find and release as many lost low budget oddball films from the 1930s-70s as he could, focusing on Exploitation and Sexploitation Cinema, Seventies Sleaze, Roadshow Rarities, Nudie Cuties, and Burlesque — as well a Horror and Drive-In classics. We honored to be bringing these on board Night Flight Plus.

The Acid Eaters

Buxom skin-goddess Pat Barrington (Mantis in Lace) is just one of The Acid Eaters a bunch of 9-to-5 working stiffs who become drug-crazed bikers on the weekend! After Miss Barrington kills a galpal in a catfight and the deceased inexplicably returns as a girlfriend for wacky artist Artie, the group enters a pyramid made of giant LSD sugar cubes which is also the ent...Read More

The Rebel Set

"Are you beat?" asks coffee-shop impresario Mr. T. "Oh, sure, man," his sleazy friend Sid replies."Cool, way out, and long gone, dad!" Actually, although they’re right in the middle of Beatsville U.S.A. - complete with beat poets, chess games, bongo-and-flute music, and beatnik babes in black leotards - they’re both phonies. Sidney - played by instantly-recognizable...Read More

LSD: Insight or Insanity

Sal Mineo narrates the Psychedelic Truth about Acid in Classroom Scare-Film, LSD: Insight Or Insanity! Documentary about the potentially dangerous and unpredictable drug LSD. Various experts discuss how LSD is made and the hazards involved in using it while avid users explain why they enjoy taking it. The life of the typical teen in the late 1960s is presented, wit...Read More

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness is a 1936 American propaganda film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana—from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and descent into madness due to marijuana addiction. The film was directed by Louis Gasnier and featured a cast of ...Read More


Of all the filmmakers who toiled in the world of exploitation, no one made films as consistently rude, offensive, and jaw-droppingly outrageous as roadshow pioneer DWAIN ESPER, the man who made Maniac (1934) and Marijuana (1936). Written by Mrs. Esper, HILDEGARDE STADIE (who allegedly based the main character on an opium-smoking uncle), and filled with enough plot f...Read More

It's A Revolution Mother

Here’s an odd but nonetheless fascinating time capsule of late- Sixties social unrest filtered through the mind of Florida-based sexploitation producer-director HARRY KERWIN. Yup, the man who made Strange Rampage, My Third Wife George, and Girls Come Too - and who was also the brother of Blood Feast star Bill Kerwin ­ wanted to tap into the same youth market compani...Read More

Teenage Mother

Before he became known for distributing such drive-­in epics as I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin, and I Spit on Your Grave, JERRY GROSS directed two fascinating little quickies - Girl on A Chain Gang (’65) and Teenage Mother (’67) - that are textbook examples of classic old-school exploitation. In fact. shot­-on-Long-Island Teenage Mother seems to take its inspir...Read More

Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana!

Learn the true facts about Marijuana along with Fiorello La Guardia, Billy Curtis and Mr. John Holmes in this 1971 Featurette.


Featuring America’s ultimate pin-up goddess, Bettie Page! The Queen of the Curves teams up with fellow bump-and-grind legends, Lily St. Cyr, Tempest Storm, Chris LaChris, and Trudy Wayne, along with an assortment of bags-pants comics, for the holy grail of full-color girl flicks.

Alice in Acidland

In Alice in Acidland (1969), a wholesome college student succumbs to the temptations of marijuana and becomes a dope-crazed sexual omnivore until she hits rock bottom after taking the plunge into LSD.


In response to President Nixon's Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, adult filmmaker Alex de Renzy weighs in with Weed his take on "The Great American Grass Problem" in which he interviews customs agents and drug dealers, travels to Vietnam ("Just ask for Number One cigarettes!"), Cambodia (in search of "Cambodian Red"), and Nepal (where shops offer tourists "Be...Read More

The Beatniks

Beatniks? What beatniks? Two-bit punks, a closet rock-&-roll star, and an out-of-his-mind psycho: yes. Beatniks: no. Though The Beatniks was probably a last-minute title change to replace a less exploitable moniker, it didn’t make much of a difference to the audiences of 1960. After all, to a world emerging from the Eisenhower era, bohemian artists and beat-generati...Read More

She Should'a Said No!

“The Film That’s Scorchin’ The Nation’s Screens!” The She who Shoulda Said ‘No’! is honeypot LILA LEEDS (Lady in the Lake, Moonrise) who was busted for doing doobies with rugged Robert Mitchum just months before this updated upgrade of Reefer Madness. Cashing in on the notoriety of “The Screen’s Newest Blonde Bomb,” KROGER BABB, “America’s Fearless Showman,” ...Read More


"A far-out trip thru a hard rock tunnel!" Take three hot-to-trot groupies, mix well with the seventies L.A. rock scene, add plenty of sex, drugs and violence and watch as it all explodes.

The Adult Version of Jeckyl & Hide

Jekyll and Hyde get a sex change! When slimy stud Dr. Chris Leeder (Jack Buddliner) takes possession of Dr. Jekyll's ancient notebook, he quickly becomes obsessed with the murderous sex crimes of the original Mr. Hide. Ignoring the notebook's warning that the Jekyll and Hyde formula "makes people appear as they really are," the demented doc mixes the potion and prom...Read More

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party

Join some terrified teens spending a night in a haunted house and get spooked by a mad doctor and his ghoulish gang when the Monsters Crash The Pajama Party, a 1965 spook show theatrical featurette complete with Werewolf, Gorilla in a fur coat, and goofy gimmick! Beware, they might get you.


"War babies. They want to be different. They don't want to belong to any mass society. They have their own-type clubs, their own 'in' groups." Thus Malamondo, an elegant look at early-Sixties' teenage angst and "way out youth," Euro-style, set to the delirious musical musings of a young ENNIO MORRICONE! "Teenage swingers" ski in the nude in the Swiss Alps! (Skinn...Read More


Musician Richard Carlson is haunted by a ghostly girlfriend in director Bert I. Gordon's 72-Minute feature length Chiller-Diller from 1960.

Roll-Oh the Domestic Robot

This archival short subject about a robot that frees house wives from menial tasks was shown at the New York World's Fair in 1940.

The Dance Of Tomorrow

1950s Archival short subject “The Dance Of Tomorrow,” featuring a glimpse into the future of automobiles.

Scarred Face

1930's Archival Short Subject "Scarred Face."

A Crutch For All Seasons

Beyond The Valley Of The Doll’s David Gurian is among the victims of Drugs & Alcohol in Classroom Scare-Film "A Crutch For All Seasons." A 1960's scare film portrays real-life situations where young people become addicted to marijuana and drug use or alcohol use. The destructive effects of drugs and alcohol are demonstrated.

Space Thing

It’s Buck Rogers for adults as Col. James Granilla, an alien in human disguise, visits the flying saucer of Captain Mother and her all-girl crew in the year 2069. But because Granilla is a “Planetarian” and all the lovely space nymph are “Terranians,” he seeks to learn all about their intimate ways. Though Captain Mother, a sadistic whip-wielding lesbian, frowns...Read More


Fuego (1968, 81 min.) means fire and Isabel Sarli is burning up! Argentina's greatest cinema sex symbol stars as Laura, a nymphomaniac who may very well be sexually insane. Despite the constant attention of her husband, Laura just can't be satisfied. Though she makes it with almost every man in sight, what really pushes her hubby over the edge is Laura's affair with...Read More


Kowabunga! It's the big one, sofa surfers! Teaserama is a tidal wave of talent featuring burley's hottest stars, along with America's pin-up sweetheart, the legendary BETTIE PAGE (as a 'page' girl, of course) in this Beautiful Production from IRVING KLAW. Why, it's practically the Holy Grail of Girlie Flicks!

The Female

Choosing between her sheepherder husband or a fugitive horse thief sends Isabel Sarli straight to a brothel in "The Female" (1962, 94 min.), an Argentinean cross between Erskine Caldwell and a spaghetti western.

Smoke and Flesh

In Smoke and Flesh (1968), a groovy pot party takes a dangerous turn as a shifty pusher turns on the revelers with LSD, leading to a seriously bad trip for all concerned.

Johnny Firecloud

Named for (the atomic bomb, Native American Johnny Firecloud (VICTOR MOHICA) returns from Viet Nam to encounter the white-trash bigots controlling his home town. "One of these days I may have to kill that Indian," says the self-loathing sheriff Jesse (DAVID CANARY in a terrific performance) who's running from his homosexual past and is under the devious control of ...Read More

The Other Side of Bonnie & Clyde

Larry Buchanan reveals The Other Side of Bonnie & Clyde through dramatic reenactments, an interview with a woman kidnapped by them, a discussion with a former "Public Enemy No. 1" and friend of the iller couple and the grisly aftermath of Bonnie & Clyde's roadside execution in 1934!

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

In between the goofy horrors of The Naked Witch and The Eye Creatures, cult director Larry Buchanan tackled nothing less than the killing of President John F. Kennedy by showing what THE TRIAL OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD might have been like had Oswald lived to defend himself. Film in Dallas shortly after the assassination - before the results of The Warren Report and the ...Read More

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro

An "adults only" retelling of the legend of Zorro. Posing as a limp-wristed pansy by day (who rides a white donkey), Don Diego secretly becomes Zorro at night, brandishing his long, quick rapier! When he's not helping the oppressed, fighting duels, or slashing the letter "Z" into derrieres, Zorro is busy bedding down gorgeous senoritas until he zeros in on Maria, Bo...Read More

That's Sexploitation!

From director Frank Henenlotter (Frankenhooker, Brain Damage) and co-producer Mike Vraney (the late founder of Something Weird Video) comes the epic documentary critics call "fascinating" (Video Watchdog), "titillating" (Time Out Los Angeles) and "jaw-dropping" (Seattle Weekly): Henenlotter and legendary exploitation monarch David F. Friedman - in his final film app...Read More

Retro Christmas Classics: Volume 2

Ring in the holidays with nostalgic Christmas-themed theatre intermissions, weird cartoons, creepy stop-motion animation, and, brace yourself, Liberace! These hand-picked classics from Something Weird Video are sure to delight, disturb and put you in the spirit of the season.

Retro Christmas Classics: Volume 1

Celebrate Jesus’ birthday the way it was intended – with greedy kids clamoring for toys, creepy guys in bad Santa suits, and retro holiday highlights lovingly curated by Santa's Little Helpers at Something Weird Video!

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

As KID-TV visits Santa Claus' famous North Pole toy workshop, the program is watched in wonder by two sad-eyed Martian children. Their father is worried, so he leads on expeditionary force to earth. Their mission: to kidnap Father Christmas and take him back to Mars. Their first earth contacts are brother and sister Billy and Betty Foster, who not only help the ...Read More

Devil's Harvest

With World War II raging in Europe, roadshow shockers all but faded from the exploitation scene… with Devil’s Harvest one of the few exceptions, and doing its patriotic duty by warning Americans everywhere to stay vigilant against the Menace of Marijuana, specifically the peddling of marijuana to high-school kids. “Here, before us, in peace and tranquility, stands o...Read More


During the golden age of the roadshow, no exploiteer returned to the drug theme more often that DWAIN ESPER. After the infamous short Sinister Menace and the feature-length Narcotic (both 1933), Esper and his screenwriter wife, HILDAGARDE STADIE, unleashed Marihuana, the first of the famous trilogy of anti-pot films of the 1930's which included Reefer and Assassin o...Read More

The Devil's Sleep

Newspaper headlines denounce a rash epidemic of barbiturate overdoses. Even more shocking is that the abusers are juveniles out for cheap kicks. Responding to the rising public outrage, a prominent female judge sends young detective Sergeant Dave Kerrigan to uncover the source of the dangerous contraband. His dogged search leads to a crooked weight-loss "gym" whe...Read More

Marihuana Story

Before he relocated to Spain and made the gender-bender shocker I Hate My Body and a handful of Paul Naschy movies (including Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman), director LEON KLIMOVSKY shot this warped anti-pot thriller in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like earlier "warning" films which purported to tell the truth about marijuana abuse, Klimovsky's is naive...Read More

The Devil's Joint

Not a lot is known about this exploitation clip-collage which examines the classic marijuana scare-films of the 1920s through the 1940s. However, the year of release, tone of the narration, and the complete lack of credits indicate that The Devil's Joint may well have been some kind of underground film. After all, it was released around the time when vintage drug fi...Read More

The Atomic Brain (aka Monstrosity)

Yipes! A veritable banquet of "Bad Cinema," Monstrosity is so gloriously stupid as to be almost brilliant. Surprisingly, director JOSEPH V. MASCELLI, who also shot three Ray Dennis Steckler gems - Wild Guitar, The Incredibly Strange Creatures, and The Thrill Killers - is best known as the author of two excellent works, The American Cinematographer Manual and The Fiv...Read More

Guess What Happened to Count Dracula

Give up? Well, for starters, he's now known as Count Adrian and, sporting a van dyke and a bad Bela accent. He and a bunch of motley ghouls run "Dracula's Dungeon," a bizarre Hollywood nightspot. When actor Guy and his girlfriend Angelica show up at the club, Drac decides he wants Angelica for all eternity - meaning he's got to bite her three times for her to be pro...Read More

The Joys of Jezebel

Cultural historians take note. The Joys of Jezebel is a biblical sex fantasy peppered with elaborate sets, split screens, off-kilter camera angles, and psychedelic sprinklings. "Intensively Incandescent in color!" CHRISTINE MURRAY ( Trader Hornee) stars as Jezebel, the 19th century Phoenician princess known for her wanton, wicked ways. The turbo-bodied temptress ...Read More


There’s no way around it. DWAIN ESPER’s Maniac can justifiably be called one of the greatest exploitation films ever made. Not content to crank out another sex hygiene or dope film, Esper and his wife, HILDAGARDE STADIE (who wrote the screenplay), concocted a uniquely delirious mix of horror film, discourse on mental illness, and whacked-out girly show. The plot – i...Read More

Garden of Eden

It’s the Gone With the Wind of nudist movies! Jay Randolph Latimore (R. G. ARMSTRONG) is a hard-bitten old grouch (supposedly wealthy but the cheesiest set in the flick is his alleged “mansion”) who drives his lovely widowed daughter-in-law (JAMIE O’HARA) and painfully cute granddaughter out of the house... and inadvertently into the open arms (and naked torsos) of ...Read More

The Phantom Planet

Actually, The Phantom Planet is really one of those damn phantom asteroids (resembling a giant bowel movement) that zips around space on its own power, and sucks the spaceship of DEAN FREDERICKS to its surface. Once Fredericks is exposed to its atmosphere, he gets dizzy, sees ten teenie-tiny men creep up on him, and shrinks inside his space suit (a great shot) until...Read More

The Weird World of Weird

To celebrate 20 years of Something Weird bringing the world the very best in subversive, disreputable, and cult cinema, SWV made available four exceedingly rare, never-before-released jewels that will make any cinephile’s head light up and spin. Rosie (b&w) is a failed 19-minute pilot for a TV sitcom about a talking dog named Rosie. It is absolutely horrifying. W...Read More

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

When evil Prince John (STEVE VINCENT in a weird goatee) has Robin’s father killed and his mother, Robin (RALPH JENKINS) becomes obsessed with two things: the defeat of Prince John... and orgies. "They’re a crude bunch of bastards, are they not?" asks a comely wench, which rather accurately reflects Robin and his band of merry, very horny men in The Ribald Tales Of R...Read More

Classroom Scare Films: Drug Horrors

From Something Weird Video: During the Great White Suburban Drug Scare of the late sixties / early seventies, parents, educators, and corporate sponsors banded together in an effort to scare American teens away from getting high. It might be argued that the weird and often hysterical propoganda films that emerged from this era created more drug abuse than they preve...Read More

Classroom Scare Films: Drug Vortex

You no doubt remember sitting in grade school, struggling to stay awake as the rickety film projector unspooled one of many god-awful educational shorts the library owned, full of good intentions but bad fashions, with the message always overshadowed by the amateurish acting and the decades-old decor. Now you can recreate those warm memories from the comfort of your...Read More

Classroom Scare Films: Drugs Are Bad

We’ve warned you before and we’ll warn you again: Drugs are Bad! Need proof? Check out this Volume of Classroom Scare Films and just say no! Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb (color): Hippies dance barefoot while bongs and sitars blare on the soundtrack, and normal American youth are turned into deranged, chemically fueled addicts. Goof Balls and Tea (color): Min...Read More

Classroom Scare Films: Drugs and Beyond

Jonesing for some more comical tirades against mind-altering substances? Then tie one off and shoot these five shorts directly into your vein... Featuring Narcotics Part I: Goof Balls and Tea (1957), Beyond LSD (1967), Narcotics: Pit of Despair (1967, Marijuana The Great Escape (1968) and Drug Addiction (1951).


"The Lure of Motion Picture Stardom for Young Pretty Girls Has Always Been Part of the American Dream!" One of the crowning achievements of sixties softcore cinema, Starlet! is an hilarious send-up of the adult film industry that casts the actual EVI Studios as itself. Fast-paced, funny, and surprisingly sexy, Starlet! is a lustful wink at the outlaw spirit of th...Read More

Classroom Scare Films: Drug Evils

Awwwwww, freak out! Noted Percocet hound SONNY BONO, replete in shiny orange suit, dishes about Marijuana and how its users are cooler than those "square and unhip alcoholics". Still, the film illustrates the downsides to grass, such as seeing yourself in a mirror with a spooky monster mask, careening off a cliff, or -- in the case of one Nigerian pusher -- executed...Read More